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The Horse Racing Place Bet Investment Strategy

Author : Tim Russell
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Tim Russell ex bookie turned punter explains how it is possible with the right strategy how to turn the tables on his ex colleagues, the bookmaking fraternity using a betting market which is not seriously considered by the general betting public. This is a long term investment strategy not a get rich quick scheme and how you approach this is all explained in great detain in this book. The strategy itself, banks, staking and mindset all as well as a successful strategy are all important when considering placing bets on the horses

Racetrack Betting

Author : Peter Asch
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"Not only is this a very serious book on a topic of broad interest, but, even better, it is quite readable." Management Accounting

The Kelly Capital Growth Investment Criterion

Author : Leonard C. MacLean
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This volume provides the definitive treatment of fortune's formula or the Kelly capital growth criterion as it is often called. The strategy is to maximize long run wealth of the investor by maximizing the period by period expected utility of wealth with a logarithmic utility function. Mathematical theorems show that only the log utility function maximizes asymptotic long run wealth and minimizes the expected time to arbitrary large goals. In general, the strategy is risky in the short term but as the number of bets increase, the Kelly bettor's wealth tends to be much larger than those with essentially different strategies. So most of the time, the Kelly bettor will have much more wealth than these other bettors but the Kelly strategy can lead to considerable losses a small percent of the time. There are ways to reduce this risk at the cost of lower expected final wealth using fractional Kelly strategies that blend the Kelly suggested wager with cash. The various classic reprinted papers and the new ones written specifically for this volume cover various aspects of the theory and practice of dynamic investing. Good and bad properties are discussed, as are fixed-mix and volatility induced growth strategies. The relationships with utility theory and the use of these ideas by great investors are featured.

Concentrated Investing

Author : Allen C. Benello
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Discover the secrets of the world's top concentrated value investors Concentrated Investing: Strategies of the World's Greatest Concentrated Value Investors chronicles the virtually unknown—but wildly successful—value investors who have regularly and spectacularly blown away the results of even the world's top fund managers. Sharing the insights of these top value investors, expert authors Allen Benello, Michael van Biema, and Tobias Carlisle unveil the strategies that make concentrated value investing incredibly profitable, while at the same time showing how to mitigate risk over time. Highlighting the history and approaches of four top value investors, the authors tell the fascinating story of the investors who dare to tread where few others have, and the wildly-successful track records that have resulted. Turning the notion of diversification on its head, concentrated value investors pick a small group of undervalued stocks and hold onto them through even the lean years. The approach has been championed by Warren Buffett, the best known value investor of our time, but a small group of lesser-known investors has also used this approach to achieve outstanding returns. Discover the success of Lou Simpson, a former GEICO investment manager and eventual successor to Warren Buffett at Berkshire Hathaway Read about Kristian Siem, described as "Norway's Warren Buffett," and the success he has had at Siem Industries Concentrated Investing will quickly have you re-thinking the conventional wisdom related to diversification and learning from the top concentrated value investors the world has never heard of.

Efficiency of Racetrack Betting Markets

Author : Donald B. Hausch
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A reprint of one of the classic volumes on racetrack efficiency, this book is the only one in its field that deals with the racetrack betting market in-depth, containing all the important historical papers on racetrack efficiency. As evidenced by the collection of articles, the understanding of racetrack betting is clearly drawn from, and has correspondingly returned something to, all the fields of psychology, economics, finance, statistics, mathematics and management science.

Strategic advance

Author : Richard Whelan
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Deals with the minefield of horserace betting. This book offers a systematic method of approach and investment on horse races. It reveals the kinds of horses to invest in, together with two strategies. Placing emphasis on state of mind, preparation, discipline and patience, it talks about constructive investment rather than gambling.

53 Simple Strategies for Betting on Horse Racing

Author : Rob James
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Is it possible to make a profit from betting on horse racing by following simple strategies? This book aims to find out. Rob James has studied a large selection of British flat group races over the last twenty years. He has produced 53 strategies that would all have been profitable over that time period. Often it involves backing the favourite, as long as certain criteria are fulfilled. A good example involves successful Irish trainer Aidan O'Brien's 2000 Guineas entrants.If you had Backed O'Briens shortest odds horse in each running of the Guineas over the last twenty years you would be up. But the return can be improved further by only betting on the horse if it a) has won a group race b) has raced over further than six furlongs or c) has not raced already that season. Following this simple strategy would have more than doubled your investment.It must be noted that the strategies are based on the results over the previous twenty years and there can be no guarantee of future success. This book is a great starting point for anyone looking to come up with their own strategies and many could be modified and improved upon.

