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The Responsive Writing Teacher Grades K 5

Author : Melanie Meehan
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"This book guides teachers through key principles of writing instruction for K-5 students, with careful consideration of four domains of responsivity: cognitive, linguistic, cultural, and emotional. Many planning, assessment, and instructional tools are provided for immediate use or customization"--

The Responsive Writing Teacher Grades K 5

Author : Melanie Meehan
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"This book is an instructive call to action for all of us who need to be reminded of what hope enacted as classroom practice can look like." — Cornelius Minor Every classroom is shaped by the skills, languages, social and cultural identities, perspectives, and passions of the children within it. When you approach writing instruction with a deep understanding of children in your classroom, everything else—assessment, planning, differentiated instruction, mentor and shared texts—begins to fall into place. And you can teach writing with inclusion, equity, and agency at the forefront. Authors Melanie Meehan and Kelsey Sorum show you how to adapt curriculum to meet the needs of the whole child. Each chapter offers intentional steps for responsive instruction across four domains: academic, linguistic, cultural, and social-emotional. Features include: Inspiration, classroom examples, and scaffolded tips for creating individualized resources Customizable information-gathering and planning tools, classroom charts, and writing samples Space for making notes and working through ideas Links to online content, including printable templates Just as you adapt instruction to your students, this book adapts to you. The authors designed every guide, tool, and resource to be usable in its original form, or customized as you see fit. This indispensable resource will make responsive instruction actionable—and your students feel valued and heard as they recognize the possibility and power they have as writers.

Responsive Guided Reading in Grades K 5

Author : Jennifer Berne
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This hands-on book presents an innovative approach to guided reading that is manageable even for teachers who are new to small-group, differentiated reading instruction. --from publisher description.

The Writing Workshop Teacher s Guide to Multimodal Composition K 5

Author : Angela Stockman
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Multimodal composition is a meaningful and critical way for students to tell their stories, make good arguments, and share their expertise in today’s world. In this helpful resource, writer, teacher, and best-selling author Angela Stockman illustrates the importance of making writing a multimodal endeavor in K-5 workshops by providing peeks into the classrooms she teaches within. Chapters address what multimodal composition is, how to situate it in a writing workshop that is responsive to the unique needs of writers, how to handle curriculum design and assessment, and how to plan instruction. The appendices offer tangible tools and resources that will help you implement and sustain this work in your own classroom. Ideal for teachers of grades K-5, literacy coaches, and curriculum leaders, this book will help you and your students reimagine what a workshop can be when the writers within it produce far more than written words.

Mentor Texts That Multitask Grades K 8

Author : Pamela Koutrakos
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Streamline literacy learning with power-packed children’s books Two of the most common challenges educators face is lack of time and resources. In Mentor Texts That Multitask, Pam Koutrakos shows how to streamline literacy instruction by using a single mentor text to teach reading, writing, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, speaking, and listening. When you integrate literacy instruction this way, concepts start to come together more clearly for children – and teachers save time and expense. This user-friendly resource is packed with ready-to-go lessons and tools to create, plan, and teach using multitasking texts. The lessons and accompanying ideas can jumpstart learning in the classroom by integrating and connecting literacy concepts in time-efficient ways. Resources include Full lessons centered on high-quality children’s literature to take the guesswork out of planning A DIY section to help teachers plan and teach lessons around other favorite texts Dozens of student and classroom examples to show you what’s possible Printables available online to help with immediate implementation. Designed to help teachers build a more inclusive classroom library and instructional practice, this guide highlights texts that represent and celebrate a multitude of characters and topics.

