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Roland Allen II

Author : Steven Richard Rutt
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In Roland Allen: A Theology of Mission, a companion work with Roland Allen: A Missionary Life, Steven Richard Rutt completes a portrait of Roland Allen (1868-1947) in this intellectual biography. Extensive archival evidence discloses how apostolic principles formed the basis for Allen’s missionary theology. Although it is well-known that Allen’s hermeneutical ideas were born of Pauline principles, Steven Richard Rutt expounds the ways in which Allen’s missionary experiences had profoundly impacted Allen’s theological beliefs. Allen wrote about his findings in letters, sermons, articles and books, some of which were never published. Allen’s writings tenaciously challenged the methodology of colonial missionary societies and exposed the causes hindering Church expansion: failures occurred in missions due to the imposition of Western missionary paternalism and institutional devolution. Allen advocated the empowerment of indigenous churches to apply the principles of self-government and self-support. He asserted the importance of the Pauline concept of ‘Spirit and order’, which encompasses both the doctrine of the Holy Spirit as well as that of the Church. Allen’s diagnosis of the missionary situation and the proposed ways to restore apostolic order presented contemporary controversy but since his death, we have seen the importance of Allen’s ideas in Mission studies grow steadily. With an expert evaluation of Allen’s theological insight, Roland Allen: A Theology of Mission also offers a superb contribution to the discipline of historical theology and historical missiology as Rutt delves into a contextual assay into the missionary landscape of the nineteenth and the twentieth centuries.

The Apostolic Succession in the Sacred Ministry the Doctrine of the Church of England

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The episcopal succession in England Scotland and Ireland A D 1400 to 1875

Author : William Maziere Brady
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Apostolic Succession

Author : David W. T. Brattston
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This book is the first in generations to examine writers in the early church in order to ascertain the original Christian intent as to how early Christian clergy were chosen, their powers and responsibilities, and the methods of placing people in church office and displacing them. This book demonstrates what the first writers meant when they advocated apostolic succession, the scope of authority particular church officers would possess, and how their authority would be transmitted. Besides concentrating on writings in the first to third centuries AD, this book draws on later material to question the assertions made today for bishops claiming apostolic succession. It reveals they are contrary to early church thought, that the doctrine or theory of apostolic succession cannot be proved, and does not work in practice even in our own day. This publication is rare in the field of Christian scholarship in that it challenges the fundamental claims that diocesan bishops do or can trace their lines of ordinations back to the apostles. This unusual book will comfort many, and disquiet many, and surprise all, because it investigates what many assume, without solid proof, to be the bedrock of church authority.

The Catholicity of the Anglican Church The Protestant idea of Antichrist Milman s view of Christianity The Reformation of the eleventh century Private judgment John Davison John Keble

Author : John Henry Newman
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Theology of Ministry

Author : E.A.J.G. Van der Borght
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Building on the Reformed theology of in the 16th century and on the results of the ecumenical convergence on ministry (BEM) in the 20th century, this study presents building blocks for a renewed theology of ministry in the 21st century.

The Church History of the First Three Centuries

Author : Ferdinand Christian Baur
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The Apostolic Ministry Three Sermons

Author : Edward Foskett WAYNE
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Restore Unity Recover Identity and Refine Orthopraxy

Author : Peter L. H. Tie
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Doctrine divides! Not a few Christians dread doctrine, especially the doctrine of the church (ecclesiology) that allegedly causes much confusion, conflict, and controversy within the church. Many choose to avoid it, but James Leo Garrett Jr., Distinguished Professor of Theology Emeritus at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, is convinced that the much avoided and neglected ecclesiology is the place where the churches must begin to rediscover genuine unity, identity, and orthopraxy. Restore Unity, Recover Identity, Refine Orthopraxy examines Garrett's biblical notion of the universal priesthood. The priesthood concept, properly understood in a communal sense, integrates the mission, membership, ministry, and management of the church. This book is filled with intentional and direct conversations with more than twelve theologians or ecclesiologists from various Christian traditions (Reformed, Pentecostal, Roman Catholic, Mennonite, Baptist, and other Free Church) in order to shed light on Garrett's believers' priesthood doctrine, which eventually points toward a balanced, biblical, and baptist ecclesiology. An ecclesiology rooted in the biblical priesthood does not divide and extinguish but does unite and distinguish!

Pro Ecclesia Vol 27 N1

Author : Pro Ecclesia
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Pro Ecclesia is a quarterly journal of theology published by the Center for Catholic and Evangelical Theology.