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The Evolved Masculine

Author : Destin Gerek
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Every Crisis Has an Answer The public spotlight showcasing how men should not behave has revealed the stark truth that men are struggling to find their place in a changing world, but few role models are lighting the way forward. Drawing on his 20-year career as a sexuality and leadership coach for men, Destin Gerek brings the full tour de force of his extraordinary lived experience as the Erotic Rockstar and acclaimed professional expertise to create inspiring new models of possibility for men. In The Evolved Masculine, Destin spearheads this new paradigm through compelling (and at times explicit) personal stories and practical proven techniques, which show men how to have greater confidence, more and better sex, and hotter, more satisfying relationships with women. Evolution has taught us that it is neither the strongest nor the most intelligent that survive, it is those who are most adaptable to change. Men are being called to rise, to redefine their roles. And, amid this "crisis of masculinity," the men committed to walking the Evolved Masculine path are leading the way.

You Are a Goddess

Author : Sophie Bashford
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You know 'the Goddess' as a divine feminine figure of myth, art and faith - but are you aware that the Goddess is a life force that lives in you? Join Sophie Bashford as she shares intuitively channelled messages, beautiful guided meditations and moving personal experiences to help you heal your fears, awaken your dreams and transform your life.

Rebirthing into Androgyny

Author : Berenice Andrews
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In these “interesting times,” when many people are searching for spiritual nourishment, this book is intended to be a means of providing it. Rebirthing Into Androgyny: Your Quest For Wholeness, And Afterward offers to the hungry ones a familiar yet totally different feast. While it sets forth an already-established metaphysics, it also presents a radical new idea—one that has been implicit in that spiritual thought but unavailable until now and the new awareness associated with quantum physics. In other words, while this book provides soul searchers—also known as learners—with an ages-old means of generating a fundamental inner change (a rebirthing), it also provides a new, living prototype of what is being reborn. Thus, a person’s rebirthing is both a gestation and a labor (a quest) producing an ever-increasing knowing (“gnosis”), which gradually becomes being that can finally merge with the Beloved/Self. And the new, living prototype is that of the human soul, not as what a person has but as what a person is: a creative energy being who generates its own “bodies” out of its soul substance—its creative consciousness energy—by means of its archetypal human energy system, while always being guided by its nucleus of divinity. In this book, which is a textbook for soul searchers, all of this transformative change is offered, explored and explained in a series of carefully-crafted lessons lovingly taught by a shamanic teacher/healer in a stone circle “classroom,” the ancient site of a modern teaching. There is a grand feast awaiting!

The Brother Code

Author : T. Elon Dancy II
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The Brother Code: What is the role of manhood and masculinity in the lives of African American males in college? How do manhood norms influence decisions within and beyond college? How might mothers and fathers differentially affect manhood and masculinity in their sons? What are African American’s men unique ways of knowing themselves and their surroundings? The Brother Code: Manhood and Masculinity among African American Men in College situates itself at the intersection of higher education and cultural studies to address these questions and more. Primarily, this book offers colleges and universities a penetrative gaze into a complex web of identities—the manhood of African American males in college. Yet the book also seizes a rare opportunity in higher education research to review six historical eras of African American manhood as well as the troublesome relationship between African American males and education in general. This knowledge is important for understanding all aspects of African American male participation in college, including enrollment, retention, curricular, and cocurricular involvement. Based on an empirical study, the data in this book emerged from oneonone interviews in which 24 African American males enrolled in 12 colleges discussed how manhood matters in their social and college lives. The aim is to help unearth the marginalized topics of manhood, gender, and masculinity in males generally but, more specifically among African American males, a marginalized student group in education. Using an interdisciplinary approach, the book draws upon literature in history, African American studies, gender studies, sociology, cultural studies, psychology, and anthropology.

At Full Speed

Author : Ching-Mei Esther Yau
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Breathtaking swordplay and nostalgic love, Peking opera and Chow Yun-fat's cult followers -- these are some of the elements of the vivid and diverse urban imagination that find form and expression in the thriving Hong Kong cinema. All receive their due in At Full Speed, a volume that captures the remarkable range and energy of a cinema that borrows, invents, and reinvents across the boundaries of time, culture, and conventions. At Full Speed gathers film scholars and critics from around the globe to convey the transnational, multilayered character that Hong Kong films acquire and impart as they circulate worldwide. These writers scrutinize the films they find captivating: from the lesser known works of Law Man and Yuen Woo Ping to such film festival notables as Stanley Kwan and Wong Kar-wai, and from the commercial action, romance, and comedy genres of Jackie Chan, Peter Chan, Steven Chiau, Tsui Hark, John Woo, and Derek Yee to the attempted departures of Evans Chan, Ann Hui, and Clara Law. In this cinema the contributors identify an aesthetics of action, gender-flexible melodramatic excesses, objects of nostalgia, and globally projected local history and identities, as well as an active critical film community. Their work, the most incisive account ever given of one of the world's largest film industries, brings the pleasures and idiosyncrasies of Hong Kong cinema into clear close-up focus even as it enlarges on the relationships between art and the market, cultural theory and the movies.

