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The Goddess and the American Girl

Author : Larry Englemann
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A superb dual biography, the first of either player to appear in English. It follows the careers of both women from the time they first set foot on a tennis court. In Europe & America in the 1920s & '30s they were better known & more admired than any movie star, politician, or royal family member. Suzanne Lenglen adapted power tennis to women's play. She was the first non-English-speaking woman to win the Wimbledon singles championship -- a title she held six times between 1919-1925. Helen Wills beat Lenglen's Wimbledon record & won every singles match she entered from 1926 to 1933. Photos.

America Nation of the Goddess

Author : Alan Butler
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Explores how a secret cabal of influential families has shaped the United States according to the principles of sacred geometry and Goddess veneration • Exposes the esoteric influences behind the National Grange Order of Husbandry • Examines the sacred design and hidden purpose of the Washington Monument • Reveals how the three obelisks in New York City depict the stars of Orion’s Belt • Explains how every baseball diamond is actually a temple to the Goddess In America: Nation of the Goddess, Alan Butler and Janet Wolter reveal how a secret cabal of influential “Venus” families with a lineage tracing back to the Eleusinian Mysteries has shaped the history of the United States since its founding. The evidence for such incredible assertions comes from American institutions such as the National Grange Order of Husbandry and from the man-made landscape of the United States where massive structures and whole cities conform to an agenda designed to elevate the feminine within religion and society. The authors explain how the Venus families, working through the Freemasons and later the Grange, planned the American Revolution and the creation of the United States. It was this group who set the stage for the Founding Fathers to create Washington, D.C., according to the principles of sacred geometry, with an eye toward establishing the New Jerusalem. The authors explore the sacred design of the Washington Monument, revealing its occult purpose and connections to the heavens. They reveal how the obelisks in New York City depict the stars of Orion’s Belt just like the Giza pyramids and how the site of one of them, St. Paul’s Chapel, is the American counterpart to Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland. Exposing the strong esoteric influences behind the establishment of the Grange in the United States, they connect this apparently conservative order of farmers to the Venus families and trace its lineage back to the Cisterians, who were a major voice in the promotion of the Crusades and the establishment of the Knights Templar. The authors conclude with the startling revelation that nearly every city in America has a temple to the Goddess hidden in plain sight--their baseball diamonds--exposing the extent to which the Venus families are still at work behind the scenes.

The Goddess in America

Author : Trevor Greenfield
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An anthology with contributions from nineteen writers, The Goddess in America is a book that identifies the enduring experience of Goddess Spirituality through a four-part discussion focused on the Native Goddess, the Migrant Goddess, the Goddess in relation to other aspects of American culture (Feminism, Christianity, Witchcraft etc.) and the Goddess in contemporary America.

Living in the Lap of the Goddess

Author : Cynthia Eller
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The Feminist Spirituality Movement in America A Choice Outstanding Academic Book of 1994 Through interviews, participantobservation, and analysis of movement literature, Cynthia Eller explores what women who worship the goddess believe; how they express those beliefs in private, in public, and in the political realm; and the place of feminist spirituality in the history of American religion.

The Sex Goddess in American Film 1930 1965

Author : Jessica Hope Jordan
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"In the first critical study of the sex goddess in film, Jessica Hope Jordan illustrates how Jean Harlow uses her sexualized body to "affect" and seduce viewers away from any primary identification with those characters and their plotlines that are supposed to lead the film, to identifying instead with the kind of sexual empowerment and self-possession her characters consistently display. Linking the idea of sexual empowerment to the filmic and public celebration of hyper-feminine sexuality, the book additionally covers previous feminist discussions of Mae West's performances as "feminist camp" to argue that West sought to both celebrate and embody for women viewers what she viewed as cultural ideals of femininity and women's sexuality. With Lana Turner and the "cinematic code," the book considers the many problems inherent in both the filmic and public celebration of hyper-feminine sexuality in relation to censorship and considers the effects of the Hays Code on hyper-feminine --

South American Folklore Tales Series I The goddess of the earthquakes from El Salvador

Author : Margaret Campbell
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The Goddess Revival

