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The Johannine Writings

Author : Paul W. Schmiedel
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A well thought out treatment of the writings of John in the Bible, the author takes all the influences that may have caused John to write the on the topics he did such as the state of the Roman Empire at the time and the rise of Gnosticism which was a major influence in the New Testament world.

Introduction to the Johannine Writings

Author : Paton James Gloag
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The divine sonship of Christians in the Johannine writings

Author : Matthew Vellanickal
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Taking as the determinative concept Jesus' favourite name for God, Father, John interprets the ideal relationship of men to God as that of spiritual children, having the Life - eternal - from the Father. According to Jn this life of sonship to God, having a definite beginning other than the physical birth, and being manifested in very definite moral and spiritual qualities, defines the very being of a Christian. It is in the measure that one understands clearly, experiences personally and expounds persuasively this truth of Christian Sonship, that one lays hold upon the very heart of Christian faith and life. Hence this investigation of ours to find the formulas, the content and the meaning of the Johannine doctrine of the divine sonship of Christians. When we start investigating the Johannine doctrine of the divine sonship of Christians, we are confonted with certain questions regarding its nature and origin: Is the Johannine concept of sonship something purely juridical or moral, or does it suppose an ontological reality? If it supposes such a reality, in what does is consist? How do men obtain this reality so as to become children of God?

Johannine Literature

Author : Barnabas Lindars
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The highly popular Sheffield New Testament Guides are being reissued in a new format, grouped together and prefaced by one of the best known of contemporary Johannine scholars. This new format is designed to ensure that these authoritative introductions remain up to date and accessible to seminary and university students of the New Testament while offering a broader theological and literary context for their study. Alan Culpepper introduces the Johannine Writings as a whole, illuminating their distinctive historical and theological features and their importance within the New Testament canon.

Mimesis in the Johannine Literature

Author : C. Bennema
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Mimesis is a fundamental and pervasive human concept, but has attracted little attention from Johannine scholarship. This is unsurprising, since Johannine ethics, of which mimesis is a part, has only recently become a fruitful area of research. Bennema contends that scholars have not yet identified the centre of Johannine ethics, admittedly due to the fact that mimesis is not immediately evident in the Johannine text because the usual terminology for mimesis is missing. This volume is the first organized study on the concept of mimesis in the Johannine literature. The aim of the study is to establish that mimesis is a genuine Johannine concept, to explain its particulars and to show that mimesis is integral to Johannine ethics. Bennema argues that Johannine mimesis is a cognitive, creative process that shapes the believer's identity and behaviour within the context of the divine family. Besides being instrumental in people's moral transformation, mimesis is also a vital mechanism for mediating the divine reality to people

The New Testament Johannine writings

Author : Paul Nadim Tarazi
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Aimed at the non-specialist reader, this edition covers the Johannine literature? Revelation, the Gospel, and the Epistles?and tackles all the perplexing issues the Book of Revelation presents: the strange creatures, the numbers 666 and 144,000, the Millennium, and socalled ?futuristic prophecy.? The detailed exegesis of the originalGreek also explains enigmatic phrases in the Gospel, such as ?the Word was God? and the ?Word became flesh,? along with curiosities such as Jesus' betrayal and burial in a garden.

The Johannine Renaissance in Early Modern English Literature and Theology

Author : Paul Cefalu
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The Johannine Renaissance in Early Modern English Literature and Theology argues that the Fourth Gospel and First Epistle of Saint John the Evangelist were so influential during the early modern period in England as to share with Pauline theology pride of place as leading apostolic texts on matters Christological, sacramental, pneumatological, and political. The book argues further that, in several instances, Johannine theology is more central than both Pauline theology and the Synoptic theology of Matthew, Mark, and Luke, particularly with regard to early modern polemicizing on the Trinity, distinctions between agape and eros, and the ideologies of radical dissent, especially the seventeenth-century antinomian challenge of free grace to traditional Puritan Pietism. In particular, early modern religious poetry, including works by Robert Southwell, George Herbert, John Donne, Richard Crashaw, Thomas Traherne, and Anna Trapnel, embraces a distinctive form of Johannine devotion that emphasizes the divine rather than human nature of Christ; the belief that salvation is achieved more through revelation than objective atonement and expiatory sin; a realized eschatology; a robust doctrine of assurance and comfort; and a stylistic and rhetorical approach to representing these theological features that often emulates John's mode of discipleship misunderstanding and dramatic irony. Early modern Johannine devotion assumes that religious lyrics often express a revelatory poetics that aims to clarify, typically through the use of dramatic irony, some of the deepest mysteries of the Fourth Gospel and First Epistle.

Johannine Writings and Apocalyptic

Author : Stanley E. Porter
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Johannine Writings and Apocalyptic provides a wide-ranging and thorough annotated bibliography for John's Gospel, the Johannine letters, Revelation, and apocalyptic writings pertinent to these books. More inclusive than many other bibliographies, this volume provides reference to over 1300 individual entries.

Aspects on the Johannine Literature

Author : Lars Hartman
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Who Do You Say that I Am

Author : Jack Dean Kingsbury
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"In this volume some of the most prominent international biblical and theological scholars suggest new and exciting ways of understanding the Christology of every major witness in the New Testament canon. Along with essays addressing the significance of Christology for systematic theology, ethics, pastoral ministry, and preaching, the volume offers a comprehensive and accessible introduction to the New Testament."--BOOK JACKET.