I Hate Reading

Author : Justin M. Stygles
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It can take a lifetime to eradicate a reader’s shame—or it can take one great teacher Shame-bound readers want someone to notice them. It’s true. But then what does a teacher do to help students? Justin Stygles found fresh answers in Gershen Kaufman’s seminal research on shame and applied it to his teaching. The results proved to him—and now us—that building relationships and taking deliberate actions to alleviate shame is crucial. With this remarkable book, Stygles shows us how to build an interpersonal bridge with students and make vulnerability okay. But make no mistake—disengaged readers need to feel competent before they fully buy in, and so the author packs the book with powerful instructional ideas. Learn to: Spot all the distress signals, including withdrawal, perfectionism, and compliance. Help students see that they are not permanently locked out of a reading life Use assessment instruments to note and celebrate incremental change Plan mini-units that develop skills in concert with engagement Design small group experiences that are free of levels and other shame-inducing labels Pump up independent reading with scaffolding and sociability Harness writing about reading to convince students of their uniqueness. The shame factor is real. It’s time we meet it head on, with innovation and the best thinking from multiple research fields. I Hate Reading is the tool that does just that.

Rebellious Read Alouds

Author : Vera Ahiyya
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Spark meaningful conversations about race, identity, and social justice in your classroom using read alouds as an entry point. Students need to see themselves and their peers in the books they read, and to engage with varying viewpoints. How can educators create a safe and nurturing space that inspires young children to explore diversity and ask curious questions? In Rebellious Read Alouds, author Vera Ahiyya—beloved by educators worldwide as The Tutu Teacher (@thetututeacher and @diversereads on Instagram)—empowers teachers to encourage classroom conversations about important and culturally relevant topics using daily read alouds as an entry point. Presenting a broad range of read aloud lessons around current, diverse picture books that can ignite deep conversations and learning about self, others, and the world, this wise and joyful guide prepares educators to tackle "hushed topics" with young children. It includes: Booklists, tools, and recommendations for building an inclusive classroom library of titles written or illustrated by people in traditionally marginalized populations Tips and resources for facilitating diversity conversations in a way that’s developmentally appropriate — and meets ELA and social justice standards 45 complete lessons plans around children’s books, with prompts and recommended stopping points for conversation, and suggestions for inspiring discussion and scaffolding deep thinking Interviews with educators and parents who offer advice from their experience doing rebellious read alouds Suggestions for partnering with administration, parents, and colleagues on this important work Spark the rebellious reader inside you and lead your students toward creating a more just and equitable world.

What Are You Grouping For Grades 3 8

Author : Julie Wright
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Intermediate grade readers don’t need to be guided as much as they need to be engaged—and authors Julie Wright and Barry Hoonan have solutions for doing just that using small groups. You’ll get practical tools, classroom examples, and actionable steps essential for starting, sustaining, and mastering the management of small groups. This book explains the five teacher moves that work together to support students’ reading independence through small group learning—kidwatching, pivoting, assessing, curating, and planning—and provides examples to guide you and your students toward success. This resource will empower you with tools to ensure that readers are doing the reading, thinking, and doing—not you.

Every Minute Matters Grades K 5

Author : Molly Ness
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Make the most of every instructional minute with engaging literacy activities Teachers are faced with a real challenge: time. There is never enough time to do it all. While teachers don’t have the power to create more minutes in the day, they do have the power to be effective with the time given. Ness introduces 40 innovative activities designed to replace seatwork. These literacy-rich alternatives for classroom transitions are presented alongside · Research on instructional time · Strategies for maximizing every minute of instruction · Suggestions for improving efficiency to expand independent reading and writing · Reflective practices to help teachers examine how they use the time they have

Principles of Effective Literacy Instruction Grades K 5

Author : Seth A. Parsons
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What are the principles that every elementary teacher must learn in order to plan and adapt successful literacy instruction? This concise course text and practitioner resource brings together leading experts to explain the guiding ideas that underlie effective instructional practice. Each chapter reviews one or more key principles and highlights ways to apply them flexibly in diverse classrooms and across grade levels and content areas. Chapters cover core instructional topics (phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension); high-quality learning environments; major issues such as assessment, differentiation, explicit instruction, equity, and culturally relevant pedagogy; and the importance of teachers’ reflective practice and lifelong learning.