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The Quest for Truth

Author : F. Leroy Forlines
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This invaluable tool seriously discusses profound truths that apply to every facet of life. Biblical truth should be made applicable to the total personality. The "inescapable questions of life" are answered from the standard of God's authoritative Word.

The Quest

Author : Lyman C.D. Kulathungam
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The human spirit seems incapable of being stagnant, ever pushing the boundaries of knowledge and experience. We try to understand life through questions regarding our own existence, the nature of the universe, and the nature of God. The question of our collective heart is the external manifestation of an internal longing--a quest, if you will. This thirst to understand reality can be seen in superstructures that are scientific, social, political, and especially religious. When considering the doctrines, institutions, and rituals of religions, we observe certain core aspirations expressed by the people of these communities. These aspirations generate from an underlying quest which seeks a way out of our perceived predicament: a salvific quest. Regardless of whether we view ourselves as religious, pre-religious, post-religious, or non-religious, we find ourselves involved in such a quest; it seems to be an integral part of our human personhood. Using a unique framework of analysis, this book explores Christ's relevance to the quest expressed by the communities of eight major living religions--a relevance that neither degrades Christ nor demeans other "saviors." Christ is not part of the human quest, but is well equipped to satisfy that quest.

The Quest for God in the Work of Borges

Author : Annette U. Flynn
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This book argues that the quest for God, though largely unheeded by the critical canon, was a major and enduring preoccupation for Borges. This is shown through careful analysis both of his essays, with their emphasis on his philosophical-theological explorations, and of the narrative articulations which are his stories. It is in the poetry of his middle and closing years, however, that Borges' search is most manifest, as it is no longer obscured. Spanning different periods of his life, and different literary genres, Borges' work attests to a maturing and evolving quest. The book reveals Borges' engagement as an active and evolving process and its chronological structure allows the reader to trace his thought over time. Flynn shows that the spiritual component in Borges' writing drives key texts from the 1920s to the 1980s. Offering an interpretation that unlocks a fuller significance of his work, she shows how Borges' reflections on time and identity are symptomatic of a deeper, spiritual searching which can only be answered by a Divine Absolute.

The Quest

Author : Sigifredo Cavazos
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The Quest, set in America's Southwest, during 1996 --2001, during Clinton's and Bush's Administrations, is an intriguing and engaging story of an inquisitive, intelligent, but troubled Coloradan Vietnam veteran, who, having been born to an Anglo mother and an Hispanic father, sets out on a quest to find his true identity and place in the universe, by coming to Kingsville, Texas,, home of the legendary King Ranch, to explore his father's Chicano roots, as well as his own. In doing so, he becomes immersed in the corrupt public school, university, state, and federal politics, during this troubled period of Gore/Bush election fiasco, the Religious Right abortion issue, the 9/11 twin tower attack, and the Florida/Supreme Court decisions. During the course of these events, Christopher Worth Garcia, while exploring his father's Hispanic Tejano culture and music, meets the enchanting and beautiful but enigmatic Aurora and the members of the "Discussion Club," with the "colorful" name. Chris is thus caught and wound in a web which includes the stalker/husband from whom he has to find and extricate himself -- or perish.

Koinonia and the Quest for an Ecumenical Ecclesiology

Author : Lorelei F. Fuchs
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The idea of koinonia has gained prominence in recent ecumenical discussions. Lorelei Fuchs proposes the theological concept of koinonia, loosely translated as communion, as the key to moving the fractured churches toward a future unity. Fuchs challenges churches to move beyond mere dialogue to apply their ecumenical insights at the local level. She begins by relating the exegetical meaning of koinonia to its ecumenical meaning, tracing the place of koinonia both within the churches and between the churches. She then examines the concept in the extensive and fruitful dialogues that have taken place between Lutherans, Anglicans, and Roman Catholics, finally articulating a symbolic competence for communionality that provides a rich and workable way forward for church unity at all levels. Encompassing the latest in ecumenical thought within the Catholic, Anglican, and Lutheran milieu, Koinonia and the Quest for an Ecumenical Ecclesiology provides a framework for moving closer to the reality of Christ's prayer that all may be one.

Hereafter the Land of Intuit and the Quest for the Book of Destiny

Author : Tai
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To save the Land of Intuit from evil warlocks, a boy and his friends must find an ancient book.

The Doctrine of God

Author : John C. Peckham
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John C. Peckham introduces and engages with major questions about God's nature and how God relates to the world. Does God change? Does God have emotions? Can God do anything? Does God know the future? Does God always attain what God desires? And is God entirely good? This textbook provides a clear and concise overview of the issues involved in these and other questions, exploring prominent contemporary approaches to the main issues relative to how to conceive of the God-world relationship within Christian theology. In so doing, Peckham surveys a range of live options regarding each of the primary questions, briefly considering where each falls within the spectrum of the Christian tradition and providing clear and readily understandable explanations of the technical issues involved. The result is a stimulating survey of the most prominent options in Christian theology relative to divine attributes and the God-world relationship, offered in an accessible format for students. Designed for classroom use this volume includes the following features: - study questions for each chapter - suggestions for further reading for each chapter - glossary

The Quest for the Trinity

Author : Stephen R. Holmes
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The doctrine of the Trinity was settled in the fourth century, and maintained, with only very minor disagreement or development, by all strands of the church--Western and Eastern, Protestant and Catholic--until the modern period. In the twentieth century, there arose a sense that the doctrine had been neglected and stood in need of recovery. In The Quest for the Trinity, Holmes takes us on a remarkable journey through 2,000 years of the Christian doctrine of God. We witness the church s discovery of the Trinity from the biblical testimony, its crucial patristic developments, and medieval and Reformation continuity. We are also confronted with the questioning of traditional dogma during the Enlightenment, and asked to consider anew the character of the modern Trinitarian revival. Holmes s controversial conclusion is that the explosion of theological work in recent decades claiming to recapture the heart of Christian theology in fact deeply misunderstands and misappropriates the traditional doctrine of the Trinity. Yet his aim is constructive: to grasp the wisdom of the past and, ultimately, to bring a clearer understanding of the meaning of the present.

Theologies of Retrieval

Author : Darren Sarisky
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One of the most significant trends in academic theology today, which emerges within Protestant, Roman Catholic, and Orthodox points of view, is the growing interest in theologies of retrieval. This mode of thinking puts a special stress upon subjecting classic theological texts to a close reading, with a view toward using the resources that they provide to understand and address contemporary theological issues. This volume offers an understanding of what theologies of retrieval are, what their rationale is, and what their strengths and weaknesses are. The contributions provided by a distinguished team of theologians answer the important questions that existing work has raised, expand on suggestions that have not yet been fully developed, summarize ideas to highlight themes that are relevant to the topics of this volume, and air new critiques that will spur further debate.

Canonical Theology

Author : Peckham
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What are the roles of canon and community in the understanding and articulation of Christian doctrine? Should the church be the doctrinal arbiter in the twenty-first century? In Canonical Theology John Peckham tackles this complex, ongoing discussion by shedding light on issues surrounding the biblical canon and the role of the community for theology and practice. Peckham examines the nature of the biblical canon, the proper relationship of Scripture and tradition, and the interpretation and application of Scripture for theology. He lays out a compelling canonical approach to systematic theology -- including an explanation of his method, a step-by-step account of how to practice it, and an example of what theology derived from this canonical approach looks like.