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The Honey Bus A Memoir of Loss Courage and a Girl Saved by Bees

Author : Meredith May
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An extraordinary story of a girl, her grandfather and one of nature’s most mysterious and beguiling creatures: the honeybee. Meredith May recalls the first time a honeybee crawled on her arm. She was five years old, her parents had recently split and suddenly she found herself in the care of her grandfather, an eccentric beekeeper who made honey in a rusty old military bus in the yard. That first close encounter was at once terrifying and exhilarating for May, and in that moment she discovered that everything she needed to know about life and family was right before her eyes, in the secret world of bees. May turned to her grandfather and the art of beekeeping as an escape from her troubled reality. Her mother had receded into a volatile cycle of neurosis and despair and spent most days locked away in the bedroom. It was during this pivotal time in May’s childhood that she learned to take care of herself, forged an unbreakable bond with her grandfather and opened her eyes to the magic and wisdom of nature. The bees became a guiding force in May’s life, teaching her about family and community, loyalty and survival and the unequivocal relationship between a mother and her child. Part memoir, part beekeeping odyssey, The Honey Bus is an unforgettable story about finding home in the most unusual of places, and how a tiny, little-understood insect could save a life.

The Honey Bee Girl

Author : Doug Hiser
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A story of first love in a small Texas town and the adventures of a teenager roaming the woods in search of nature and solitude, while the world changes around him, altering his path and his love.

The Honey Bee

Author : Samuel Merwin
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50 Ways to Save the Honey Bees

Author : J. Scott Donahue
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Fifty fun & buzz-worthy ways to "bee" a local hero! Did you know that honey bees pollinate a third of the food we eat, but that a third of them are dying off each year? You have the power to keep them buzzing for years to come, and it couldn't bee easier! Enhance your own life with steps as simple as gardening the right crops, or shopping local! Make a difference in your community, and the world, with these creative and inspiring ideas, such as: *Making your own beeswax lip balm *Planting the right flowers, fruits, and vegetables every season *Keeping your own beehive *Building the right buzz on social media *Creating a "bee bath" for bee-friendly lounging *Letting those weeds grow Help your favorite pollinator with 50 Ways to Save the Honey Bees!

It s Me Poxey

Author : Juliann Deadrick
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A coming of age story of a young African American girl growing up in Detroit.

Bees in America

Author : Tammy Horn
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In this enlightening cultural history of bees and beekeeping in the United States, Horn, herself a beekeeper, shows how the honey bee was one of the first symbols of colonization and how bees' societal structures have shaped our ideals about work, family, community, and leisure.


Author : Hilary Kearney
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At the heart of every bee hive is a queen bee. Since her well-being is linked to the well-being of the entire colony, the ability to find her among the residents of the hive is an essential beekeeping skill. In QueenSpotting, experienced beekeeper and professional “swarm catcher” Hilary Kearney challenges readers to “spot the queen” with 48 fold-out visual puzzles — vivid up-close photos of the queen hidden among her many subjects. QueenSpotting celebrates the unique, fascinating life of the queen bee chronicles of royal hive happenings such as The Virgin Death Match, The Nuptual Flight — when the queen mates with a cloud of male drones high in the air — and the dramatic Exodus of the Swarm from the hive. Readers will thrill at Kearney’s adventures in capturing these swarms from the strange places they settle, including a Jet Ski, a couch, a speed boat, and an owl’s nesting box. Fascinating, fun, and instructive, backyard beekeepers and nature lovers alike will find reason to return to the pages again and again. This publication conforms to the EPUB Accessibility specification at WCAG 2.0 Level AA.

Fun Facts About Honey Bees

Author : Caroline D Lee
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This is an educational children's picture book with plenty of facts to expand young minds. simply explains all about Honey bee without using overly complicated words or phrases. Step into the wild world Honey bee Fun Facts and Amazing Photos of Animals in Nature is a fun and enlightening book about Honey bee . Learn about Honey bee as well as what they eat and their strange behaviors. It is the perfect book for children of all ages. This book can be enjoyed by young readers and even adults, as they read to toddlers, and Kindergarteners. Not only is it an exciting and entertaining book, but it is also designed especially for the beginning readers. In this amazing kids book, you will find that the sentence structure is well designed for young children. It's short paragraphs and easy to read words makes this book an wonderful story for children, parents and even primary school teachers. The Honey bee photographs are sure to fire your child's imagination, and keep them interested all the way through Tag: facts about a honey bee facts about honey bees fun facts about bees fun facts about honey bees honey bees facts for kids honey bee facts for kids interesting facts about bees bee pollination facts

