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The First Book of Sound

Author : David C. Knight
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The First Book of Sound is a science book aimed at upper elementary/middle school students and provides a primer into the science of acoustics. Topics covered include a definition of sound, its characteristics and qualities, and its applications for humans.

Sound Beginnings

Author : Frank F. Churchley
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My First Book of Animal Sounds

Author : Marguerite Muntean Corsello
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Presents in rhyme the sounds made by familiar animals.

Pigs say oink

Author : Martha G. Alexander
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Identifies sounds in the farmyard, country, city, and zoo.

A First Book in Spanish

Author : Joseph Salkeld
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Giant Trucks My First Book of Sounds

Author : Editors of Cider Mill Press
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Babies and toddlers will be mesmerized by the vehicle noises coming out of Giant Trucks: My First Book of Sounds. It doesn’t matter if it is a boy or a girl, if they live in the city or the country, all young children are fascinated by the sounds made by vehicles. With Giant Trucks: My First Book of Sounds young ones will be mesmerized by the realistic roars, honks, sirens, and more coming out of this book as they press the Magic Touch Pages.

Sound and Fury

Author : Eric Alterman
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" ... Our economy, our security, and, most particularly, our democracy, are imperiled by the decrepit state of our national political discourse. We lack the ability, as a nation, to conduct a simple, sensible, and civil conversation about the choices we face ... The pundictocracy is a tiny group of highly visible political pontificators who make their living offering "inside political opinions and forecasts" in the elite national media. And it is their debate, rather than any semblance of a democratic one, that determines the parameters of political discourse in the nation today. [Introduction].

Why You Hear what You Hear

Author : Eric J. Heller
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This the first book on the physics of sound for the nonspecialist to empower readers with a hands-on, ears-open approach that includes production, analysis, and perception of sound. The book makes possible a deep intuitive understanding of many aspects of sound, as opposed to the usual approach of mere description. This goal is aided by hundreds of original illustrations and examples, many of which the reader can reproduce and adjust using the same tools used by the author. Readers are positioned to build intuition by participating in discovery. This introduction to sound engages and informs amateur and professional musicians, performers, teachers, sound engineers, students of many stripes, and indeed anyone interested in the auditory world. The book does not hesitate to follow entertaining and sometimes controversial side trips into the history and world of acoustics, reinforcing key concepts. You will discover how musical instruments really work, how pitch is perceived, and how sound can be amplified with no external power source.

The Oxford Handbook of Sound and Image in Western Art

Author : Yael Kaduri
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Résumé en 4ème de couverture: "This book examines different kinds of analogies, mutual influences, integrations, and collaborations of the audio and the visual in different art forms. The contributions, written by key theoreticians and practitioners, represent state-of-the-art case studies in contemporary art, integrating music, sound, and image with key figure of modern thinking constitute a foundation for the discussion. It thus emphasizes avant-garde and experimental tendencies, while analyzing them in historical, theoretical, and critical frameworks. The book is organized around three core subjects, each of which constitutes one section of the book. The first concentrates on the interaction between seeing and hearing. Examples of classic and digital animation, video art, choreography, and music performance, which are motivated by the issue of eye versus ear perception are examined in this section. The second section explores experimental forms emanating from the expansion of the concepts of music and space to include environmental sounds, vibrating frequencies, language, human habitats, the human body, and more. The reader will find here an analysis of different manifestations of this aesthetic shift in sound art, fine art, contemporary dance, multimedia theatre, and cinema. The last section shows how the new light shed by modernism on the performative aspect of music has led it-together with sound, voice, and text-to become active in new ways in postmodern and contemporary art creation. In addition to examples of real-time performing arts such as music theatre, experimental theatre, and dance, it includes case studies that demonstrate performativity in visual poetry, short film, and cinema. Sittingat the cutting edge of the field of music and visual arts, this book offers a unique, and at times controversial, view of this rapidly envolving area of study. Artists, curators, students, and scholars will find here a panoramic view of discourse in the field, presented by an international roster of scholars and practitioners."

My Very First Book of Animal Sounds

Author : Eric Carle
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Mix and match color pictures detail the various sounds made by cats, cows, owls, and more, in this instructive split cardboard concept book. On board pages.

The Sound of Broadway Music

Author : Steven Suskin
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This title examines the careers of Broadway's major orchestrators and follows the song as it travels from the composer's piano to the orchestra pit.

