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King of the Wood

Author : Valerie Anand
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To William Rufus’ corrupt and opulent court comes the young Norman Ralph des Aix – Eager to win his knight’s fee from the new English king. But although fortune – and King Rufus – seems to smile on him, Ralph rapidly discovers that to be King’s favourite is bewildering – and not always pleasant. And many feel that the rundown holding of Chenna’s Tun, deep in the heart of the New Forest, is a poor reward for his services. In the remote heart of the great wood, Ralph and his passionate young wife, Sybil of Fallowdene, are relentlessly drawn into the growing conflict between the greedy sophistication of the Norman court and the dark world of the Saxon forest with all its hidden rites. A net of danger closes round Ralph, Sybil and the glittering, lonely figure of King Rufus. And to be truly lord of his own manor, Ralph learns that he must bear the ancient title, King of the Wood, with all its mysterious and barbaric responsibilities…

The Life and Times of Anthony Wood

Author : Anthony à Wood
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The Golden Bough

Author : James George Frazer
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The notion of a man-god, or of a human being endowed with divine or supernatural powers, belongs essentially to that earlier period of religious history in which gods and men are still viewed as beings of much the same order, and before they are divided by the impassable gulf which, to later thought, opens out between them. Strange, therefore, as may seem to us the idea of a god incarnate in human form, it has nothing very startling for early man, who sees in a man-god or a god-man only a higher degree of the same supernatural powers which he arrogates in perfect good faith to himself. -from "Chapter VII: Incarnate Human Gods" In 1890, James George Frazer began publishing The Golden Bough, his monumental study of myth, ritual, and religion, which would, by 1936, run to 13 volumes and establish him as a pioneer in the study of religion as an aspect of culture. This abridged edition, assembled in 1922, condenses this fundamental work to one readable volume that is still a source for modern anthropology, thanks to its expansive discussions ancient cultish practices and their connections to the rites of modern Christianity. In eloquent prose, Frazer discusses legends of the woods, sympathetic magic, magicians as kings, the worship of trees, the concept of the sacred marriage, the links between priestly and royal power, ritual royal sacrifices, the concept of "eating the god," the myths of Osiris, Adonis, Isis, and other ancient deities, and much more. Lovers of mythology will be enraptured by this book, which draws all of human belief under one unifying umbrella, celebrating myth and ritual as part of the basis of all human culture. Scottish anthropologist SIR JAMES GEORGE FRAZER (1854-1941) also wrote Man, God, and Immortality (1927) and Creation and Evolution in Primitive Cosmogonies (1935).

The Book of Days A Miscellany of Popular Antiquties in Connection with the Calendar Edited by R Chambers

Author : Robert Chambers
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An Universal Etymological English Dictionary

Author : Nathan Bailey
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Yorkshire Inquisitions of the Reigns of Henry III and Edward I

Author : Great Britain. Court of Chancery
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The Wild Woods

Author : Peter Marren
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Author : Nivardus
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The "Ysengrimus" is the first fully-fledged medieval beast-epic, and the poem in which Reynard the Fox makes his first appearance on the stage of world literature. It thus occupies a key position in the long and fertile tradition of medieval beast-literature, but it also claims attention as a masterpiece in its own right, the work of one of the most daring and original satirists of the Middle Ages. Despite its importance, the "Ysengrimus" has been comparatively neglected because of its linguistic difficulties. Jill Mann eases these difficulties by presenting an English translation alongside the Latin text, and accompanying it with a detailed commentary. A full- length introduction offers an original account of the poem which shows how literary structure and historical dimensions are fused into an original satiric vision of compelling power. This book will not only interest medieval Latin specialists, but will make this major text accessible to those working on the related vernacular traditions. Its analysis of the poem's allusions to contemporary persons and events will also be of considerable interest to historians of twelfth-century Flanders.

Journal of the Derbyshire Archaeological and Natural History Society

Author : Derbyshire Archaeological Society
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List of members in each volume.

The Patrician

Author : John Burke
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