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The Other God

Author : Juri P. Stojanov
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This fascinating book explores the evolution of religious dualism, the doctrine that man and cosmos are constant battlegrounds between forces of good and evil. It traces this evolution from late Egyptian religion and the revelations of Zoroaster and the Orphics in antiquity through the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Mithraic Mysteries, and the great Gnostic teachers to its revival in medieval Europe with the suppression of the Bogomils and the Cathars, heirs to the age-long teachings of dualism. Integrating political, cultural, and religious history, Yuri Stoyanov illuminates the dualist religious systems, recreating in vivid detail the diverse worlds of their striking ideas and beliefs, their convoluted mythologies and symbolism. Reviews of an earlier edition: "A book of prime importance for anyone interested in the history of religious dualism. The author's knowledge of relevant original sources is remarkable; and he has distilled them into a convincing and very readable whole."--Sir Steven Runciman "The most fascinating historical detective story since Steven Runciman's Sicilian Vespers."--Colin Wilson "A splendid account of the decline of the dualist tradition in the East . . . both strong and accessible. . . . The most readable account of Balkan heresy ever."--Jeffrey B. Russell, Journal of Religion "Well-written, fact-filled, and fascinating . . . has in it the making of a classic." --Harry T. Norris, Bulletin of SOAS

No Other God

Author : Gabriel Vahanian
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In the aftermath of writing The Death of God, Vahanian had opportunity to advance his discussion. In his introduction to No Other God, he wrote, "Taken as nothing less if nothing more than a cultural phenomenon, the death of God signifies the transition from radical monotheism to radical immanentism and marks the birth of secularism as the vector of the new religiosity. It announces the the advent of a new, culturally Christian, paganism, even while theology is busy overlooking its indigence or covering it up with a glorified but amnesic vocabulary....But what I have denounced elsewhere as the charter of the incipient post-Christian idolatry is now proclaimed as the first article of an immanentist religiosity. So called 'Christian atheism' glories precisely in what I deplored when I first used the term 'death of God.' Meanwhile, Christian theology serves only to separate the Church from the world, instead of pointing to the fact that the Church is -- or should be -- what happens when the world hears the Word of God." Vahanian, recognizing that God is a word, and that God is not God without the world, ultimately helps readers understand the two poles of language that need to be kept in balance: wording the world and worlding the word. In this light, idolatry of every kind is threatened by new language, both symbolic and iconoclastic, which serves to usher in a new world.

Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods Before Me

Author : Jonathan Fox
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Analyses various causes of religious-based discrimination against 771 religious minorities in 183 countries over a twenty-five year period.

OCD and Other Gods

Author : Christian R. Komor
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A Different God

Author : Kristiaan Depoortere
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Kristiaan Depoortere is a priest of the diocese of Brugge (Belgium) and professor of Pastoral Theology at the Catholic University of Leuven. He is also responsible for the Programme of Continuing Education for Pastoral Workers in Health Care (Faculty of Theology).

Other Gods and Idols

Author : Thomas A. Judge
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This study questions why the relationship between the worship of other gods and the worship of idols within the Old Testament is difficult to define, acknowledging how various traditions have seen these two issues as synonymous and others have viewed them as separate commandments. Judge argues that there are four factors at play in this diversity. He introduces the first three through an examination of the relationship between the prohibitions listed in the biblical text, and the fourth through a study of the biblical depiction of the war against idols before and after the fall of the Northern Kingdom. Judge argues that texts depicting the era before the fall provide a context in which there are strong grounds to distinguishing the worship of the “wrong gods” and the worship of the right God in the wrong way. However, texts depicting the era after the fall provide a context in which the issues appear to have been fused.

Mystical Resistance

Author : Ellen Davina Haskell
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"Mystical Resistance reveals the Kabbalistic masterpiece Sefer ha-Zohar as a rich source for understanding Jewish resistance to Christian authority. Composed against a backdrop of rising religious intolerance, the Zohar's subversive mystical narratives critique the changing relationship between Western Europe's Christian majority and its Jewish minority"--

The People of God s Presence

Author : Terry L. Cross
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In an age when the church is sometimes viewed as irrelevant and inauthentic, leading Pentecostal theologian Terry Cross calls the people of God to a radical change of structure and mission based on theological principles. Cross, whose work is respected by scholars from across the ecumenical landscape, offers an introduction to ecclesiology that demonstrates how Pentecostals can contribute to and learn from the church catholic. A forthcoming volume by the author, Serving the People of God's Presence, will focus on the role of leadership in the church.

A Companion to Locke

Author : Matthew Stuart
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This collection of 28 original essays examines the diverse scopeof John Locke’s contributions as a celebrated philosopher,empiricist, and father of modern political theory. Explores the impact of Locke’s thought and writing acrossa range of fields including epistemology, metaphysics, philosophyof science, political theory, education, religion, andeconomics Delves into the most important Lockean topics, such as innateideas, perception, natural kinds, free will, natural rights,religious toleration, and political liberalism Identifies the political, philosophical, and religious contextsin which Locke’s views developed, with perspectives fromtoday’s leading philosophers and scholars Offers an unprecedented reference of Locke’scontributions and his continued influence

Religion Metaphysics and the Postmodern

Author : Christopher Ben Simpson
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William Desmond's original and creative work in metaphysics is attracting more and more attention from philosophers of religion. Putting Desmond in conversation with John D. Caputo, an important philosopher of religion from the Continental tradition, Christopher Ben Simpson casts new light on Desmond's complex, multifaceted, and nuanced thought. The comparative approach allows Simpson to get at the core of recent debates in the philosophy of religion. He develops a rich understanding of how ethics and religion are informed by metaphysics, and contrasts this approach to the decidedly anti-metaphysical stance in Continental philosophy. Religion, Metaphysics, and the Postmodern presents a systematic analysis of Desmond's thought as it advances work on Caputo's thinking and on the philosophy of religion.