Top Jockey

Author : Anthony Gibson
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TERRIFIC PROFITS TO MADE TO DATE HIGH STRIKE RATE OVER 100% RETURN ON INVESTMENTWith so many horse racing fixtures now run on a day to day basis and more and more bookmakers competing for our business by offering us better odds and deals you would think us punters would be having a field day especially since the advent of computerised ratings form and data freely available to us plus the aid of so many so called expert pundits and profitable tipping services who make outstanding profits there to help us punters beat the bookies. Surely us punters cannot lose and have an unassailable advantage when it comes to making money from this game? the reality of course is the total opposite with bookmakers reporting greater profits than ever and the percentage of losing punters remaining the same, how can this be? The truth is there is simply too much low grade racing taking place on a daily basis drawing punters in. The type of racing that bookmakers love to promote as it throws up regular shock results therefore keeping their turnover and profits high.To art of becoming a successful bettor is being selective and to try to overlook a lot of this low grade racing and simply put your faith and money on the best most professional people in the game, who the professionals themselves trust to get the job done, a lesson learnt after unsuccessful betting coup highlighted this very fact and having our fingers burnt betting in a low grade handicap race when our horse was ridden by an apprentice jockey myself and fellow betting syndicate partners decided to devise a strategy to beat the bookies and now only follow the true professionals in this sportWe haven't looked back since, all of the information required to follow our strategy is explained in layman terms in this book and as a punter could be the best investment you will ever make

Handicapping for Bettor Or Worse

Author : John Lindley
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This bettor's guide to handicapping racehorses teaches horse players how to use all the available information to form their own system. Explains the advantages and drawbacks in current popular handicapping methods.

Horse Race Betting for Beginners and Beyond

Author : Kris Vemula
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Discover how to play the odds-and win-in author Kris Vemula's insightful new handbook, Horse Race Betting for Beginners and Beyond. Horse race betting can be a fun and exciting event for spectators-but it can be even more rewarding if you have money riding on the game! Vemula, a seasoned computer analyst, puts his expertise to use in the wild world of horse race betting in order to show you how to make money by placing the right bets. Brimming with straightforward bullet points, helpful graphics, and easy-to-read tables and explanations, this is a must-have guide for all fans of horse race betting. Whether you just turned eighteen years old and are looking for a smart way to get in on the action or you're a horse race veteran looking to make the races a bit more interesting, Vemula explains everything you need to know to get the most return on your betting investment. You'll learn about: Betting basics Typical scenarios Questions and answers Charts, tables, and graphics Examples and exercises Personal experiences Strategies Head to the races with confidence-and head home with a few more dollars in your pocket-with Vemula's sound advice.

Investing with the Insiders Legally

Author : Aaron B. Feigen
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Explains how to obtain insider trading information from government documents, newsletters, and computer data bases, and tells how to analyse stock purchase patterns

Betting Thoroughbreds

Author : Steven Davidowitz
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Totally revised and expanded to cover the newest forms of wagering and the latest handicapping theories, with examples of how to apply them, this book proves that the key to winning at the track is not in one all-powerful secret, but involves using the right tools at the right time. Copyright © Libri GmbH. All rights reserved.

Management Science

Author :
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Issues for Feb. 1965-Aug. 1967 include Bulletin of the Institute of Management Sciences.

Fundamental Analysis For Dummies

Author : Matthew Krantz
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How to determine the true strength and stability of any business What's the key to multibillionaire Warren Buffett's five-decade run as the most successful investor in history? Fundamental analysis. Now, Fundamental Analysis For Dummies puts this tried and true method for gauging any company's true underlying value into sensible and handy step-by-step instructions.. In this easy-to-understand, practical, and savvy guide you'll discover why this powerful tool is particularly important to investors in times of economic downturn and how it helps you assess a business's overall financial performance by using historical and present data to forecast its future monetary value. You'll also learn how to use fundamental analysis to spot bargains in the market, minimize your risk, and improve your overall investment skills. Shows how to predict the future value of a business based on its current and historical financial data Helps you guage a company's performance against its competitors Covers evaluation of internal management Reveals how to determine if in a company's credit standing is any jeopardy Applies fundamental analysis to other investment vehicles, including currency, bonds, and commodities Matt Krantz is a writer and reporter for USA TODAY and USATODAY.COM where he covers investments and financial markets Read Fundamental Analysis For Dummies and find the bargains that could make you the next Warren Buffett!

