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The Power of Display

Author : Mary Anne Staniszewski
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Staniszewski treats installations as creations that manifest values, ideologies, politics, and of course aesthetics.

The Power and Grace of Christ Display d to a Dying Malefactor a Sermon on Luke Xxiii 42 43 Preached the Day of the Execution of Arthur a Negro for a Rape Etc

Author : Thaddeus MACCARTY
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The Operative Mechanic and British Machinist being a practical display of the manufactories and mechanical arts of the United Kingdom Second edition

Author : John NICHOLSON (Civil Engineer)
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The New Practical Builder and Workman s Companion Containing a Full Display of the Method Pursued by Architects and Artificers in the Departments of Carpentry Joinery Plastering Etc The Practical Builder s Perpetual Price Book Etc

Author : Peter NICHOLSON (Builder and Mathematician.)
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Power on Display

Author : Leonard Tennenhouse
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First published in 1986. 'Impressively open to the complexity of cultural discourses, to the ways in which one discursive form may function as a screen for another above all to the political entailment of genre.' Stephen Greenblatt. What is the relation between literary and political power? How do the symbolic dimensions of social practice and the social dimensions of artistic practice relate to one another? Power on Display considers Shakespeare's progression from romantic comedies and history plays to tragedy and romance in the light of the general process of cultural change in the period.

The Glory of Christ as God Man Display d in Three Discourses With an Appendix Containing an Abridgement of Dr Thomas Goodwin s Discourse of the Glories and Royalties of Christ Etc

Author : Isaac Watts
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The Glory of a True Church and Its Discipline Display d Wherein a True Gospel Church is Described Together with the Power of the Keys and who are to be Let In and who to be Shut Out

Author : Benjamin Keach
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Displays of Power

Author : Steven C. Dubin
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Museums have become ground zero in America's culture wars. Whereas fierce public debates once centered on provocative work by upstart artists, the scrutiny has now expanded to mainstream cultural institutions and the ideas they present. In Displays of Power, Steven Dubin, whose Arresting Images was deemed "masterly" by the New York Times, examines the most controversial exhibitions of the 1990s. These include shows about ethnicity, slavery, Freud, the Old West, and the dropping of the atomic bomb by the Enola Gay. This new edition also includes a preface by the author detailing the recent Sensation! controversy at the Brooklyn Museum. Displays of Power draws directly upon interviews with many key combatants: museum administrators, community activists, curators, and scholars. It authoritatively analyzes these episodes of America struggling to redefine itself in the late 20th century.

Christian philosophy or An attempt to display the evidence and excellence of revealed religion With an appendix

Author : Vicesimus KNOX
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Art and the Power of Placement

Author : Victoria Newhouse
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Where and how an artwork is presented can enhance it or detract from it, or even alter its meaning. Depending on the display, painting and sculpture can denote a religious, political, decorative, or educational significance, as well as aesthetic and commercial value. Just how powerful the effect of placement can be is demonstrated in this book by in-depth case studies and comparisons of art installations around the world and from antiquity to the present, all richly illustrated. Author Victoria Newhouse continues the investigation she began in her last book,Towards a New Museum, of the critical relationship between container and contents. Not limited to museums, Newhouse branches out to explore noteworthy displays of art in commercial galleries and in private homes and gardens, as well as in a number of unusual venues. She concludes with some guidelines for display that apply as much to the hanging of a picture in a private interior as to the installation of a museum show.

Mexico in Transition from the Power of Political Romanism to Civil and Religious Liberty

Author : William Butler
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Instrumentation in the Power Industry

Author :
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Official Record of the Centennial International Exhibition Melbourne

Author :
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also records of the manner in which the work of the different sections of of the exhibition was carried out, the official awards of the executive commisioners, the catalogue of exhibits, together with sundry illustrations.

The Health Exhibition Literature

Author :
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The Power of Point of Purchase Advertising

Author : Robert Liljenwall
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The Pacific Rural Press and California Farmer

Author :
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Museum Politics

Author : Timothy W. Luke
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The first sustained critique of the ways museum exhibits shape cultural assumptions and political values. Each year the more than seven thousand museums in the United States attract more attendees than either movies or sports. Yet until recently, museums have escaped serious political analysis. The past decade, however, has witnessed a series of unusually acrimonious debates about the social, political, and moral implications of museum exhibitions as varied as the Enola Gay display at the Smithsonian's Air and Space Museum and the Sensation exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. In this volume, Timothy W. Luke explores museums' power to shape collective values and social understandings, and argues persuasively that museum exhibitions have a profound effect on the body politic. Through discussions of topics ranging from how the National Holocaust Museum and the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles have interpreted the Holocaust to the ways in which the American Museum of Natural History, the Missouri Botanical Gardens, and Tucson's Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum have depicted the natural world, Luke exposes the processes through which museums challenge but more often affirm key cultural and social realities.

The Effect of Advertising and Display

Author : Robert East
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Robert East presents evidence on successful advertising campaigns where the brand benefits from more sales and higher prices, and he describes how good advertising can sometimes reduce the cost of doing business. The question of repeated exposure is examined: do sales initially gather pace with additional ad exposures, or do the gains get less and less after the first exposure? New evidence on this issue is assessed. The focus then moves to a model of ad response that covers the evidence on repeated ad exposure and explains how advertising may work over both short-term and long-term periods. The processes that could produce the long-term effect are discussed and new evidence is presented on the function of word of mouth. There is a chapter on the psychological processes that are used to explain ad effect and brief sections on the point of purchase and online advertising.

Display of Power

Author : Daymond John
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With worldwide distribution, the FUBU brand is an international symbol of empowerment and success, standing as a blueprint for young business people looking to chart their own course. In Display of Power: How FUBU Changed a World of Fashion, Branding and Lifestyle, Daymond John (Founder and CEO) gets to the heart of his unlikely run to the top of the fashion world, and shines compelling light on what it takes to succeed-from the dizzying street corners of his old neighborhood to the dazzling corner offices of corporate America-and what it takes to harness and display the power that resides in us all. "Daymond John is a driven, visionary leader who is not afraid to take risks. This brief glimpse into his life and mind is also a look at the new generation of CEOs. If you want to own your own business, or if you're a veteran executive who wants to know the mindset of this changing world, Daymond walks you through in Display of Power. A must read." -Russell Simmons, Media Mogul "Daymond John brings his signature style to the world of books, and Display of Power is a must-read for anyone wondering how a kid from Hollis, Queens could climb to the very top rungs of the fashion industry." -Montel Williams, TV Talk Show Host "This book details the amazing story of how FUBU inspired a new generation of entrepreneurs. The brand's success reaches across the globe to more then 60 countries. In Korea, FUBU is the #1 sports casual brand with over 70 stores. Daymond John's story is an inspiration to businessmen and women worldwide." -Soo Kee Lee Sr., Managing Director, Samsung Corporation "Display of Power is a remarkable read for all. Daymond John's story is more than how the fashion world was turned inside out by FUBU. It's a lesson on how to overcome obstacles in life and how to unleash your latent talents to make your dreams come true. It's also a very valuable tool for the business world-from start-up companies finding their way, to large companies where policies and politics can often smother the entrepreneurial spirit. And finally, it's a story of how the crucible of life experiences formed the pathway for John to create the exceptional lifestyle brand we know as FUBU!" -Don Franceschini, Vice Chairman [Ret.], Sara Lee Corporation

Electronic Displays

Author : H. Ilhan Refioglu
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