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The Fire and the Tale

Author : Giorgio Agamben
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What is at stake in literature? Can we identify the fire that our stories have lost, but that they strive, at all costs, to rediscover? And what is the philosopher's stone that writers, with the passion of alchemists, struggle to forge in their word furnaces? For Giorgio Agamben, who suggests that the parable is the secret model of all narrative, every act of creation tenaciously resists creation, thereby giving each work its strength and grace. The ten essays brought together here cover works by figures ranging from Aristotle to Paul Klee and illustrate what urgently drives Agamben's current research. As is often the case with his writings, their especial focus is the mystery of literature, of reading and writing, and of language as a laboratory for conceiving an ethico-political perspective that places us beyond sovereign power.

The Tale of the Campfire Vampires

Author : Clayton Emery
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Young Zeke visits an ancient Native American burial ground, where he pries a strange rock away from its resting place and unwittingly unleashes cannibal zombies. Original.

The Fire Gods A Tale of the Congo

Author : Charles Gilson
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The Tale of Chicago

Author : Edgar Lee Masters
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The Fire and the Rose

Author : Victoria Bennett
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The Bag of Fire and Other Tales

Author : Fan Kissen
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The Tale of Master Egor

Author : Georgiĭ I︠U︡din
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The Mythology of All Races

Author : Louis Herbert Gray
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The Fire I the Flint

Author : Mary Shine Thompson
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In this book, Seamus Heaney and other eminent artists, scientists and commentators examine what happens when art is created.

Herein Lies the Tale

Author : Sam Thomas
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Fire Race

Author : Jonathan London
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Inspired by a legend of the Karuk people, the story of how Coyote captures fire and how Eagle, Cougar, Fox, Bear and others work together to help is a dramatic tale of bravery and cooperation. Plus, this is the fixed format version, which will look almost identical to the print version. Additionally for devices that support audio, this ebook includes a read-along setting.

The Tale of Matsura

Author : Teika Fujiwara
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A translation of Fujiwara Teika's only successful work of fiction

The Tale of the Curious Cat

Author : Diana G. Gallagher
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Unable to resist anything that incites her curiosity, Natalie Holland stops at a strange crafts fair booth, touches a forbidden carving of a cat, and finds her fate linked to that of a sinister black cat named Shadow. Original.

Il Pentamerone Or The Tale of Tales

Author : Giambattista Basile
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Author :
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The Tale of the Mogul Monster

Author : David Cody Weiss
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Wealthy, orphan snowboarder Dmitri learns that his trust fund money cannot save him from an encounter with a giant, snarling Sasquatch when an avalanche separates him from his friends. Original.

The Tale of Cupid and Psyche

Author : Sonia Cavicchioli
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The passionate love story of a god and a beautiful mortal

The Tale of a Times Correspondent Berlin 1878 1891

Author : Charles Lowe
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The Tale of Sinuhe and Other Ancient Egyptian Poems 1940 1640 BC

Author : R. B. Parkinson
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The Middle Kingdom (c.1940-1649 BC) was the golden age of Egyptian fictional literature. The Tale of Sinuhe, acclaimed as the masterpiece of Egyptian poetry, tells of a courtier's adventures after he flees Egypt, his failure to find a meaningful life abroad, and his eventual return to thesecurity of his homeland. Other works include stories of fantastic wonders from the court of the builder of the Great Pyramid, a lyrical dialogue between a man and his soul on the nature of death and the problem of suffering, and Teachings about the nature of virtue and wisdom, one of which isbitterly spoken from the grave by the assassinated king Amenemhat I, founder of the Twelfth Dynasty. These new translations draw on recent advances in Egyptology. A general introduction discusses the historical context, the nature of poetry, and the role of literature in ancient Egyptian culture. A full set of notes explicates allusions, details of mythology, place-names, and the like. Theyprovide, for the first time, a literary reading to enable these poems, aimed to speak to the future, to entertain and instruct the modern reader, as they did their original audiences three-and-a-half thousand years ago.

Putting the Fire Out with the Sun

Author : Jeffrey L. Spear
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