The Mountain Lion and the Bee Girl

Author : Tim Ynclan
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This is a wonderful story about a mountain Lion and a Honey bee who lived in a faraway land called Mystery Mountain. Now if you tried to find Mystery Mountain, you wouldn't be able to because it's not on any map, and it is hidden by a magical cloud, which covers the entire Island. So you cannot see Mystery Mountain from a boat or an airplane. The fact that Mystery Mountain cannot be seen protects all the animals from their greatest enemy-Man. The island has animals, trees, plants, flowers, insects, streams, rivers, and lakes-all of which make Mystery Mountain a very special place.

The Honey Factor i e Invasion of the Bee Girls

Author : Nicholas Meyer
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The Honey Bee its natural history physiology and management

Author : Edward BEVAN
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The American Girl s Home Book of Work and Play

Author : Helen Campbell
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Kiya and the Honey Bee

Author : Kiya Henry
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Give Your Child A Head Start In Reading Kiya and the Honey Bee is a fascinating book about a clever little girl and a silly honey bee. It is a perfect early reader for children that are beginning to learn how to read. Your child will begin to recognize vocabulary words that will serve them as they continue to go forward in the skill of reading, while learning interesting facts about honey bees. Through repetition your child will improve their confidence and their ability to read.

Crazy Bee Lady

Author : J M Skinner
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This 6 x 9 Lined Journal is great for taking notes, writing, drawing, doodling, or what ever your heart desires. Fun Honey Bee Cover is great for kids, both boys and girls, and Adults, both men and women. Makes a great Birthday or Christmas gift too!

Just a Girl Who Loves Honey Bee

Author : Amanda erika
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description : Beautiful notebook, lined on all sides, a wonderful birthday gift that you can present to friends or family, suitable size 6 * 9 inch that can be carried by hand, cover with a beautiful front and elegant view. This is the perfect notebook. Go and buy it now

Merry s Museum for Boys and Girls

Author :
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Author :
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LIFE Magazine is the treasured photographic magazine that chronicled the 20th Century. It now lives on at, the largest, most amazing collection of professional photography on the internet. Users can browse, search and view photos of today’s people and events. They have free access to share, print and post images for personal use.

The Life of the Honey Bee

Author : ,Adrianna
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In the Life of the Honey Bee, two young girls, Em and Noel, cope with the destructive, fatal choices made by their mother during her life after her death. Their mother, Marian, suffered great tragedies in her lifetime, causing her to lose compassion for everyone including her own daughters. Marian, born in the south and migrated north with her mother as an elementary-aged child, recovered from the brinks of insanity, only to fall into ghastly grips of addiction and self-destruction. During happier times in her life, Marian conceived two children in very different manners. Marian tried to be a good mother, until the weight of her past caught up with her. Not in the mental state to be a productive parent, Marian left much of the child rearing to her mother, Cecilia. Cecilia was a devout Christian, an excellent mother, and a dutiful wife to the day of her husband's death. After the death of her husband, Cecilia dedicated her life to raising her children successfully. Marian, the baby of the family, was the only of Cecilia's children who failed to live a long joyous, happy Christian life. Em suffered, and Noel witnessed much pain during the short time they were in their mother's care. Both girls lost their innocence before age ten. They had seen too much to have the socio-emotional intellect of girls their ages. The wisdom both girls gained was fuel. It fueled their very different paths to very different ends. While Em remained in the cycle of the generational curses that were the root causes of her mother's death, Noel embarked on a spiritual journey that helped her cope and survive with the loss and her pain of her life. Some people may consider Noel's life and survival to be a miracle. Noel managed to stay strong and focused. Despite the bad she witnessed, she always managed to do right and good to everyone in every situation.

Gleanings in Bee Culture

Author :
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The Hive and the Honey Bee

Author : Lorenzo Langstroth
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First published in 1853, The Hive and the Honey-Bee remains the definitive authority for managing hives for honey production, pollination or queen rearing. One of the first books about modern bee management, LangstrothÕs study is an invaluable resource and essential reading for honey farmers and apiarists.