Investing in the Modern Age

Author : Rachel E S Ziemba
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This book discusses many key topics in investment and risk management, the global economic situation and the shift in global investment strategies. It was largely written during the period of 2007-12, one of the most tumultuous times in global financial markets which called into question not only tenets of economic forecasting and also asset allocation and return strategies. It contains studies of how investors lose money in derivative markets, examples of those who did not and how these disasters could have been prevented. The authors draw some conclusions on the impact of the structural shifts currently underway in the global economy as well as how cyclical trends will affect these industries, the globe and key sectors. The authors zoom in on key growth areas, including emerging markets, their interlinkages and financial trends. The book also covers risk arbitrage and mean reversion strategies in financial and sports betting markets, plus incentives, volatility aspects, risk taking and investments strategies used by hedge funds and university endowments. Topics such as stock market crash predictions, asset liability planning models, various players in financial markets and the evaluation of the greatest investors are also discussed. The book presents tools and case studies of real applications for analyzing a wide variety of investment returns and better assessing the risks which many investors have preferred to ignore in the search of returns. Many security market regularities or anomalies are discussed including political party and January effects as is the process of building scenarios and using Kelly and fractional Kelly strategies to optimize returns. Contents:Key Concepts:Arbitrage, Risk Arbitrage and the Favorite-Longshot BiasThe Bond Stock Earnings Yield Differential ModelInvestor CampsHedge Funds, Sovereign Wealth Funds and Other Investment Agglomerations:Average Hedge Funds and Their EvaluationIncentives and Risk Taking in Hedge FundsEvaluating Superior Hedge FundsInvestment in Own-Company StockCutting Through the Hype on Sovereign Wealth FundsA New Age for LiquidityGovernment Owned Pensions: Asset Allocation and Governance IssuesUpdate on Yale's Approach to Endowment InvestingA Risk Arbitrage Convergence Trade: The Nikkei Put Warrant Market of 1989–90Kelly Capital Growth InvestingInnoALM, the Innovest Austrian Pension Fund Financial Planning ModelSeasonal Effects and Other Anomalies:Investing in the January Turn-of-the-Year Effect with Index FuturesThe January BarometerSell-in-May-and-Go-Away and the Effect of the Fed60–40 Pension Fund Mixes and Presidential Party EffectsVolatility, Correlation and Liquidity:Thoughts on the VIX Fear IndexChanging Correlations: Rising VIX and Violent Market MovesCan We Predict Stock Market Crashes?:Stock Market Crashes in 2006–2009: Were We Able to Predict Them?Three Mini Crashes in US and World Equity MarketsWhat Signals Worked and What Did Not, 1980–2009What Signals Worked and What Did Not, 1980–2009, Part IIWhat Signals Worked and What Did Not, 1980–2009, Part IIIHow to Lose Money in Derivatives and Examples of Those Who DidBubbles and Debt:Understanding the Financial Markets in the Subprime Era: The 2007/9 CrisisBubblesChina: Navigating the Olympic RisksTurkey's Juggling Act: Can It Live Up to Potential?Testing Resiliency: Protest and Natural DisastersIt's a Gas, Gas, Gas!Thoughts on the Current Market Environment, Risks and ReturnsWhat's Wrong with The US?Investing Around the WorldInvesting and Arbitrage in NFL Football and Horse Racing:Blunder or Correct Decision? The Belichick Decision to Go for It on 4th DownThe 2010 and 2011 Super Bowls and the Elo Ranking SystemRisk Arbitrage in the NFL 2012 Playoffs and the Super BowlThe One That Got Away: The Hitable $2 Million Pick 6 at the Breeders' CupTwo Super HorsesFarewell to the Queen and to the Princess of US Thoroughbred RacingThe Dr Z Place and Show Racetrack Betting Systems Past and Present Readership: Hedge fund managers, insurance managers, pension fund managers, mutual fund managers and other investment professionals and investors; students and researchers interested in risk management and investment management; investment strategies. Keywords:Hedge Funds;Sovereign Wealth Funds;Investment Agglomerations;Endowment Investing;Stock Market Crashes and Their Prediction;Global Economic Situation;Global Investment Strategies;Kelly and Fractional Kelly Wagering Strategies;Calendar Anomalies;Political Party;Time of Year EffectsKey Features:Contains case studies of great investment successes and blowouts to better assess explicit and implicit risks and mismatches in maturities and investment horizonDiscusses strategies used by the greatest investors to obtain their high returns and how these can be replicatedAnalyzes hedge fund concepts and performance including major fund disastersContains studies of pivotal economies that will shape the globe and investment prospects in years to comeReviews: "The prolific Ziembas have done it again! These days the markets may move like lightning but Rachel and Bill have no trouble keeping up. You don't need to look any further than this book for crucial information, insights and ideas." Paul Wilmott Mathematician and Author "Puzzled by today's markets and what to expect? Rachel and Bill Ziemba explain what has been happening and sharpen your thinking about future scenarios." Edward O Thorp Author of Beat the Dealer and Beat the Market

