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Summary of Denis Waitley s The New Psychology of Winning

Author : Everest Media,
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Please note: This is a companion version & not the original book. Sample Book Insights: #1 I had a wonderful childhood, but I was raised in a wartime mentality. I was never hungry, but I remember my father teaching me to ride my bike to the library every week and get a new book. #2 I grew up in San Diego in the 1940s and 1950s without any racial prejudice. My parents were always arguing about money or some lifestyle problem, and I grew up putting my pillow over my head and crying myself to sleep while they were arguing. #3 I had many influences on me as a writer, including my grandmother, Mabel Reynolds Ostrander, who had come over from England and worked as a proofreader. I loved her more than anything else. I wrote The Psychology of Winning as a way to help me deal with my own struggles, because I was losing. #4 The early years of the psychology of winning were developed at the U. S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland. I didn’t like Annapolis, because I didn’t want to be an admiral. I wanted to be a writer like Rod Serling and maybe write a great screenplay.

The Psychology of Winning for Women

Author : Denis Waitley
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Offers strategies for women on employing a winning attitude to achieve success

The Psychology of Winning Baseball

Author : Rick Wolff
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That Winning Feeling

Author : Jane Savoie
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1992 U.S. Olympic dressage squad member Jane Savoie presents a revolutionary approach to riding by which you can train your mind and shape your attitudes to achieve higher levels of skill than ever imagined.

The New Psychology of Winning

Author : Denis Waitley
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Bestselling author Denis Waitley offers timeless and timely advice on how to apply his philosophy to the digital age and attain personal and professional excellence today. ". . . a compelling game plan for winning at life . . ." - MEHMET OZ, M.D., Emmy-winning Host, The Dr. Oz Show "Denis Waitley has played a pivotal role in helping grow a small cellular nutrition products company into one of the largest, most respected direct sales companies in the world, with annual revenues surpassing $1 billion, while creating millions of customers globally. For over twenty-five years his psychology of winning principles have been ingrained in the DNA of our corporate culture through his inspirational, practical teachings as our primary spokesperson. We look forward to The New Psychology of Winning, combining timeless wisdom—gained from of his fifty-year career as a pioneer in the personal development industry—with fresh, new insights and strategies to lead and succeed in this fast forward digital age." - KEVIN GUEST, CEO and Chairman of the Board, USANA Health Sciences, Inc. Denis Waitley, bestselling author of Seeds of Greatness, The Psychology of Winning, and The Winner’s Edge, is one of the most respected and listened to voices on high performance achievement. In The New Psychology of Winning he offers timeless and timely advice on how to apply his philosophy to the digital age and attain personal and professional excellence today. The world has changed to be almost unrecognizable since he recorded his original bestselling classic in the 1970s—going from the late industrial age to the digital age and beyond. How has this digitization affected Denis’s original message? How have the current trends in the marketplace affected those seeking entrepreneurial success? How does this change affect our personal and professional life today? In his patented, authentic, accessible, personable style, Denis will answer these questions and show you how you can be a twenty-first century winner!

BrainScripts for Sales Success 21 Hidden Principles of Consumer Psychology for Winning New Customers

Author : Drew Eric Whitman
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The newest, most successful strategies for landing the sale—based on the latest discoveries in neuroscience and consumer psychology BrainScripts for Sales Success explains consumer psychology to teach you how to personalize and enhance an approach and use basic, primal responses that are subtle but extremely effective. You'll learn how to use the powerful emotion of fear to convince stubborn prospects, make prospective customers successfully demonstrate the product inside their heads before they spend a penny to buy it, use speaking patterns that build desire for the product or service, and much more. "A masterpiece! This is one of those rare books that I wish wouldn't get published. This gem will become the new sales bible." Dr. Joe Vitale, author of Hypnotic Writing and There's A Customer Born Every Minute “Read it and sell more—it’s just that simple.” Roger Dawson, author of Secrets of Power Negotiating “Puts you light years ahead of your competition. Read it... before your competition does.” Dr. Tony Alessandra, author The Platinum Rule for Sales Mastery “Gives you an almost unfair advantage—yet it’s all perfectly legal!” Richard Bayan, author of Words That Sell “Take all of the text books ever written about persuasion, influence, marketing, and salesmanship. Strip away the nonsense. What do you get? BrainScripts. It's a mistake not to read this book.” Mark Joyner, founder and CEO of Simpleology “Can you imagine the power in your sales presentation when you understand your prospects better than they know themselves?” Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE, Sales Presentation Skills Expert “It's like looking into a crystal ball of human behavior.” Thomas A. Freese, author of Secrets of Question Based Selling “The material in BrainScripts is so powerful it should require a license for use.” Art Sobczak, author of Smart Calling—Eliminate the Fear, Failure, and Rejection from Cold Calling “BrainScripts shows in detail how beliefs become established, how they affect behavior and, most importantly, how business owners can ethically tap into them to help their companies grow and prosper.” Robert Dilts, Founder NLP University “BrainScripts gives you actual scripts to help get your sales message across without setting off your prospects’ ‘What’s the catch?’ alarm.” Tom "Big Al" Schreiter, author of How To Get Instant Trust, Belief, Influence, and Rapport! “BrainScripts is the definitive advantage in sales strategy. Read it and win... or pray your competitors do not.” MJ DeMarco, author of The Millionaire Fastlane “BrainScripts takes sales psychology to a new level. Drew’s practical and easy-to-use tips will also take you to the next level.” Kerry Johnson, MBA, Ph.D.; America's Sales Psychologist “BrainScripts brings you face-to-face with the prospect's intimate evaluation procedures so you can turn them into sales motivations and close the deal!” René Gnam, author of René Gnam’s Direct Mail Workshop “Drew Eric Whitman has swung open the vault to generating buyers en mass. BrainScripts just might be the best investment of your business life and selling career.” Spike Humer, author of The 10 Day Turnaround

