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Teaching Word Meanings

Author : Steven A. Stahl
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Learning new words is foundational to success in school and life. Researchers have known for years that how many word meanings a student knows is one of the strongest predictors of how well that student will understand text and be able to communicate through writing. This book is about how children learn the meanings of new words (and the concepts they convey) and how teachers can be strategic in deciding which words to teach, how to teach them, and which words not to teach at all. This book offers a comprehensive approach to vocabulary instruction. It offers not just practical classroom activities for teaching words (though plenty of those are included), but ways that teachers can make the entire curriculum more effective at promoting students' vocabulary growth. It covers the 'why to' and 'when to' as well as the 'how to' of teaching word meanings. Key features of this exciting new book include: *A variety of vocabulary activities. Activities for teaching different kinds of words such as high frequency words, high utility words, and new concepts, are explained and illustrated. *Guidelines for choosing words. A chart provides a simple framework built around seven basic categories of words that helps teachers decide which words to teach and how to teach them. *Word learning strategies. Strategies are offered that will help students use context, word parts, and dictionaries more effectively. *Developing Word Consciousness. Although specific vocabulary instruction is fully covered, the primary goal of this book is to develop students' independent interest in words and their motivation to learn them. *Integrated Vocabulary Instruction. Teachers are encouraged to improve the reading vocabularies of their students by looking for opportunities to integrate vocabulary learning into activities that are undertaken for other purposes.

The Meanings of Teaching

Author : Consortium for Cross-Cultural Research in Education
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Describes how secondary school teachers from nine countries have experienced several aspects of their professional lives.

Becoming a Teacher

Author : Robert George Elliott
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Meaning in Mathematics Education

Author : Jeremy Kilpatrick
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What does it mean to know mathematics? How does meaning in mathematics education connect to common sense or to the meaning of mathematics itself? How are meanings constructed and communicated and what are the dilemmas related to these processes? There are many answers to these questions, some of which might appear to be contradictory. Thus understanding the complexity of meaning in mathematics education is a matter of huge importance. There are twin directions in which discussions have developed—theoretical and practical—and this book seeks to move the debate forward along both dimensions while seeking to relate them where appropriate. A discussion of meaning can start from a theoretical examination of mathematics and how mathematicians over time have made sense of their work. However, from a more practical perspective, anybody involved in teaching mathematics is faced with the need to orchestrate the myriad of meanings derived from multiple sources that students develop of mathematical knowledge. This book presents a wide variety of theoretical reflections and research results about meaning in mathematics and mathematics education based on long-term and collective reflection by the group of authors as a whole. It is the outcome of the work of the BACOMET (BAsic COmponents of Mathematics Education for Teachers) group who spent several years deliberating on this topic. The ten chapters in this book, both separately and together, provide a substantial contribution to clarifying the complex issue of meaning in mathematics education. This book is of interest to researchers in mathematics education, graduate students of mathematics education, under graduate students in mathematics, secondary mathematics teachers and primary teachers with an interest in mathematics.

Teaching the Meanings of Arithmetic

Author : Claude Newton Stokes
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Teaching Individual Words

Author : Michael F. Graves
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Helping students master a broad range of individual words is a vital part of effective vocabulary instruction. Building on his bestselling resource The Vocabulary Book, Michael Graves’s new book describes a practical program for teaching individual words in the K–8 classroom. Designed to foster effective, efficient, and engaging differentiated instruction, Teaching Individual Words combines the latest research with vivid illustrations from real classrooms. Get ready to bridge the vocabulary gap with this user-friendly teaching tool! “Michael Graves shows once again why he is one of our leading lights in vocabulary instruction.” —Claude Goldenberg, Stanford University, School of Education “Does the world need another book on vocabulary instruction? Yes, it needs this one, for no other text available addresses in detail how teachers can select, teach, and assess the meanings of specific words.” —From the Foreword by James F. Baumann, University of Wyoming “This comprehensive and practical resource dives into the heart of word learning and demonstrates how to maximize the benefits of teaching individual words. Dr. Graves skillfully highlights concrete examples of vocabulary instruction as rich and powerful tools that can be easily incorporated into a variety of educational settings. I highly recommend it.” —Kari D. Ross, Curriculum Facilitator and Literacy Specialist, Centennial Schools, Minnesota “A must-have book for any educator’s bookshelf. Dr. Graves’s readable style and practical knowledge make this book easy to use and sure to have an impact.” —Linda Diamond, CEO, Consortium on Reading Excellence