Handbook of Sports and Lottery Markets

Author : Donald B. Hausch
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Its basic empirical research and investigation of pure theories of investment in the sports and lottery markets make this volume a winner. These markets are simpler to study than traditional financial markets, and their expected values and outcomes are uncomplicated. By means of new overviews of scholarship on the industry side of racetrack and other betting markets to betting exchanges and market efficiencies, contributors consider a variety of sports in countries around the world. The result is not only superior information about market forecasting, but macro- and micro-analyses that are relevant to other markets. * Easily studied sports markets reveal features relevant for more complex traditional financial markets * Significant coverage of sports from racing to jai alai * New studies of betting exchanges and Internet wagering markets

Stealing Money from the Crowd Breeders Cup 2014

Author : Seth Abrams
File Size : 69.67 MB
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This is a short guide to contrarian betting on horses. It is written with the Breeders’ Cup in mind, but can be used for any horse race. Its purpose is not to tell you who or what to bet, but to give you tools to make smarter, more profitable decisions. It should be accessible to the beginner while still useful to the veteran horseplayer. The only prerequisites are a desire to move past the traditional, but non-winning, ways of approaching the races, and a willingness to approach the races differently. This guide, originated in contrarian investing principles—and with academic work on research methodology—was adapted to the particular challenges of pari-mutuel betting. It is primarily focused on finding the right horses to bet. It can be used without needing to purchase the past performances or even know how to read them. It also does not matter whether you have recently been following the races closely or not. Table of Contents: Introduction 2 The Favorite/Longshot Bias 6 Deconstructing the Past Performances 12 Conclusion 17

Elements of Information Theory

Author : Thomas M. Cover
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The latest edition of this classic is updated with new problem sets and material The Second Edition of this fundamental textbook maintains the book's tradition of clear, thought-provoking instruction. Readers are provided once again with an instructive mix of mathematics, physics, statistics, and information theory. All the essential topics in information theory are covered in detail, including entropy, data compression, channel capacity, rate distortion, network information theory, and hypothesis testing. The authors provide readers with a solid understanding of the underlying theory and applications. Problem sets and a telegraphic summary at the end of each chapter further assist readers. The historical notes that follow each chapter recap the main points. The Second Edition features: * Chapters reorganized to improve teaching * 200 new problems * New material on source coding, portfolio theory, and feedback capacity * Updated references Now current and enhanced, the Second Edition of Elements of Information Theory remains the ideal textbook for upper-level undergraduate and graduate courses in electrical engineering, statistics, and telecommunications.

Soaring with Iron Condor Options

Author : Michael Benklifa
File Size : 50.98 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This Element is a very brief excerpt from the introduction of Profiting with Condor Options: Strategies from the Frontline for Trading in Up or Down Markets (9780137085514) by Michael Hanania Benklifa. There are no specific trading strategies discussed. A condor is a complex options trade that creates a “zone” in which a profit occurs over time and within a specific price range. Correctly picking the direction of price movement is not necessary. Understanding the dynamics involved in the trade is the key to long-term success and limited risk....


Author : Stuart E. Lucas
File Size : 59.47 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Discover the best ways to build, protect, and sustain family and business wealth across generations! Wealth is the world's most valuable guide to wealth management for individuals, families, business owners, and the "upwardly affluent." In the six years since Stuart Lucas first wrote this book, however, the financial world has changed dramatically. Throughout the financial crisis and beyond, Lucas has led the University of Chicago's Private Wealth Management program, teaching more than 500 members of the world's wealthiest families. Now, he brings together extraordinary insights and constructs informed by this experience. Wealth, Updated and Revised Edition retains its core advice, which has been tested and proven by the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. However, Lucas has updated his exclusive Strategic Wealth Management Framework to help even more individuals, families, and entrepreneurs aspiring to wealth or seeking to protect it. Lucas highlights key value drivers - family purpose, the economic engine, and leakage management - that mark the difference between family enterprises that succeed for generations and those that fail. He offers updated, sage advice on making financial decisions, evaluating "expert" advice, running a family business office, tax/estate planning, philanthropy, wealth preservation, and more. Since developing a family's human capital is the best antidote to Wall Street excess, this edition adds even more robust and actionable guidance for building a culture of Entrepreneurial Stewardship: one that enables and encourages all family members to flourish, and improves the odds that families can sustain wealth. This book is for all successful business owners and anyone who possesses (or aspires to own) substantial financial assets, whether earned or inherited. It will also be of keen interest to investment advisors, business consultants, business brokers, wealth industry practitioners, lawyers, accountants, tax advisors, and others who counsel the wealthy (and upwardly affluent) about wealth management.