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The Initiate in the Dark Cycle

Author : Cyril Scott
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The third volume in the series takes up where The Initiate and The Initiate in the New World leave off, providing more insights into the mysterious Adept known as Justin Moreward Haig. At first, we think that "the dark cycle" relates to the group of students left to their own devices when Justin Moreward Haid disappears for a time. The students meet with the astrologer David Anrias, and become aware of the concepts taught by Krishnamurti and the theosophists. But when Justin Moreward Haid reappears we learn that the dark cycle really indicates a period of destruction and war when Planetary Logos is throwing off and transmuting poisons that create disturbances in the collective astral or emotional body of the human race. In this volume we learn how the group develops, how they relate to their missing teacher, and how they continue their search for spiritual understanding.

The Initiate in the Dark Cycle

Author : His Pupil
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This is a new release of the original 1938 edition.

The Constitution of Shambhala

Author : Bodo Balsys
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The Constitution of Shambhala The subject of Shambhala (the planetary Head centre, or theistically, the kingdom of ‘God’) has been previously veiled in such texts as the Kālachakra Tantra, but the true esoteric lore has only been provided gradually, first tentatively through the works of Blavatsky, and then in greater detail via Alice Bailey’s writings. This volume continues along this vein, presenting far more detail concerning this kingdom, and also of the Hierarchy of enlightened being (the planetary Heart centre) than hitherto revealed. A considerable compendium of revelation and esoteric knowledge is presented for the world’s esotericists to digest and the enlightened to expand upon.

Music and Its Secret Influence

Author : Cyril Scott
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The role of music in the evolution of humanity • Reveals how a hierarchy of initiates, evolved spiritual intelligences, and devas actively influenced the musical compositions of geniuses to transmit great truths through music • Explores the influence of the classical composers Bach, Handel, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Chopin, Schumann, Wagner, and Strauss--from Beethoven’s influence on the creation of psychoanalysis to Chopin’s musical influence on the emancipation of women Composer and author Cyril Scott explores the role of music in the evolution of humanity and shows how it has pushed human evolution forward. He explains that music has a profound effect on history, morals, and culture and is a more potent force in the molding of character than religious creeds or moral philosophies. Whereas mediocre musicians reflect only their own times, inspired ones help determine the character of the future. Exploring the works of classical composers such as Bach, Handel, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Schumann, Chopin, Wagner, and Strauss, Scott reveals how their compositions were actively influenced by a hierarchy of initiates, evolved spiritual intelligences, and devas to make the way fertile for human spiritual evolution. Scott explains how humans are composed not only of a physical body, emotional body, and a mental body but also a sensation body that acts as the bridge between the physical realm and the hierarchy of initiates. Scott shows how the music of great composers affects not only those listening but also society as a whole--from Beethoven’s influence on the creation of psychoanalysis to Chopin’s musical influence on the emancipation of women.

Witch Daze

Author : Patricia Della-Piana
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Handbook of the Theosophical Current

Author :
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The Brill Handbook of the Theosophical Current represents pioneering research into an important but under-researched current. The three sections in this volume are devoted to the Theosophical Society, Theosophically influenced religious currents, and the interaction between Theosophy and surrounding culture.


Author : Peter Michel
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Taking his cue from the teacher himself, Peter Michel, in this first independent analysis of the most elusive spiritual teacher ever known, has taken an investigative and exploratory stance, rather than the usual pronounciatory one.... A must for any philosophical or theosophical collection. PARUL GUPTA

Rose Allatini A Woman Writer

Author : George Simmers
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Rose Allatini is remembered today for writing 'Despised and Rejected', the only novel to be prosecuted under the Defence of the Realm Act during the Great War as 'liable to prejudice recruiting in His Majesty's forces. The book's positive depiction of homosexuals and conscientious objectors alarmed the wartime authorities. But Rose Allatini was also the author (under several disguises) of nearly forty other novels, over seven decades. This monograph sets out to dispel the myth that these other books were no more than romantic pot-boilers. The novels' themes include: critiques of the position of women in London and Vienna at the start of the twentieth century; an exploration of the experience of mental illness; warnings of the rise of Nazism in thirties Austria, depictions of the experiences of refugees in London during the Second World War; and speculations about spiritual healing. Rose Allatini was a novelist who went where many others did not care to venture.

Barefoot on Holy Ground

Author : Gloria Karpinski
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"The dreams in our hearts have to be matched by our craftsmanship in the world." Spiritual seekers in the 21st century take many forms, from the visionary and futurist to the social activist and rebel. Yet whatever your inner calling, writes internationally renowned teacher Gloria Karpinski, you can benefit from the practical guidance of other seekers on how best to manifest your spiritual intentions in the nitty-gritty reality of everyday life. A new companion for traveling purposefully on the path, Barefoot on Holy Ground helps you learn how to call forth the good in every circumstance and use it to further your mission and consciousness. Through numerous enjoyable, effective exercises and meditations, you will learn how to integrate your inner and outer resources of mind, body, emotions, finances, and careers into your personal practice. This will free you to become a disciple–in the modern sense–to your own higher calling and service to the world. Drawing on the wisdom of ancient scriptures and contemporary thinkers from many world traditions, tapping into her own and other disciples’ real-life stories and insights, Karpinski shares the Twelve Lessons of Spiritual Craftsmanship that are essential to the disciple’s path. These easy-to-follow lessons are divided into three parts: Knowing the Way explores the ways we recognize and understand our mission through Knowledge, Revelation, Body Wisdom, and Discernment; Becoming the Way illuminates the fundamental building principles of strong discipleship: Love, Will, Faith, and Power; and Fulfilling the Way reveals the practical process through which we bring our journey to fruition by Creating, Transforming, Enduring, and Serving. Integration, balance, and wisdom are the benefits of the twelve lessons, the treasured syntheses of yin and yang, light and shadow, heaven and earth. Full of exciting, effective spiritual exercises, Barefoot on Holy Ground leads readers purposefully along the path to Conscious Evolution so that they can embrace their higher calling.

Children of the New Age

Author : Steven Sutcliffe
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As the first true social history of New Age culture, this presents an unrivalled overview of the diverse varieties of New Age belief and practise from the 1930s to the present day.