The Meanings of Mass Higher Education

Author : Peter Scott
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This book is the first systematic attempt to analyse the growth of mass higher education in a specifically British context, while seeking to develop more theoretical perspectives on this transformation of elite university systems into open post-secondary education systems. It is divided into three main sections. The first examines the evolution of British higher education and the development of universities and other institutions. The second explores the political, social and economic context within which mass systems are developing. What are the links between post-industrial society, a post-Fordist economy and the mass university? The third section discusses the links between massification and wider currents in intellectual and scientific culture.

Teacher Personal Theorizing

Author : E. Wayne Ross
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This book examines the relationship between teacher theorizing and teacher action as illustrated by the curricular and instructional practices of teachers. The authors show that all teaching is guided by theory developed by the teachers. Teachers could not begin to practice without some knowledge of the context of their practice and without ideas about what can and should be done in those circumstances. In this sense, teachers are guided by personal, practical theories that structure their activities and guide them in making decisions. This literature is very significant in explaining and interpreting many phenomena of schooling such as why teachers alter curriculum documents and other policies, how inservice education can be improved, how supervisors can help teachers to improve their practices, and how administrators can become leaders to improve education. This perspective has broad and specific implications for every facet of education. Those interested in teacher education and development, in supervision, in curriculum, and in administration will find it especially relevant.

Teaching Word Meanings

Author : Steven A. Stahl
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Offering a comprehensive approach to vocabulary instruction, this book is about how children learn the meanings of new words and how teachers can be strategic in deciding which words to teach, how to teach them, and which words not to teach at all. It covers the 'why to' and 'when to' as well as the 'how to' of teaching word meanings.

The Teaching of English Suffixes

Author : Edward Lee Thorndike
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The Language of Teaching

Author : Anthony Davies Edwards
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Stepping Out of the Ivory Tower

Author : Jin Jin
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This research critically reflects on dance education in China. Focusing upon teachers’ dance learning and teaching experiences, the key question motivating this research is: What are six teachers’ meanings of teaching dance in schools in China? Within a qualitative paradigm, phenomenological, constructivist, and critical frameworks are used as the theoretical bases for examining the six school dance teachers’ meanings of teaching dance. Through in-depth personal narratives and observations, key issues around dance teachers’ previous learning experience and current teaching encounters have been explored and analysed. The six dance teachers’ experiences highlight the following salient themes: inadequate teacher preparation within tertiary education, dominant factors motiving career choices, and crucial elements that influence their current teaching situations in schools. This research provides comprehensive understandings of Chinese dance education and also uncovers reasons that inform dance teachers’ meanings of teaching dance in schools in China. The hope is that through this research, dance education can be reexamined and re-valued in China, especially within the Chinese general education context. Hearing the voices of Chinese teachers of dance provides a unique perspective, providing the international dance community with an opportunity to know more about Chinese dance education.

Career Education and the Meanings of Work

Author : Donald Edwin Super
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Interactive Teaching In The Primary School

Author : Moyles, Janet
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* What is 'interactive teaching' in primary classrooms? * What do primary teachers and children do to interact effectively? * Are there benefits in such interactions to both teaching and learning? A research partnership of tutors and teachers strives towards answers to these key questions. This book is the story of this intriguing and exciting research project. The authors examine the practical and theoretical aspects that are key to understanding and undertaking interactive teaching in primary classrooms. The project is unique in using its own interactive processes, 'Reflective Dialogues', to help teachers make sense of their own teaching. This process includes capturing and analysing classroom sessions on video; and cameos of these classroom interactions are discussed throughout the book. The research context is the Literacy Hour in Key Stages 1 and 2. This new title is key reading for academics, researchers, teacher educators, policymakers and primary school teachers.