The Cultural Myth of Masculinity

Author : Chris Blazina
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Explores how Western culture's concept of masculinity has been defined over the centuries.

We are the Champions

Author : Ken McLeod
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Covers the topic of sports and music from the ancient to the post-modern.

Interpersonal Violent Behaviors

Author : R. Barry Ruback
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This expanded book version of a special issue of the journal Violence and Victims analyzes the social and cultural factors that influence violent behaviors. The editors and contributors discuss the latest findings and gaps in current research and theory in order to gain valid theoretical bases to investigate and control violent behaviors. Topics include cross-cultural studies of interpersonal violence, gender variations in violence across societies, a cross-national analysis of violence by and against women, and regional differences in homicide rates in the United States. Researchers, academics, and other professionals in sociology, criminology, and psychology, as well as students in these fields will find this book a welcome addition to their collection.


Author : R. W. Connell
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Here is a powerful reply to Iron John, a fresh look at the complicated nature of what R.W. Connell calls "masculinities." One of the most important voices in the new feminist scholarship by men, Connell provides a nuanced and incisive analysis of how our notions of masculinity have evolved in psychoanalysis, social science, and historically in the creation of a global economy. There is not one but many masculinities, he claims, in a bold critique of the "men's movement" and other simplistic approaches to sexual identity. Instead, Connell delineates the complicated dynamics of masculine politics and recent changes in male identity. Drawing on rich ethnographic work, Connell offers portraits of dozens of men of different classes, some working to change masculinities, some resisting change. Eel openly disparages his wife: "The first chance I can see to get rid of her, she's gone." Mark, who calls himself "a very straight gay," thinks men should behave in traditionally masculine ways. "If you're a guy why don't you just act like a guy?" he asks. Danny, undertaking the "long haul" of his own sexism, admits, "It's hard not to be aggressive sometimes." Connell offers the first critical history of ideas and the most sophisticated theoretical analysis of masculinity to date. His attempts to understand changes in male identity and to think about these issues on a global scale are unique. Integrating social science, feminist theory, gay theory, and psychoanalysis in an innovative yet unusually accessible way, he develops a new theory of masculinity politics. This is a book for everyone interested in the history of western masculinities and the sexual politics of the contemporary era.

Unmasking the Masculine

Author : Alan R. Petersen
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Postmodernism and poststructuralism have undermined the assumptions upon which established identities have been constructed, such as the concept of stable bodies and stable selves. Sex, gender, sexuality and race are no longer viewed as merely descriptive aspects of experience but also as constructions of identity. Drawing on current debates in postmodern feminism, feminist philosophy of science, anti-racist/postcolonial studies and queer theory, this book considers the way in which discourse fabricates the ideal' male body, sexual identity and sexual politics. Alan Petersen explores the possibilities of developing new models of identity not so closely linked to the sex/gender system and examines the prospects of creating a new or reconceptualized identity politics.

The Masculine Century

Author : Michael Antony
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What is the origin of left and right in politics? This book is a study of the two opposing ideologies that have shaped the modern age-- Darwinism and Marxism, which battled for power in the Second World War, the Cold War, and the “culture wars” of recent years. Both are ideologies of aggression and violence, and drove forward the colossal mass murder and total war that made the twentieth century the bloodiest in history. Darwinism was the underpinning of dog-eat-dog capitalism, ruthless colonial expansion, and the Nazi doctrines of race war and the extermination of the weak. Marxism preached the eternal division of mankind into oppressor and oppressed, with violent revolution as the only salvation. Despite their total bankruptcy, these ideologies have meshed together in the “centrist” political consensus of the last decades, to give us a laissez-faire Darwinian economy and a neo-Marxist social system. The leftist causes of feminism and high immigration have become the tools of corporate power, the means of holding down wages by flooding labor markets. This led consumption to be fueled by debt, which triggered the recent financial crash. But this fatal rendezvous of Marx and Darwin threatens the future of our civilization even more definitively ....

Feminism and Evolutionary Biology

Author : Patricia Gowaty
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Standing at the intersection of evolutionary biology and feminist theory is a large audience interested in the questions one field raises for the other. Have evolutionary biologists worked largely or strictly within a masculine paradigm, seeing males as evolving and females as merely reacting passively or carried along with the tide? Would our view of nature `red in tooth in claw' be different if women had played a larger role in the creation of evolutionary theory and through education in its transmission to younger generations? Is there any such thing as a feminist science or feminist methodology? For feminists, does any kind of biological determinism undermine their contention that gender roles purely constructed, not inherent in the human species? Does the study of animals have anything to say to those preoccupied with the evolution and behavior of humans? All these questions and many more are addressed by this book, whose contributing authors include leading scholars in both feminism and evolutionary biology. Bound to be controversial, this book is addressed to evolutionary biologists and to feminists and to the large number of people interested in women's studies.


