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The Pedagogy of Teacher Activism

Author : Keith Catone
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Through the artful science of portraiture, The Pedagogy of Teacher Activism presents the stories of four teacher activists—how they are and have become social change agents—to uncover important pedagogical underpinnings of teacher activism. Embedded in their stories are moments of political clarity and consciousness, giving rise to their purpose as teacher activists. The narratives illuminate how both inner passions and those stirred by caring relationships with others motivate their work, while the intentional ways in which they attempt to disrupt power relations give shape to their approaches to teacher activism. Knowing their work will never truly be done and that the road they travel is often difficult, the teacher activists considered here persist because of the hope and possibility that their work might change the world. Like many pre-service educators or undergraduates contemplating teaching as a vocation, these teacher activists were not born ready for the work that they do. Yet by mining their biographical histories and trajectories of political development, this book illuminates the pedagogy of teacher activism that guides their work.

Teaching as Activism

Author : Linda June Muzzin
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Weaving together concerns about environmental and social justice, Teaching as Activism brings together constructive demands for change and theoretical debate. Written by activists who also teach, the essays challenge the current pedagogical literature with proposals that would bring discussion of social and environmental responsibility into postsecondary science, the classroom, and the community. With backgrounds in feminist science and indigenous knowledges critiques, the contributors emphasize the importance of appreciating indigenous knowledges, recognizing our bias about how knowledge is presently produced, and integrating science with a human spiritual connection to nature. The goals are to question the legacies of colonialism, capitalism, and globalization and create a more inclusive interdisciplinary education.

Grading Justice

Author : Kristen C. Blinne
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In Grading Justice: Teacher-Activist Approaches to Assessment, new and seasoned teachers are invited to engage with socially-just approaches of assessment, including practices aimed at resisting and undoing grading and assessment altogether, to create more democratic grading practices and policies, foregrounding the transformative potential of communication within their courses. The contributions in this collection encourage readers to consider not only how educators might assess social justice work in and beyond the classroom, but also to imagine what a social justice approach to grading and assessment would mean for intervening into unjust modes of teaching and learning. Educators wishing to explore critical modes of grading and assessment, grounded in social justice, will find this book a timely and relevant pedagogical guide for their teaching and scholarship.

Activist Art in Social Justice Pedagogy

Author : Barbara Beyerbach
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In Activist Art in Social Justice Pedagogy approaches to using activist art to teach a multicultural curriculum are examined and critiqued.

Teaching Feminist Activism

Author : Nancy A. Naples
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From theoretical analysis to practical teaching tools, an indispensable guide for educators seeking to link feminist theory and activism to their teaching. Included are web sites, videos, recommended texts, and additional course outlines.

Teaching History for Justice

Author : Christopher C. Martell
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"Learn how to enact justice-oriented pedagogy and foster students' critical engagement in today's history classroom. Teachers can use this book to show students how activism was used in the past to seek justice, how past social movements connect to the present, and how democratic tools can be used to change society"--

Teaching Communication Activism

Author : Lawrence R. Frey
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Advances a unique and important form of pedagogy--communication activism pedagogy--that teachers students how to use their communication knowledge and capabilities to promote social justice.

Partnering to Prepare Urban Teachers

Author : Francine P. Peterman
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This book attempts to present both theoretical and practical perspectives on school and university partnerships that focus on the preparation and retention of urban teachers. In particular, the book focuses on (a) theoretical and historical underpinnings of partnering to prepare urban teachers as social activists; (b) stories from the field, explored through the voices and actions of students, families, teacher educators, and preservice and in-service teachers; and (c) a critical analysis of this work. The research presented is situated in urban settings that mirror those across the United States and represents partnerships in Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Los Angeles, and Wilmington, where school, city, and teacher education communities collaborate to prepare and keep teachers in hard-to-staff, high-needs schools. Case studies included in the text explore multiple perspectives on partnering to prepare urban teachers - including those of urban schoolchildren and their teachers, teacher educators and teachers becoming teacher educators, and parents. Combined, the chapters theoretically and practically detail the layers and conundrums, tribulations and triumphs, contexts and voices of the challenges facing urban teachers, teacher educators, community members, and administrators who work collaboratively to prepare and support teachers as social activists.

Pedagogies of Resistance

Author : Margaret Crocco
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The stories of six women for whom a career in education serves as leverage to live their lives as agents of change. By profiling women as educational activists, the book challenges historical interpretations that have cast women as passive in the face of educational change.

Race Justice and Activism in Literacy Instruction

Author : Valerie Kinloch
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This volume brings together respected scholars to examine the intersections of race, justice, and activism in direct relation to the teaching and learning of critical literacy. The authors focus on literacy praxis that reflect how students--with the loving, critical support of teachers and teacher educators--engage in resistance work and collaborate for social change. Each chapter theorizes how students and adults initiate and/or participate in important justice work, how their engagements are situated within a critical literacy lens, and what their engagements look like in schools and communities. The authors also explore the importance of this work in the context of current sociopolitical developments, including police shootings, deportations, and persistent educational inequities. Book Features: The most recent work of both emerging and well-known literacy and social justice scholars. Examples of student activism across multiple geographic contexts in the United States. Accessible questions to help guide discussions related to the overall topics, theories, and methods. Artifacts, such as images and artwork, from students and educators to allow readers multiple ways of entering the text.

