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The Federal Reserve Money and Interest Rates

Author : Michael G. Hadjimichalakis
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Tight Money Timing

Author : Wilfred R. George
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In the Name of Money

Author : Paul DeRosa
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Helping the Federal Reserve Work Smarter

Author : Leonard Jay Santow
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Few presidents have sparked as much interest in recent years as Ronald Reagan. This biography finds Reagan's personal career and ability to understand and communicate with the American people admirable, but finds the long-term effects of his presidency harmful.

The Federal Reserve s Attachment to the Free Reserve Concept

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Banking and Currency
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Day to day Monetary Policy and the Volatility of the Federal Funds Interest Rate

Author : Leonardo Bartolini
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"We propose a model of the interbank money market with an explicit role for central bank intervention and periodic reserve requirements, and study the interaction of profit-maximizing banks with a central bank targeting interest rates at high frequency. The model yields predictions on biweekly patterns of the federal funds rate's volatility and on its response to changes in target rates and in intervention procedures, such as those implemented by the Fed in 1994. Theoretical results are consistent with empirical patterns of interest rate volatility in the U.S. market for federal funds"--Federal Reserve Bank of New York web site.

Monetary Policy and the International Diffusion of Interest Rates

Author : Andrew F. Brimmer
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Understanding the Federal Reserve and Monetary Policy

Author : Corona Brezina
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The Federal Reserve--the central bank of the U.S.--has long been shrouded in mystery and controversy. Its deliberations and actions have often occurred far from the public eye, yet its decisions have a profound impact on ordinary citizens. This book introduces readers to the history, structure, and operations of the Fed and shows exactly how its decisions impact both the nation's economy and its citizens. As the Fed makes its deliberations and decision-making more and more transparent to the public, and as the nation continues its recovery from the recession, this book could not be more timely or needful.

Fed Watching and Interest Rate Projections

Author : David M. Jones
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Federal Reserve System

Author : IntroBooks
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Prior to the establishment of the Federal Reserve System (FRS), the U.S. economy faced frequent panics, bank failures, and credit scarcity due to unstable banking and financial systems prevailing in the market. Additionally, due to the rapid industrialization the decentralized banking system became more unstable. Specifically, the financial and the economy panic encountered during 1907 forced the congress to establish a centralized bank “The Federal Reserve System”. Congress passed the Reserve Act in the year 1913 to establish the FRS. The FRS is entitled to provide a safe, secure, and stable financial growth for the U.S. As the FRS was created, the structure and functionalities of the central bank has evolved in phases. In the year 1935, the Fed’s monetary policy making body called the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) was formed to address the financial depression of the country. Further, the monetary policy was revised from time-to-time to address the financial panics and the bank runs faced by the public. The monetary policy addressed the surging inflation faced by passing the Federal Reserve Reform Act of 1977. Later, the monetary policy was entitled to increase the employment rate by passing the Employment and Balanced Growth act in the year 1978, and it was decided that the FRS produced the finance report to the congress twice a year.