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The Mysticism of Saint Augustine

Author : John Peter Kenney
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Kenney presents a fresh approach to reading the Confessions - Augustine's most famous book. Emphasising its Christianity rather than focusing on the pagan Neo-Platonism, this book is of significance to students, researchers and teachers alike.

The Mysticism of Saint Augustine

Author : John Peter Kenney
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This book explores Augustine's account of his experience as set down in the Confessions, and explores his mysticism in relation to ancient Platonism. John Peter Kenney argues that while the Christian mysticism created by Augustine is in many ways founded on Platonic thought, Platonism ultimately fails Augustine in his efforts to arrive at an enduring contemplation of the divine. The Confessions offer a response to this impasse by generating two critical ideas in medieval and modern religious thought: firstly, the conception that contemplation provides only knowledge of God, in contrast to Neo-Platonism; secondly, the distinction between salvation and enlightenment.

A Monument to Saint Augustine

Author : Martin Cyril D'Arcy
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With a new afterword by Jacob Holsinger Sherman! "A Monument to Saint Augustine, now happily reprinted by Wipf and Stock, gathers many diverse strands of the early twentieth century Catholic thought within its pages: the creative transformation of neo-scholasticism through a kind of ressourcement, the Catholic literary intellectual renaissance in Europe and Britain, the focus upon the renewal of Christian humanism in the face of modernity's proliferating dangers, and the Augustinian turn as a resource for the theology of crisis. Were it to do nothing else, this volume would be of extraordinary historical importance insofar as it makes clear how central the legacy of St. Augustine was to the interwar renaissance in Catholic thought and culture, not only to Burns, Dawson, and the British Catholics but also to the great figures of the Continent: Blondel, Gilson, Maritain, and Przywara. But the volume does much more. The contributions themselves are of real, substantive, and lasting value. The essays contained in this volume are not in theology per se--though theology, especially the doctrine of creation and theological anthropology, lies ever just beneath the surface. Rather, they treat Augustine from the perspective of philosophy, history, religious studies, and the humanities more generally." -- From the New Afterword by Jacob Sherman

Western Mysticism

Author : Cuthbert Butler
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A renewed interest in the spiritual, with an increasing number of people today wishing to incorporate the contemplative in their active lives, prompts the reissue of this classic work, a doctrine that is at once elevated and practical. The writings are meant to be studied from three distinct points of view: religious philosophy, material for the study of those states between mind and body such as ecstasy and trance, and for the sake of their mysticism. Drawn from the writings and teachings of Saint Augustine, Saint Gregory and Saint Bernard, the writings form a coordinated body of doctrine with what three great teachers of mystical theology in the Western Church have written concerning their own religious experience and the theories they based on it. In addition, the book discusses such important topics as speculative contemplation, what mysticism is, the characteristics of Western mysticism, the practical, and the contrasts between the contemplative and active lives. No student of mysticism can possibly afford to neglect a volume so full of valuable suggestions and real insight into spiritual conditions.

Western Mysticism

Author : Edward Cuthbert Butler
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This collection presents the writings of three of Western Christianity's most revered teachers of mystical theology. In addition to personal accounts by Saint Augustine, Saint Gregory, and Saint Bernard of their religious experiences, Western Mysticism discusses speculative contemplation, defines mysticism and its characteristics, and contrasts contemplative and active lives.

The Path to Transcendence

Author : Paul Henry
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The Confessions of Saint Augustine

Author : Saint Augustine
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The Confessions of St. Augustine, Villanova Edition for Students and Faculty e-book is a multi-modal resource designed to supplement deeper reading with highlighting and notation and to engage students through audio, visual, and critical analysis. It includes standard features, such as highlighting, search, and notation, as well as custom elements, like a timeline, map, and art gallery. The audio reader enhances the reading experience, and critical commentaries, written by experts especially for this edition, aid student comprehension of key sections and concepts of the text. The Confessions of Saint Augustine is considered to be the greatest Christian classic. Augustine's notorious life before his baptism raised questions about the genuineness of his conversion. It is his honest struggle with the faith which has given The Confessions such timeless appeal over the last sixteen centuries. Augustine's Confessions is more than mere autobiography, for it is also an impassioned admission of past mistakes (confession at a level most might think of it) and praise of God (confession of another sort, that of love and awe). Given his checkered past, Augustine addressed the concerns of those who doubted the sincerity of his conversion to Christianity and his claim to the post of bishop of Hippo Regius in North Africa. Thus, the text, made up of 13 chapters called ”books,“ serves as an apologia (formal written defense) as well as a hortatory inspiration to others who have not yet converted. Influenced by the Christian approach to reading sacred text as the living Word of God (lectio divina), The Confessions also require a deeper reading than readers may be accustomed to. Lectio divina, rooted in monastic practices of the 4th century AD, is prayerful and approaches a text with a fourfold reading process: read, reflect/meditate, pray and rest in God's presence, and resolve to grow and change in this new understanding. Augustine's great work has impacted not only theology but also philosophy, especially in discussion of time and memory.

Saint Augustine

Author : Mary Patricia Garvey
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Glossator 7 The Mystical Text

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Although very different, and coming from a range of academic backgrounds, the contributors are nevertheless united in their attempts to understand more about mysticism, from a perspective that puts the human being in the center.