Practice what You Teach

Author : Bree Picower
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"Many teachers enter the profession with a desire to "make a difference." But given who most teachers are, where they come from, and what pressure they feel to comply with existing school policies, how can they take up this charge? Practice What You Teach follows three different groups of educators to explore the challenges of developing and supporting teachers' sense of social justice and activism at various stages of their careers: White pre-service teachers typically enrolled in most teacher education programs, a group of new teachers attempting to integrate social justice into their teaching, and experienced educators who see their teaching and activism as inextricably linked. Teacher educator Bree Picower delves into each of these group's triumphs and challenges, providing strategies and suggestions for all teachers along with her in-depth analysis. By understanding all these challenges, pre-service and in-service teachers, along with teacher educators, will be in a better position to develop the kind of political analysis that lays the foundation for teacher activism. This timely resource helps prepare and support all educators to stand up for equity and justice both inside and outside of the classroom and offers a more nuanced portrait of what the struggle to truly "make a difference" looks like"-- Provided by publisher.

Transformative Pedagogies for Teacher Education

Author : Ann E. Lopez
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This is the second book in the series Transformative Pedagogies for Teacher Education. Like the first book in the series it is geared towards practitioners in the field of teacher education. This second book focuses on action, agency and dialogue. It features chapters by a collection of teacher educators, researchers, teacher advocates and practitioners drawing on their research and experiences with teacher candidates to explore critical issues in teacher education. The book will be useful to teacher educators working with teacher candidates in different contexts, particularly diverse contexts. Given demographic shifts and the need for educators to respond to growing diversity in schools, educators will find valuable strategies in Transformative Pedagogies in Teacher Education: Critical Action, Agency and Dialogue in Teaching and Learning Contexts they can implement in their own practice. In addition to valuable strategies, authors explore different approaches and perspectives in teacher education in the preparation of teacher candidates for a changing world. Critical notions of education are posited from different perspectives and locations. This book will be useful for schools, school boards and districts engaging in ongoing professional development of teachers. It will also be of value to school leaders and aspiring leaders in principal preparation programs as working with new teachers and teacher educators is an integral part of their role.

Troubling Education

Author : Kevin K. Kumashiro
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Publisher description: While several books have discussed the need for anti-oppressive school environments, few have addressed actual research for teachers to turn to as resources for classroom practice. Kumashiro draws on interviews with queer activists as a starting point for discussion of different models of reading and challenging oppression. It is through these personal stories that the complex theory and methodology Kumashiro presents gains particular relevance for creating actual pedagogical practice.

Disrupting Hate in Education

Author : Rita Verma
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Disrupting Hate in Education aims to identify and respond to the ideological forms of hate and fear that are present in schools, which echo larger nativist and populist agendas. Contributions to this volume are international in scope, providing powerful examples from US schools and communities, examining anti-extremism work in the UK, the "saffronization" of schools in India, struggles to re-orient the villainization of teachers in Brazil, and more. Written by a dynamic group of activist educators and critical researchers, chapters demonstrate how conservative mobilizations around collective identities gain momentum, and how these mobilizations can be interrupted. Out of these interruptions come new opportunities to practice a critically democratic education that hinges upon risk-taking, deep dialogue, and creating a space for common dignity.

Detoxing American Schools

Author : Zarra III Phd Ernest J
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Examines the problems associated with the toxic environment found in many American public education institutions--Mark Sizemore, B.S. Health Sciences, HMC (SS), USN (Retired)

Feminist Pedagogy Practice and Activism

Author : Jennifer L. Martin
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Feminist programming, no matter the venue, provides opportunities for young girls and women, as well as men, to acquire leadership skills and the confidence to create sustainable social change. Offering a wide-ranging overview of different types of feminist engagement, the chapters in this volume challenge readers to critically examine accepted cultural norms both in and out of schools, and speak out about oppression and privilege. To understand the various pathways to feminism and feminist identity development, this collection brings together scholars from education, women’s studies, sociology, and community development to examine ways in which to integrate feminism and women’s studies into education through pedagogy, practice, and activism.

The Agency of Activism

Author : Jenna Kamrass Morvay
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The concept of teacher-activism is not new, but activism has generally been framed as human actions or characteristics. This study frames activist practices as non-material affective bodies, defined broadly as something with the power to affect and be affected by other bodies. This power to affect and be affected is what imbues a body with agency. Thus, activist practices are non-material bodies that have agency. The purpose of this study was to explore how the affective bodies of activist practices move across cultures, spaces, and places, and how the practices exert agency as they move. Using multisensory ethnographic methods, this study followed three teacher-activists in their classrooms and at other activist endeavors, in order to sense the effects each teacher's activist practices had as they exerted their agential powers. Undergirded both by humanist ethnographic methods and post-humanist theories of affect that highlight the ordinary, this study acknowledges the need for the human, even as non-human bodies are the focus.

Teaching While White

Author : Laura A. Roy
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This book endeavors to cultivate activism literacies in White teachers in order to disrupt the system of white supremacy and racial oppression in education. This book focuses primarily on White teachers’ responsibility in becoming advocates for, and accomplices to communities of color.

The Pedagogy of Pop

Author : Edward A. Janak
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This book is a tool for educators at all levels to embrace infusing popular culture into their teaching in ways that both embrace and resist contemporary thinking. Its chapters provide a range of theoretical and practical suggestions—some widely accepted, some somewhat controversial—to elicit discussion and spark creativity amongst all students.

Multicultural Education as Social Activism

Author : Christine E. Sleeter
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Connecting multicultural education with political issues of power and struggle, this book explores what multicultural education means to white people, given the unequal racial power relations in the U.S. and worldwide. It examines connections between race, gender, and social class, particularly as these connections play out for white women. While taking a feminist perspective, the author is also wary of the power white middle class women exercise in defining what counts as gender issues. Throughout the book, Sleeter argues that multicultural education was born in political struggle and can never meaningfully be disconnected from politics. Ultimately the quest for schooling for social justice is a political quest rather than a technical issue.