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Necessary Fictions

Author : Barbara Croft
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Selected as the 1998 Drue Heinz Literature Prize Award winner, and winner of the Midland Society of Authors Award for Adult Fiction, 1999. Storytelling and art are major themes of this collection. The stories center on the need for expression, the pain of failing in artistic expression, and the ways in which we construct imaginative representations of our lives, the "necessary fictions" that allow us to live. At the heart of the book is a series of three interconnected stories and a novella concerning Raymond Gerhardt and his family. Ray is a carpenter, a World War II veteran, obsessed with building the perfect home for his family. When he dies, a possible suicide, his wife and children are left to sort out the meaning of his life and their own.

Questing Fictions

Author : Djelal Kadir
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Minnesota Archive Editions uses digital technology to make long-unavailable books once again accessible to scholars, students, researchers, and general readers. Rich with historical and cultural value, these works are published unaltered from the original University of Minnesota Press editions. The books offered through Minnesota Archive Editions are produced in limited quantities according to customer demand and are available through select distribution partners.

Necessary Fictions

Author : Kim McMullen
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Friedrich Engels and Marxian Political Economy

Author : Samuel Hollander
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This book rejects the commonly encountered perception of Friedrich Engels as perpetuator of a 'tragic deception' of Marx, and the equally persistent body of opinion treating him as 'his master's voice'. Engels' claim to recognition is reinforced by an exceptional contribution in the 1840s to the very foundations of the Marxian enterprise, a contribution entailing not only the 'vision' but some of the building blocks in the working out of that vision. Subsequently, he proved himself to be a sophisticated interpreter of the doctrine of historical materialism and an important contributor in his own right. This volume serves as a companion to Samuel Hollander's The Economics of Karl Marx (Cambridge University Press, 2008).

Conspiracy Theories

Author : David Coady
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Conspiracy theories have historically had a bad reputation, with many philosophers dismissing the topic as irrational. Current philosophical debate has challenged this stance, suggesting that these theories do not deserve their bad reputation. This book represents both sides of the debate. Aimed at a broad philosophical community, including epistemologists, political philosophers, and philosophers of history, this book is a significant contribution to the growing interest in conspiracy theories.

Shakespeare and the Authority of Performance

Author : William B. Worthen
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How the idea of Shakespearean authority is still invested in the activities of directing, acting, and scholarship.

Coleridge s Chrysopoetics

Author : Kiran Toor
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This book is an attempt to assess the creative potential of alchemy as a master trope in Coleridge’s conception of authorship and imagination. It begins with a challenge to the idea that an autonomous author is at the centre of a literary work. This idea is crucial to the reception of literature and to the way in which concepts of “originality” and “authorship” are typically understood. Against this marking out of an author as a singular, autonomous, and uniquely privileged “self,” it is posited that, for Coleridge, authorship occurs in a transformative or alchemical interspace between the desire for self-expression and the necessarily other-determined nature of creativity. Offering an alternative trajectory for the author, Coleridge elaborates an imaginative strategy in which the dislocation of the self from itself is the truest path to self-expression, and the author must become other in order to become more fully himself. Demonstrating a unique link between plagiarism and creativity, this book suggests that alchemy, better than any other system, accounts for Coleridge’s propensity for plagiarism and for an aesthetic of artifice. In an attempt to trace Coleridge’s familiarity with Hermetic and alchemical discourses throughout his life, it has been necessary to review works as varied as those of Plato, Marsilio Ficino, Ralph Cudworth, Jacob Boehme, Herman Boerhaave, and F. W. J. Schelling. It is then suggested how Coleridge appropriates alchemical terminology to his own aesthetic and imaginative ends. Unable to resolve the desire for aesthetic autonomy with the impossibility of asserting the self in one’s own voice, Coleridge “plays” in the hermeneutic interspace between selfhood and otherness, creativity and counterfeit, authority and artifice in order to arrive at an entirely unique strategy of alchemical self-exposition. Arriving at authorial selfhood through the odyssey of alterity, Coleridge’s “play”giarisms, in this view, do not violate the principles of originality, but redefine them. The book ends with a consideration of the necessarily negotiated fiction of all acts of imagination and authorship.

The Christian reformer or Unitarian magazine and review ed by R Aspland

Author : Robert Aspland
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The Christian Reformer Or Unitarian Magazine and Review

Author :
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Carolina del Norte Geographies of Latinization in the South

Author : Robert Brinkmann
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Table of Contents, Volume 51, Number 2: Special Issue Carolina del Norte: Geographies of Latinization in the South Guest Editors: Altha J. Cravey and Gabriela Valdivia Carolina del Norte: An Introduction Altha J. Cravey and Gabriela Valdivia part i: notes from the field We Play Too: Latina Integration through Soccer in the ''New South'' Paul Cuadros part ii: papers Latino Migration and Neoliberalism in the U.S. South: Notes Toward a Rural Cosmopolitanism Jeff Popke Mexican Families in North Carolina: The Socio-historical Contexts of Exit and Settlement Krista M. Perreira Borders, Border-Crossing, and Political Art in North Carolina Gabriela Valdivia, Joseph Palis, and Matthew Reilly The Emerging Geographies of a Latina/o Studies Program Maria DeGuzman Commentary: New Directions in the Nuevo South Jamie Winders part iii: 2010 aag study of the american south specialty group's plenary paper Introduction Jonathan Leib Re-Placing Southern Geographies: The Role of Latino Migration in Transforming the South, Its Identities, and Its Study Jamie Winders Robert Yarbrough and Thomas Chapman, Discussants