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The Experience of Middle Australia

Author : Michael Pusey
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Examines middle Australia and how it is coping with the changes of economic reform.

Australian Book Review

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The Australian Quarterly

Author :
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The Emigrant s Guide Or Ten Years Practical Experience in Australia

Author : David MacKenzie
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Bicameralism and Accountability

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Includes the following lectures: The Australian Public Service : still anonymous, neutral and a career service? / Patrick Weller -- The role of executive government in Australia / Don Russell (and more ...)

Historical Dictionary of Australia

Author : J. C. Docherty
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Includes entries on some of the more significant persons, places, and events; institutions and organizations; and political, economic, social, cultural, and religious facets.

Education Change and Society

Author : Raewyn Connell
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Written in an engaging manner by Australia's leading sociology and education academics, Education, Change and Society is written to assist students in their understanding of how and by what mechanisms contemporary education in Australia operates. The broader issues concerning Australian society are examined in the context of educational institutions and policies, promoting critical reflection and facilitating in-depth analysis.

Juvenile Justice

Author : Chris Cunneen
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Juvenile Justice: Youth and Crime in Australia explores the nature of juvenile crime and the responses of the juvenile justice system to it. The book introduces the main concepts and issues in juvenile justice and provides an overview of both the dynamics of youth crime and the institutions ofsocial control.This new book builds on the earlier successful work Juvenile Justice: An Australian Perspective and presents an analysis of youth and crime in three parts:Part 1: "History, Theory, and Institutions", has chapters on the historical development of juvenile justice, the key theoretical approaches to explaining youth crime, the nature of youth crime, and the institutional responses to juvenile offending.Part 2: "Social dynamics of Juvenile Justice", has chapters on class and community, indigenous young people, gender and juvenile justice, and ethnic minority youth.Part 3: "The State, Punishment, and Community", has chapters on police, the courts and sentencing, detention centres and community corrections, youth crime prevention, and restorative justice.This comprehensive and well-crafted book is an indispensable text for students in criminology, criminal justice, sociology, criminal law, social work, and justice studies. It is also an important reference source for youth and community workers, justice department officials, members of the police,social scientitsts, social workers, and young people themselves.

Social Inequality in Australia

Author : Daphne Habibis
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Social Inequality: Australia at the Crossroads provides comprehensive coverage of the key dimensions of the nature and extent of inequality and difference in Australian society. Incorporating debates about the effects of globalization on inequality and difference in Australia, it also considers the role of culture in the social reproduction of hierarchy and difference. Arguments about the nature of inequality are 'tested' against empirical evidence, and case studies in each chapter provide examples to aid understanding.

Middle Eastern Studies in Australia Since 1958

Author : John Bowman
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The Retreat from Tolerance

Author : Phillip Adams
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The Australian Welfare State

Author : McDonald
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In 1992, Australian sociologist Lois Bryson published what proved to be an important book entitled Welfare and the State: Who benefits? The central feature of this text was an exploration of the actual, as opposed to assumed, nature of the redistribution of resources via the Australian welfare state. Following on from Bryson’s work, The Australian Welfare State: Who benefits now? assesses trends in poverty and inequality in Australia from 1992 to the present and describes and evaluates the institutions that make up the Australian welfare state. Taking Bryson’s initial analysis as the baseline, this title illustrates the major structural and institutional developments in the Australian welfare state, and in the Australian economy and society, over this same period. It analyses political and policy responses to poverty and inequality in Australia and assesses the extent and direction of redistribution in key areas of state activity. This text definitively outlines the links between Australians’ conceptions about welfare and the redistributive outcomes of the welfare state, canvassing theoretical explanations about why many Australians develop and maintain misconceptions of the broad distributive mechanisms of the Australian welfare state and hold negative attitudes towards its social welfare element. Containing a number of pedagogical features including case studies, exercises, excerpts from Government agencies, and discussion questions, The Australian Welfare State is an indispensable resource for students undertaking studies in social policy from a range of disciplinary perspectives including sociology, public administration, economics and social work.

Ordinary People s Politics

Author : Judith Brett
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This book, the result of many years of research and interviews, reveals for the first time what ordinary Australians think about politics and politicians, and what they consider are the key issues facing Australia today.

Parliamentary Debates Hansard

Author : Australia. Parliament. Senate
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Racism the Australian Experience Prejudice and xenophobia

Author : Frank S. Stevens
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Globalisation and the Asia Pacific

Author : Iyanatul Islam
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This book illustrates contested perspectives on globalisation represented by the diverse experiences of selected economies within the Asia-Pacific region, namely Australia, China, India and Sri Lanka as case studies. Academics and practitioners from national governments and international organisations have contributed their unique experiences and skill-sets to a volume written in a non-technical but rigorous fashion, enabling the reader to follow complex and technical debates pertaining to globalisation. The book begins by studying the nature of disagreements among economists on the benefits and costs of globalisation, highlighting ways in which one can consolidate the gains from globalisation while mitigating its costs, offering a critique of macroeconomic conservatism and discussing the promises, pitfalls and perils of foreign direct investment. The contributors then go on to anchor global debates in regional and country specific circumstances. The issues discussed range from broad political economy perspectives to industry case studies but all are united by concerns about socio-economic disparities in an age of globalisation.Scholars and researchers at many levels and in many fields of study including Asian studies and international economics will find this readable volume of great interest and value, as will policymakers.

The Future of Australian Multiculturalism

Author : Ghassan Hage
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Enabling Praxis

Author : Stephen Kemmis
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In a range of professions, professional practice today is under threat. It is endangered, for example, by pressures of bureaucratic control, commodification, marketization, and the standardisation of practice in some professions. In these times, there is a need for deeper understandings of professional practice and how it develops through professional careers. Enabling Praxis: Challenges for education explores these questions in the context of initial and continuing professional education of teachers. It presents a theory of the development of praxis--morally committed action oriented by tradition--to show the ways praxis is enabled and constrained by the cultural-discursive, material and social-political conditions under which professional practice occurs. It introduces the notion of 'practice architectures' to show how particular conditions for practice shape the possibilities of praxis. The way these processes work is illustrated by detailed exploration of a number of cases of praxis development in a variety of educational settings, at a variety of levels--in teacher education for schools and for vocational education and training, in the continuing professional education of teachers, in educational administration, and in informal, community-based education for sustainability initiatives. The book provides conceptual resources that permit deeper analysis of the character, conduct and consequences of professional practice. It concludes with challenges for education, and for initial and continuing teacher education, suggesting that the contemporary threats to education as a professional practice call for revitalisation of the profession, professional bodies and the intellectual traditions that orient and guide educational practice.

Middle School Journal

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