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Handbook of Communication Rights Law and Ethics

Author : Loreto Corredoira y Alfonso
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"In this handbook, academics and researchers, seasoned and young examine questions related to communication rights in general as well as to communication law and ethics in particular. The volume contains works that analyze what the essential and universal elements of communication rights are and where their limits lie, what freedoms and duties they entail and how they shape the role of both citizens -as individuals and as a collective- and the press- as individuals, collectives and a democratic institution- in contemporary societies. This volume pools efforts to present all kinds of perspectives in the field and representing voices from different parts of the world through the authors that have contributed to this volume. While most works analyze our current reality, often shaped by modern communication technologies in general and the internet in particular, others take a more foundational approach and ask more perennial questions related to the very nature of communication rights and their ethical and legal justification"--

The Handbook of Communication Rights Law and Ethics

Author : Loreto Corredoira
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Discover how modern technological realities shape freedoms of expression and opinion with this comprehensive resource. The Handbook of Communication Rights, Law, and Ethics delivers an extensive review of the challenges facing modern communication rights. It offers readers an examination of the interplay between communication law and ethics and the role played by communication professionals in protecting individuals’ rights to communication. Distinguished authors Loreto Corredoira, Ignacio Bel Mallén and Rodrigo Cetina Presuel walk readers through the fundamental ideas and concepts that represent universal common ground regarding communication rights. They compare communication rights theories developed in Europe, the United States, Latin America, Australia, and East Asia to describe how communication-related freedoms and rights are formulated and applied around the world. Finally, the meaning of the phrases “freedom of expression” and “freedom of the press” are examined in the context of national constitutions and international human rights instruments.The Handbook of Communication Rights, Law, and Ethics provides readers with: A diverse, global perspective on how communication rights are protected and challenged around the world A universal vision of communication rights that encourages dialogue rather than confrontation A comparison of the American First Amendment of the Constitution with European communication rights theories and other legal traditions around the world An exploration of the frontiers of communication rights concepts, terminology, jurisdiction, and territoriality Perfect for professors, graduate students, doctoral students, and postdoctoral researchers studying communication rights and freedom of expression around the world, The Handbook of Communication Rights, Law, and Ethics also belongs on the bookshelves of researchers studying issues surrounding freedom of the press in North America, Europe, and Latin America.


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Designed as a textbook for undergraduate and postgraduate students of journalism, mass communication, visual communi-cation, electronic media and other related media courses, this compact text provides a detailed description of the rules, acts and ethics concerning print, electronic, film and advertising media as prevalent in India. The book begins with the history of media law in India and discusses the specific provisions in the Constitution of India which are essential for a journalist to know. It then goes on to define the concepts of freedom of media, defamation and Intellectual Property Rights. Besides, the text discusses in detail the provisions of the Indian Penal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code relevant to the media. In addition to covering different types of cyber crimes such as hacking, cracking and e-mail bombing, it includes regulations related to film media and advertising. Finally, the book throws light on media law concerning women and children. The book also includes several important cases to enable students to relate various acts and regulations to real-life situations. Besides students, journalists and other media professionals who cover courts and law-related beats would also find this book immensely valuable.

Media Law Ethics and Policy in the Digital Age

Author : Mhiripiri, Nhamo A.
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The growing presence of digital technologies has caused significant changes in the protection of digital rights. With the ubiquity of these modern technologies, there is an increasing need for advanced media and rights protection. Media Law, Ethics, and Policy in the Digital Age is a key resource on the challenges, opportunities, issues, controversies, and contradictions of digital technologies in relation to media law and ethics and examines occurrences in different socio-political and economic realities. Highlighting multidisciplinary studies on cybercrime, invasion of privacy, and muckraking, this publication is an ideal reference source for policymakers, academicians, researchers, advanced-level students, government officials, and active media practitioners.

Just a Job

Author : George Cheney
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The concept of 'professionalism' has gained everyday resonance in the twenty-first century, especially given recent corporate scandals. However, George Cheney argues, as much as it may be discussed, professionalism has lost much of its broader social and community-related implications, as the trends of careerism, consumerism, and contingent employment have challenged and eroded collective senses of professional responsibility. In addition, professionalism has become depoliticized, even as it has continued to manifest certain racial, class-oriented, and gender biases in many contexts. In Professional Ethics, Cheney will explore everyday practices in contemporary professional ethics. Specifically, he analyzes the broad patterns of our talk about 'being a professional' in contemporary industrialized societies and in global elite networks. Above all, he aims to produce a thematically unified, theoretically informed, and accessibly written account of the ways we understand not only specific ethical issues at work (e.g., advance notification of corporate layoffs, or conflicts of interest in commerce and politics) but also the ways we frame professional ethics today. Throughout, Cheney passionately describes the limited roles and absences of ethics in professional decisions and behavior today, and lays out the groundwork for a resurrection of professional citizenship. This volume should appeal to practicing managers, academics, and upper-division and graduate students in communication and business ethics.

The Law of Journalism and Mass Communication

Author : Susan Dente Ross
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In The Law of Journalism and Mass Communication, authors Susan Dente Ross, Amy Reynolds, and Robert Trager present a lively, up-to-date, and comprehensive introduction to media law that brings the law to life for future professional communicators. The book is grounded in the traditions and rules of law but also contains fresh facts and relevant examples that keep readers engaged. Tightly focused breakout boxes highlight contemporary examples of the law in action or emphasize central points of law as well as intersections with international law and policy. The thoroughly updated Seventh Edition contains a wealth of new content that is as timely as possible—from the U.S. Supreme Court, federal and state courts, Congress, executive agencies, federal and state policymakers and advisory groups, and media organizations and allies. A refreshed look, feel, and flow of chapters provide readers an understanding of fast-expanding areas of the law and legal complexities.

Cumulative Book Index

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A world list of books in the English language.

The Ethics of Care

Author : Alan Blum
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Beginning with a focus on the ethical foundations of caregiving in health and expanding towards problems of ethics and justice implicated in a range of issues, this book develops and expands the notion of care itself and its connection to practice. Organised around the themes of culture as a restraint on caregiving in different social contexts and situations, innovative methods in healthcare, and the way in which culture works to position care as part of a rhetorical approach to dependency, responsibility, and justice, The Ethics of Care presents case studies examining institutional responses to end-of-life issues, the notion of informed consent, biomedicine, indigenous rights and postcolonialism in care and theoretical approaches to the concept of care. Offering discussions from a variety of disciplinary approaches, including sociology, communication, and social theory, as well as hermeneutics, phenomenology, and deconstruction, this book will appeal to scholars across the social sciences with interests in healthcare, medicine, justice and the question of how we think about care as a notion and social form, and how this is related to practice.

Bimonthly Review of Law Books

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The Journal of the Kansas Bar Association

Author : Kansas Bar Association
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