Teaching Secondary Science

Author : Keith Ross
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The fourth edition of Teaching Secondary Science has been fully updated and includes a wide range of new material. This invaluable resource offers a new collection of sample lesson plans and includes two new chapters covering effective e-learning and advice on supporting learners with English as a second language. It continues as a comprehensive guide for all aspects of science teaching, with a focus on understanding pupils’ alternative frameworks of belief, the importance of developing or challenging them and the need to enable pupils to take ownership of scientific ideas. This new edition supports all aspects of teaching science in a stimulating environment, enabling pupils to understand their place in the world and look after it. Key features include: Illustrative and engaging lesson plans for use in the classroom Help for pupils to construct new scientific meanings M-level support materials Advice on teaching ‘difficult ideas’ in biology, chemistry, physics and earth sciences Education for sustainable development and understanding climate change Managing the science classroom and health and safety in the laboratory Support for talk for learning, and advice on numeracy in science New chapters on e-learning and supporting learners with English as a second language. Presenting an environmentally sustainable, global approach to science teaching, this book emphasises the need to build on or challenge children’s existing ideas so they better understand the world in which they live. Essential reading for all students and practising science teachers, this invaluable book will support those undertaking secondary science PGCE, school-based routes into teaching and those studying at Masters level.

The Student as Maker

Author : Steven Clifford Dillon
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This thesis primarily involves an examination of the meaning of music to young people in a school context and the processes that facilitate that involvement. It is essentially a curriculum thesis and seeks to contribute to the understanding of how meaning and the processes that may give access to meaning in music education might be constructed and interpreted by teachers and curricula. The questions of meaning and access to meaningful music education are examined empirically in a participant-observation case study and examined in conjunction with an ongoing body of theorising about music education. The intention of the thesis is to elaborate the meaning of music to young people in a school context, and to explore the issues of music teaching. The thesis argues that meaning is located in social, personal and cultural experiences and suggests the need for access to all of these in music education. Furthermore, it seeks to extend the implications of these meanings in the post-modern era by outlining the specific potential of the music experience and the teacher as artistic interpreter and facilitator of modern cultural life. Through an examination of context, it highlights the potential and possibilities of music experience for building and giving access to a range of music meanings. The thesis seeks to build a sense of the different aspects of music meaning that might be considered by music education. It attempts to build a vision of music education that takes the significance of intuitive and analytic music experience seriously. More importantly for teaching and learning, it seeks to describe how a teacher might both teach in and construct environments where meaningful music might be made explicit and accessible in curriculum and practice.

Making Culture Making Curriculum

Author : Mary R. Hermes
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Meanings and Motivation in Education Research

Author : Margaret M. Baguley
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Meanings and Motivation in Education Research demonstrates the vibrant and vital connection between the researcher and their research. Research is often perceived as an entity which is seemingly produced in isolation; however, there are many important factors which are involved, and this book explores the complexities of investigating the specific areas of meaning and motivation for researchers working in the education sector. With contributions from authors drawn from the field of education in various stages of their career, the perspectives shared in this book are from a diverse range of countries including Australia, Canada, Malaysia, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. Key topics include: personal and professional identity narrative inquiry as method teacher educators as researchers conducting education research mixed methods in educational research Foregrounding the personal experiences, interests and motivations of educational researchers Meanings and Motivation in Education Research proves important insights into current discussions in educational research including researchers’ identities, the ways they conduct research and most importantly the impact institutional and personal politics have on their work. This will be a valuable text for educators, education researchers, policy-makers and practitioners across the globe.

Teaching Vocabulary to English Language Learners

Author : Michael F. Graves
File Size : 46.27 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Building on Michael Graves's bestseller, The Vocabulary Book, this new resource offers a comprehensive plan for vocabulary instruction that K–12 teachers can use with English language learners. It is broad enough to include instruction for students who are just beginning to build their English vocabularies, as well as for students whose English vocabularies are approaching those of native speakers. The authors describe a four-pronged program that follows these key components: providing rich and varied language experiences; teaching individual words; teaching word learning strategies; and fostering word consciousness. This user-friendly book integrates up-to-date research on best practices into each chapter and includes vignettes, classroom activities, sample lessons, a list of children's literature, and more.

The Language of the Classroom

Author : Arno A. Bellack
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