Author : Aída Besançon Spencer
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The Goddess Revival is a Christianity Today Book Award Winner, 1996. "All of the authors are clearly sympathetic to the problems women have faced in the church throughout its history. They empathize with women who shun the patriarchal oppression of their churches to turn to goddess spirituality. They are also solidly grounded in the Scriptures, Christian theology and church history. They recognize the bondage imposed by goddess worship. This book presents a scholarly and clear consideration of the issues involved and builds a strong case for Christianity as the most woman-friendly alternative. While providing a comprehensive study of goddess spirituality and examining the roots of the movement, the authors focus primarily on God and the way people have understood God through the centuries--in both paganism and the Judeo-Christian tradition--as both male and female. They demonstrate how the uniqueness of God contrasts with the multiplicity of gods and goddesses in pagan spiritualities, while comparing the values in both traditions that are similar (that is, a search for what is good, inner empowerment, unity, positive social change). In the process of building a clear Christian theology, they gently counter the arguments of their pagan opponents. In the end, the reader is left with a glorious picture of the one true God and a clear apologetic for those in nursing who insist that the Christian God is too oppressive and patriarchal to merit our allegience. The appendixes provide a powerful case study of a young woman drawn into witchcraft. She explains why it appealed to her, then how it enslaved her and destroyed her marriage and other relationships. . . The two final appendixes offer some excellent biblical studies on the issues raised in the book. The total package provides an outstanding resource" -- Journal of Christian Nursing

Pagan Portals Aphrodite

Author : Irisanya Moon
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Explore the complexity of an often misunderstood goddess, Aphrodite.

Goddesses in World Mythology

Author : Martha Ann
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First published by ABC Clio in Santa Barbara in 1993.

Myths of Pre Columbian America

Author : Donald Alexander Mackenzie
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Expert discussions of such myths and mythological figures as the milk goddess and her pot symbol, the jewel-water and mugwort goddess, goddesses of love and food, Tlaloc and the dragon, love and mother deities, Quetzalcoatl, many more. Also, symbolism, burial customs, other topics. Over 70 illustrations. Map.

Drawing Down the Moon

Author : Margot Adler
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Now fully revised-the classic study of Neo-Paganism Almost thirty years since its original publication, Drawing Down the Moon continues to be the only detailed history of the burgeoning but still widely misunderstood Neo- Pagan subculture. Margot Adler attended ritual gatherings and interviewed a diverse, colorful gallery of people across the United States, people who find inspiration in ancient deities, nature, myth, even science fiction. In this new edition featuring an updated resource guide of newsletters, journals, books, groups, and festivals, Margot Adler takes a fascinating and honest look at the religious experiences, beliefs, and lifestyles of modern America's Pagan groups.

New Age and Neopagan Religions in America

Author : Sarah M. Pike
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From Shirley MacLaine's spiritual biography Out on a Limb to the teenage witches in the film The Craft, New Age and Neopagan beliefs have made sensationalistic headlines. In the mid- to late 1990s, several important scholarly studies of the New Age and Neopagan movements were published, attesting to academic as well as popular recognition that these religions are a significant presence on the contemporary North American religious landscape. Self-help books by New Age channelers and psychics are a large and growing market; annual spending on channeling, self-help businesses, and alternative health care is at $10 to $14 billion; an estimated 12 million Americans are involved with New Age activities; and American Neopagans are estimated at around 200,000. New Age and Neopagan Religions in America introduces the beliefs and practices behind the public faces of these controversial movements, which have been growing steadily in late twentieth- and early twenty-first-century America. What is the New Age movement, and how is it different from and similar to Neopaganism in its underlying beliefs and still-evolving practices? Where did these decentralized and eclectic movements come from, and why have they grown and flourished at this point in American religious history? What is the relationship between the New Age and Neopaganism and other religions in America, particularly Christianity, which is often construed as antagonistic to them? Drawing on historical and ethnographic accounts, Sarah Pike explores these questions and offers a sympathetic yet critical treatment of religious practices often marginalized yet soaring in popularity. The book provides a general introduction to the varieties of New Age and Neopagan religions in the United States today as well as an account of their nineteenth-century roots and emergence from the 1960s counterculture. Covering such topics as healing, gender and sexuality, millennialism, and ritual experience, it also furnishes a rich description and analysis of the spiritual worlds and social networks created by participants.