Psychology of Brazilian jiu jitsu

Author : Bakari Akil II, Ph.D.
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Grappling is a smash-mouth activity. It is a put your beer down and let’s settle this type of martial art. Man vs. man, woman vs. man, child vs. man, it is one of the ultimate ‘prove it’ combat sports. Yet, once you get past the rough and challenging aspect of submission wrestling it’s easy to see that grappling is much more than that. It is also a very cerebral activity. Psychology is the study of mental processes and behaviors. By studying our psyches we hope to learn how to successfully navigate our world and become more capable in our endeavors. As the goal of theory is explanatory and predictive power, using psychology theories can help us to understand some of the existential questions behind our art and can help us to create better models for training and success. In other instances, it is just plain fun to think about. The application of psychology to submission wrestling is relatively new and in many cases non-existent, so this book is more of an exploration of what is possible. It covers a broad range of topics and doesn’t hesitate to introduce counterintuitive thought for the reader to ponder and digest. "Psychology of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu" will whet your appetite to see how psychology can be applied to grappling and not just in a generic sports psychology sense. Through the use of essay, "Psychology of BJJ" talks about what it’s like to be the new guy, problems with warm-ups, success by default, immersive environments, why you can’t always be nice in practice and even asks outright, “Are you happy?” If that is not enough, it also discusses why you absolutely must not avoid better grapplers, tells you what type of grappler you are and why your team is just as important as your coach. Additionally, "Psychology of BJJ" delves into the unconscious mind and talks about easy ways to improve by taking simple steps you probably never thought about before. It also discusses quirky, but valid, psychological theory, based on new research that can make a difference in your grappling game.

The Long Win

Author : Cath Bishop
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'Powerful and profound.' - Matthew Syed 'Anyone interested in motivation should read this book and think deeply.’ - Margaret Heffernan ***Selected as one of the Financial Times's Best Business Books of 2020!*** In this fascinating examination of our widespread obsession with winning, Cath Bishop draws on her personal experience of high-performance environments to trace the idea of winning through history, language and thought to explore how it has come to be a defining concept in fields from sport to business, from politics to education. Faced with the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century, Cath offers a new, broader approach – The Long Win. Cath competed as a rower at three Olympic Games, becoming the first British woman to win the World Championships and an Olympic medal in the coxless pairs event. As a senior diplomat, Cath worked on policy and negotiations, specializing in stabilization policy for conflict-affected parts of the world. In business, Cath has acted as a coach and consultant, advising on team and leadership development and organizational culture, and teaches on the Executive Education Faculty at the Judge Business School, Cambridge University. In this book she brings that extraordinary mix of experience to examine what winning has come to mean to society and to us as individuals and offers a fresh perspective on how we might redefine success – personal and professional - for the longer-term. ‘Looking at life from a different point of view is a rare skill. Built on in-depth research and broad experience as well as original thought, this book will change your outlook on everything.’ - Clare Balding OBE ‘This book is so relevant, timely and exciting for any person or organization wanting to investigate what success means to them. It couldn’t be a more relevant book right now and Cath’s exceptional ability in so many areas of life make it a gripping read with a lot of key takeaways whatever your area of interest. I wish every leader could immediately read this book as the world would be a better place if they did!’ - Goldie Sayers, Olympic Medallist in the Javelin, Coach ‘I love this book. It is a must-read for educators, business executives, policy makers, politicians and indeed anyone who wants to understand why we need a new narrative around winning and success. We need a lot more Long-Win Thinking in our homes, businesses and institutions and Cath’s book is the place to go to find out why – and how we get there.’ - Dame Helena Morrissey

Beware the Winner s Curse

Author : G. Anandalingam
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'Beware the Winner's Curse' shows how hubris and badly aligned financial incentives lead managers to aggressively pursue victories, and end up worse off as a result. It explores recent disasters in business, sports, and entertainment, and offers concrete steps that managers can take to avoid encountering the curse.

The Greatest Guide to Winning Competitions

Author : Karen J. Jones
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Did you know?+ Very few competitions cost anything to enter+ Occasionally there are more prizes than entries submitted+ the odds for many competitions can be manipulated in your favor+ Customised colorful postcards and envelopes are often selected in