Author : Peter Lehman
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Lehman brings together new work on masculinity in film by established film scholars, new academics, performance artists, and cultural critics. The essays analyze trends from the role of gay men in saving heterosexuality to the emergence of new queer cinema.

Outlines of English Grammar as Evolved from the Language Itself

Author : Samuel Stillman Greene
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Masculinity in Contemporary New York Fiction

Author : Peter Ferry
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Masculinity in Contemporary New York Fiction is an interdisciplinary study that presents masculinity as a key thematic concern in contemporary New York fiction. This study argues that New York authors do not simply depict masculinity as a social and historical construction but seek to challenge the archetypal ideals of masculinity by writing counter-hegemonic narratives. Gendering canonical New York writers, namely Paul Auster, Bret Easton Ellis, and Don DeLillo, illustrates how explorations of masculinity are tied into the principal themes that have defined the American novel from its very beginning. The themes that feature in this study include the role of the novel in American society; the individual and (urban) society; the journey from innocence to awareness (of masculinity); the archetypal image of the absent and/or patriarchal father; the impact of homosocial relations on the everyday performance of masculinity; male sexuality; and the male individual and globalization. What connects these contemporary New York writers is their employment of the one of the great figures in the history of literature: the flâneur. These authors take the flâneur from the shadows of the Manhattan streets and elevate this figure to the role of self-reflexive agent of male subjectivity through which they write counter-hegemonic narratives of masculinity. This book is an essential reference for those with an interest in gender studies and contemporary American fiction.

The Evolved Self

Author : Lloyd Hawkeye Robertson
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In this work the self, which is core to such concepts as self-esteem and self-actualization, is mapped using elemental units of culture called memes. To understand this self, we draw on Western philosophy, major schools of psychology, and the cross-cultural experience of the self in both collectivist and individualist cultures. With this grounding a diverse sample of eleven selves representing three genders are mapped and analyzed, grouped in the following clusters: 1) North American selves built through participation in sports; 2) selves centred on notions of North American aboriginality; 3) selves of individuals following a secular humanist paradigm; and 4) selves from China and Russia. Two methods of self-mapping are described. The results support a hypothesis that a healthy or functional self is composed of fundamental elements including constancy, volition, uniqueness, productivity, intimacy, and social interest. The application of this research and the method of self-mapping to counselling and psychotherapy are explored. A disciplinary paradigm is proposed uniting major schools of psychotherapy. This work will be of interest to philosophers, psychologists, social workers, sociologists, and all who have wondered how they come to define themselves in the ways that they do. Published in English.

Making Men Rugby and Masculine Identity

Author : Timothy J.L. Chandler
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This text looks at how an understanding of rugby can provide insight into what it has meant to "be a man" in societies influenced by the ideals of Victorian upper and middle classes. It shows that rugby has been a means of promoting male exclusivity, but also been a means of cultural incorporation.

Southern Masculinity

Author : Craig Thompson Friend
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The follow-up to the critically acclaimed collection Southern Manhood: Perspectives on Masculinity in the Old South (Georgia, 2004), Southern Masculinity explores the contours of southern male identity from Reconstruction to the present. Twelve case studies document the changing definitions of southern masculine identity as understood in conjunction with identities based on race, gender, age, sexuality, and geography. After the Civil War, southern men crafted notions of manhood in opposition to northern ideals of masculinity and as counterpoint to southern womanhood. At the same time, manliness in the South--as understood by individuals and within communities--retained and transformed antebellum conceptions of honor and mastery. This collection examines masculinity with respect to Reconstruction, the New South, racism, southern womanhood, the Sunbelt, gay rights, and the rise of the Christian Right. Familiar figures such as Arthur Ashe are investigated from fresh angles, while other essays plumb new areas such as the womanless wedding and Cherokee masculinity.

Handbook of Counseling and Psychotherapy with Men

Author : Murray Scher
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Now available in paper, this handbook presents a comprehensive examination of all areas of therapy with men with an emphasis on masculist therapy. The contributors integrate the theoretical and research literatures on psychotherapy and male gender roles, and explore the effect of those roles on therapy. Theoretical considerations and research findings are anchored in practical suggestions and anecdotal or case examples. A section introducing the techniques and perspectives of masculist therapy is followed by sections which highlight specific problems faced by men relevant to age, ethnicity and special circumstances, such as counselling men with AIDS, single fathers, men in dual-career marriages and men who batter women.

The Free Thought Magazine

Author :
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