Goddess Worship Witchcraft and Neo Paganism

Author : Craig S. Hawkins
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Presents the basic precepts of Wicca and other neopagan religions, and attempts to refute them with Biblical arguments


Author : Grace Powers
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When Frederic Bartholdi unveiled his colossal Statue of Liberty in 1886, New Yorkers wanted to know who the masculine looking diva was that reigned over their city. Was she his mother? His wife? His mistress, perhaps? Like Leonardo Da Vinci, Bartholdi was a member of a secretive brotherhood. Both men coded and hid privileged knowledge in their masterpieces. Although Bartholdi took the secret of Lady Liberty's identity to his grave, he hid her name in plain sight. Her name can be found in the folds of her robe, in the crown that she wears and in the tablet and torch that she bears. America's Goddess tells the forbidden life story of the mystery woman enshrined in the Statue of Liberty.

The Columbia Documentary History of Religion in America Since 1945

Author : Paul Harvey
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Of late, religion seems to be everywhere, suffusing U.S. politics and popular culture and acting as both a unifying and a divisive force. This collection of manifestos, Supreme Court decisions, congressional testimonies, speeches, articles, book excerpts, pastoral letters, interviews, song lyrics, memoirs, and poems reflects the vitality, diversity, and changing nature of religious belief and practice in American public and private life over the last half century. Encompassing a range of perspectives, this book illustrates the ways in which individuals from all along the religious and political spectrum have engaged religion and viewed it as a crucial aspect of society. The anthology begins with documents that reflect the close relationship of religion, especially mainline Protestantism, to essential ideas undergirding Cold War America. Covering both the center and the margins of American religious life, this volume devotes extended attention to how issues of politics, race, gender, and sexuality have influenced the religious mainstream. A series of documents reflects the role of religion and theology in the civil rights, feminist, and gay rights movements as well as in conservative responses. Issues regarding religion and contemporary American culture are explored in documents about the rise of the evangelical movement and the religious right; the impact of "new" (post-1965) immigrant communities on the religious landscape; the popularity of alternative, New Age, and non-Western beliefs; and the relationship between religion and popular culture. The editors conclude with selections exploring major themes of American religious life at the millennium, including both conservative and New Age millennialism, as well as excerpts that speculate on the future of religion in the United States. The documents are grouped by theme into nine chapters and arranged chronologically therein. Each chapter features an extensive introduction providing context for and analysis of the critical issues raised by the primary sources.

Introducing Thealogy

Author : Melissa Raphael
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There are a number of participant accounts of the revival of Goddess religion among feminists in Europe, America and Australasia. But students and others interested in issues in the relation of religion, theo/alogy and gender need an accessible and concise critical overview of this contemporary religious phenomenon and its discourses. Introducing Thealogy, which offers a contextual analysis of the thealogy, ontology, historiography and ethics of various types of Goddess feminism, is designed to meet that need.

The I of the Camera

Author : William Rothman
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Table of contents

American Body Politics

Author : Felipe Smith
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Felipe Smith tracks the emergence of particular gender images--such as white witch, black madonna, mammy, and white lady--and their impact on early African American literature. Smith gives us a remarkable synthesis of historical readings combined with a highly original contribution to the comprehension of racial thought and literary writing.

The Goddess Pose

Author : Michelle Goldberg
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New York Times best-selling author Michelle Goldberg tells the globetrotting story of the incredible woman who brought yoga to the West. When Indra Devi was born in Russia in 1899, yoga was virtually unknown outside of India. By the time of her death, in 2002, it was being practiced around the world. Here Michelle Goldberg tells the globetrotting story of the incredible woman who helped usher in a craze that continues unabated to this day. A sweeping picture of the twentieth century that travels from the cabarets of Berlin to the Mysore Palace to Golden Age Hollywood and beyond, The Goddess Pose brings the Devi’s little known but extraordinary adventures vividly to life.

The Goddess Re Awakening

Author :
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This anthology, with essays by Riane Eisler, June Singer, and others, considers Goddess myths, current psychological perspectives, and the feminine principle in spirituality today. It offers a worldview that integrates intuition, intellect, and feeling.