The Sounds of Early Cinema

Author : Domitor Conference 1998 (Library of Congress)
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The Sounds of Early Cinema is devoted exclusively to a little-known, yet absolutely crucial phenomenon: the ubiquitous presence of sound in early cinema. "Silent cinema" may rarely have been silent, but the sheer diversity of sound(s) and sound/image relations characterizing the first 20 years of moving picture exhibition can still astonish us. Whether instrumental, vocal, or mechanical, sound ranged from the improvised to the pre-arranged (as in scripts, scores, and cue sheets). The practice of mixing sounds with images differed widely, depending on the venue (the nickelodeon in Chicago versus the summer Chautauqua in rural Iowa, the music hall in London or Paris versus the newest palace cinema in New York City) as well as on the historical moment (a single venue might change radically, and many times, from 1906 to 1910). Contributors include Richard Abel, Rick Altman, Edouard Arnoldy, Mats Björkin, Stephen Bottomore, Marta Braun, Jean Châteauvert, Ian Christie, Richard Crangle, Helen Day-Mayer, John Fullerton, Jane Gaines, André Gaudreault, Tom Gunning, François Jost, Charlie Keil, Jeff Klenotic, Germain Lacasse, Neil Lerner, Patrick Loughney, David Mayer, Domi-nique Nasta, Bernard Perron, Jacques Polet, Lauren Rabinovitz, Isabelle Raynauld, Herbert Reynolds, Gregory A. Waller, and Rashit M. Yangirov.

First Book in Physiology

Author : Worthington Hooker
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Starting Points in Reading C First Book text large Print

Author : Cross, Marion E
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The Theory of Sound

Author : John William Strutt Baron Rayleigh
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The Nobel Laureate's classic sums up all research in the field prior to 1877, then presents Rayleigh's own original contributions. Volume Two covers aerial vibrations, vibrations in tubes, reflection and refraction of plane waves, general equations, theory of resonators, Laplace's functions and acoustics, spherical sheets of air, vibration of solid bodies, and facts and theories of audition.


Author : David Hendy
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Prehistoric drummers used natural acoustics to recreate natural sound. In classical Europe, orators turned the human voice into a lyrical instrument. In Buddhist temples, the icons' ears were exaggerated to represent their spiritual power. And in modern metropolises we are battered by the roar of sound that surrounds us. In the first narrative history of the subject which puts humans at its centre, and following the author's major BBC Radio 4 series Noise, acclaimed historian David Hendy describes the history of noise - which is also the history of listening. As he puts it: 'By thinking about sound and listening, I want to get closer to what it felt like to live in the past.' This unusual book reveals fascinating changes in how we have understood our fellow human beings and the world around us. For although we might see ourselves inhabiting a visual world, our lives are shaped by our need to hear and be heard.

Starting Points in Reading

Author :
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First Book in English Grammar

Author : George Payn Quackenbos
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From the First

Author : Alexa Padgett
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Sudden ImpactsThe car that slammed into Evangeline Mercer knocked her life apart. Her body will recover, but when she looks at the orphaned girl from the other car, she's lost in memories of her own awful time in the foster system. Evie won't let little Paige go through that nightmare, and she finds an unlikely ally in Kai Luchia, Paige's newest friend and champion... Hidden FearsAt 22, Kai is the lead singer in a chart-climbing band. He's got frontman good looks and cash to burn. But fame and fortune don't quiet the demons of his past. Or maybe it's just that shy, sultry Evie has given him something better to desire...Hurried HopeWhen Paige's case comes to a crisis, Kai and Evie have one reckless shot to take her future into their hands: get married, and fast. They'll keep her safe. They'll sate the lust that taunts them. And they'll have each other, without any messy feelings to sort out. Unless racing away from the truth just leads to a bigger crash...

Sounds We Cannot Hear

Author : B. Kudryavtsev
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This book deals with the achievements of a new, rapidly developing branch of science. Discovered very early in the twentieth century, inaudible sound immediately drew the attention of research workers in various branches of science and engineering. Several thousand scientific papers have already been published on the properties of inaudible sounds and their practical application. Supersonic vibrations were first used for practical purposes in France. Especially noteworthy in this connection are the works of Academician Langevin. Soviet scientists have also played a prominent part in developing the science of inaudible sounds and the methods of their practical application. In this book we shall tell of various discoveries in the field of inaudible sounds. Some of the applications of inaudible sounds may not justify our expectations in the future; it is quite possible that we shall make mistakes in our explanations of the action of supersound, and shall have to begin our work anew. The study of inaudible sounds in 1956 was an unlimited field of activity for investigators of nature, and it opened up immense opportunities for the application of the creative power of man.