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The Penguin Book of First World War Poetry

Author : Matthew George Walter
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This anthology reflects the diversity of voices it contains: the poems are arranged thematically and the themes reflect the different experiences of war not just for the soldiers but for those left behind. This is what makes this volume more accessible and satisfying than others. In addition to the established canon there are poems rarely anthologised and a selection of soldiers' songs to reflect the voices of the soldiers themselves.

The Penguin Book of First World War Poetry

Author : Jon Silkin
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Presents a collection of poetry from the First World War by such authors as Thomas Hardy, Edward Thomas, Siegfried Sassoon, Rudyard Kipling, Wilfred Owen, and Isaac Rosenberg.

The Penguin Book of First World War Stories

Author : Ann-Marie Einhaus
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An anthology of Great War short stories by British writers, both famous and lesser-known authors, men and women, during the war and after its end. These stories are able to illustrate the impact of the Great War on British society and culture and the many modes in which short fiction contributed to the war's literature. The selection covers different periods: the war years themselves, the famous boom years of the late 1920s to the more recent past in which the First World War has received new cultural interest.

First World War Poetry

Author : Jon Silkin
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A selection of poetry written during World War I. In the introduction Jon Silkin traces the changing mood of the poets - from patriotism through anger and compassion to an active desire for social change. The book includes work by Sassoon, Owen, Blunden, Rosenberg, Hardy and Lawrence.

The Penguin Book of First World War Poetry

Author : George Walter
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Presents a collection of poetry from the First World War.

The Penguin Book of First World War Stories

Author : Barbara Korte
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A remarkable anthology of short fiction written during and after World War I captures the impact of the Great War on British culture and society in works by Arthur Conan Doyle, John Buchan, Rudyard Kipling, Katherine Mansfield, Robert Graves, Muriel Spark, Joseph Conrad, W. Somerset Maugham, D. H. Lawrence, and others. Original.

The Penguin Book of First World War Prose

Author : Jon Glover
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Der ungeheure Raum

Author : Edward E. Cummings
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Englische und amerikanische Naturdichtung im 20 Jahrhundert

Author : Günter Ahrends
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English Poetry of the First World War

Author : George A. E. Parfitt
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The Great War Reader

Author : James Hannah
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The literature of World War I captures the mayhem and spectacle of its time, when an entire generation found itself in the mouth of a juggernaut. Facing chaos, some writers also developed a literature of hope, courage, devotion, and humanity. Whether despairing or hopeful, the writing on the Great War is powerfully evocative. The Great War Reader gives many nearly forgotten writers a new audience at a most appropriate time. Memoirists, short story writers, novelists, poets, playwrights, and historians speak here again of a time that witnessed the death of the pastoral tones of the nineteenth century and the birth of the modern world. The selections here are divided into five categories: historical writings, some objectifying, some personalizing the war; letters and diaries that reflect intimate reactions to artillery barrages and quieter, saner moments; memoirs; poetry; and a range of fiction from the romantic to the bitterly cynical. Some of the selections include: -- Testament of Youth, Vera Brittain -- Undertones of War, Edmund Blunden -- The Storm of Steel, Ernst Junger -- The Diary of an Officer, Arthur Graeme West -- and poetry by Isaac Rosenberg, Georg Trakl, and Giuseppe Ungaretti Editor James R. Hannah also includes author biographies and articles from the trench newspaper, The Wipers Times, The Great War Reader is a testament to men's and women's ability to produce art of lasting value even under extreme duress.

Anthem for Doomed Youth

Author : Jon Stallworthy
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In time of war and national calamity, numbers of people seldom seen in church will suddenly turn to religion for consolation and inspiration - and perhaps more surprisingly, just as many turn to poetry. Never was the phenomenon more clearly marked than in that war we still know as The Great War. Hundreds of those now referred to as 'the war poets' saw their work in print between 1914 and 1918; others - including some of the best - were not published until afterwards. That rather unsatisfactory label includes very different kinds of writers - Owen and Sassoon, with their poems of passionate indignation, are a far cry from Edward Thomas's bleak and oblique rural ruminations. But 'true Poets', as Wilfred Owen wrote, 'must be truthful', and Jon Stallworthy has gathered here some of the most moving and unforgettable poetry born out of the horror of the trenches. He has written brief but telling accounts of the lives and work of twelve of the most powerful of those poets who experienced and wrote about the worst war the world has ever known. Featured are: Rupert Brooke; Julian Grenfell; Charles Hamilton Sorley; Francis Ledwidge; Siegfried Sassoon; Robert Graves; Wilfred Owen; Edmund Blunden; Edward Thomas; Ivor Gurney; Isaac Rosenberg; David Jones. Illustrated with haunting images, photos and paintings.

Penguin Classics

Author : Penguin (Firm)
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British and Irish Poets

Author : William Stewart
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From John Abbot to Benjamin Zephaniah, this reference book contains information on 1,270 poets from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Writing over a 1500 year period, the featured poets are representative of periods from the Old English era to the Post-Modern age.

The Myth of War in British and Polish Poetry 1939 1945

Author : Marzena Sokołowska-Paryż
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In recent decades, there has been a marked tendency to look at war literature from a perspective that reaches beyond the experiences of particular nations. Characteristically, though poetry and prose from Poland, Hungary and former Czechoslovakia are included in multi-national anthologies, the war literatures of Eastern Europe seem to have been ignored in critical studies. The Myth of War in British and Polish Poetry. 1939-1945 aims to fill in this critical vacuum. This study concentrates on the processes through which British and Polish poetry contributed to the shaping of myths of war, each offering creative interpretations of historical facts and developments. Both poetic traditions are analysed in the context of their national literary heritage and historical background in order to explain the discrepancies characterising these imaginative versions of war. Yet, the ultimate objective is to discover spheres of convergence within a network of differences. This comparative analysis of British and Polish war poetry paves the way for discussions about the relationships between national and individual experiences of history, inviting consideration of how seemingly unsurpassable borders can be crossed.

The Great War and Women s Consciousness

Author : Claire M. Tylee
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Tylee (U. of Malaga) shows that there does exist an imaginative memory of The Great War that is distinctively women's. She deals with journalism and women war-correspondents, with propaganda and the construction of consciousness, with censorship, pacifism, women's autobiographies and fictionalized w

English Literature of the Great War Revisited

Author : Michel Roucoux
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Poets of World War I

Author : John Press
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A volume in the Writers and Their Work series, which draws upon recent thinking in English studies to introduce writers and their contexts. Each volume includes biographical material, an examination of recent criticism, a bibliography and a reappraisal of a major work by the writer.

The First World War

Author : Keith Robbins
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The tragic slaughter of the trenches is imprinted on modern memory; but it is more difficult to grasp the wider extent and significance of World War I. This book gives a chronological account of the campaigns on the Western and Eastern Fronts and then moves on to investigate areas that many studies ignore - war poets, the diplomacy of war-aims and peace moves, logistics, and the experience of war.

The Columbia Granger s Index to Poetry in Anthologies

Author :
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