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The Unicorns Fortune

Author : Barbara Schönher
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On Mary Rose's eighteenth birthday, her grandmother asks her to fulfill her last wish: to return the fortune of the unicorn. It is a big task, it is a great journey, it is an honour and a burden. Mary Rose must not fail to complete this mission. At stake is everything her grandmother believes in - and everything she herself believes in. It takes all her courage, but she gets on her horse and travels from Scotland across Great Britain and Europe towards her destination. Yet, Mary Rose has no idea that this mission will turn her into a knight of the unicorn, nor that she will find what she had been looking for: her purpose. At the same time in a far away land, in the Austrian Alps, another young woman called Rosmarie is struggling with her own eighteenth birthday. She has always had the feeling, that something is missing. Suddenly, a family secret is revealed that changes everything in the eyes of Rosmarie. She wants to find out everything about the mysterious white horse, the witch who once lived in the forest and the unicorn which is the family's emblem. In the course of her inquiry she stumbles across broken pieces of the past. But the family puzzle is more complex than she thought. Will she solve it? Whilst Mary Rose needs all her strength to keep going, despite all the challenges on her way, Rosmarie is diving deeper and deeper into her family's secret history. Little do they know that they both will find the answers to their questions only when their paths cross.

The Magic of Unicorns

Author : Diana Cooper
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A comprehensive yet easy companion on how unicorn spirit guides can help us on our Ascension journey. Discover how to connect with your unicorn guides: raise your vibration, advance on your ascension path, and attract more love, light, healing and happiness. Unicorns are beings of the angelic realms who are returning to Earth to aid us on our path to ascension. They bring messages of hope and remind us to stay positive as we prepare for a golden future. Diana Cooper, world-renowned angel, ascension and Atlantis expert, has been communicating with unicorns for over a decade, and showing others how to connect with these beings. In this book, she teaches you how to: · connect with your unicorn and recognize the signs of its presence · call unicorns into your dreams and learn to interpret their messages · work with your unicorn to heal your personal, family and ancestral karma · discover your soul purpose and invoke your unicorn to illuminate it · create a unicorn crystal grid for blessings and healing Through the meditations, visualizations and journalling exercises included in each chapter, you will become attuned to the unicorns' light energy and begin to see positive shifts in your life.

Fire in the Star

Author : Kamilla Benko
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Claire Martinson has always depended on her older sister, Sophie, to take care of her, but now it's Claire's turn to protect her sister. On the trail of the last unicorn, Claire sets off on her own to make things right in Arden – the magical land she and her sister discovered when they climbed their great-aunt's chimney. But there are terrible forces working against her. Queen Estelle has returned, and she will not stop until she has taken revenge on all those who have opposed her. Claire, Sophie, and their friends must convince Arden's four guilds of magic to set aside the past if they are to have any hope of a future. Because if the queen has her way, Claire and Sophie will never return home and the unicorns of Arden will be lost ... forever. The thrilling third book in the series for fans of Cornelia Funke, Diana Wynne Jones or The Chronicles of Narnia.

Karen and the Unicorn

Author : Grandpa Moses
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Even though her dad told her there is no such thing as a mythical unicorn, there is nothing that eleven-year-old Karen loves more. Is it any wonder that when she believes she has seen one, she embarks on the adventure of a lifetime? Karen is a determined young girl dead set on proving her dad wrong. She follows the mythical creature’s tracks through a neighbor’s cornfield up to the edge of a large forest. A pack of wild dogs frighten her into dashing into the woods for her own safety, but the action causes her to get hopelessly lost. Hungry, scratched, and bruised, Karen eventually finds a clear spring-fed pond where she refreshes herself. Once again, she spies the elusive creature, and her real adventure begins.

My Secret Unicorn Moonlight Journey

Author : Linda Chapman
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Twilight is a rather ordinary little grey pony but when Lauren whispers the magic words, he turns into a beautiful snow-white unicorn. In this thirteenth exciting adventure Lauren and Twilight make an intrepid journey to the land of Arcardia in order to save their pony friend Shadow from a mystery virus.

The Hunt for Unicorns

Author : Winston Ma
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Who holds the power in financial markets? For many, the answer would probably be the large investment banks, big asset managers, and hedge funds that are often in the media's spotlight. But more and more a new group of sovereign investors, which includes some of the world's largest sovereign wealth funds, government pension funds, central bank reserve funds, state-owned enterprises, and other sovereign capital-enabled entities, have emerged to become the most influential capital markets players and investment firms, with $30 trillion in assets under management (“super asset owners”). Their ample resources, preference for lower profile, passive investing, their long-time horizon and adherence to sustainability as well as their need to diversify globally and by sector have helped to transform the investment world and, in particular, private markets for digital companies. They have helped create and sustain an environment that has fostered the rise of the likes of Uber, Alibaba, Spotify and other transformative players in the digital economy, while providing their founders and business models the benefit of long-term capital. Despite this increasingly important impact, sovereign investors remain mostly unknown, often maintaining a low profile in global markets. For the same reason, they’re also among the most widely misunderstood, as many view investments made by sovereign investors as purely driven by political aims. The general perception is that most sovereign investors lack transparency and have questionable governance controls, causing an investee nation to fear exposure to risks of unfair competition, data security, corruption, and non-financially or non-economically motivated investments. The current global tensions around the AI race and tech competition – and now the corona virus pandemic – have exacerbated such misperceptions, spawning controversies around sovereign investors and capital markets, governments, new technologies, cross-border investments, and related laws and regulations. As such, sovereign capital and the global digital economy are undergoing an unprecedented, contentious moment. In short, the emergence of sovereign funds symbolizes a major shift of the world’s economic power. For the first time, investment funds from developing countries are playing with OECD financial giants as equals. Furthermore, their investments into high tech enable them to participate at the cutting-edge of the fourth industrial revolution, challenging traditional innovation powerhouses like the US and Germany. For all stakeholders, from tech unicorns, VC funds, asset managers, financial firms, to policymakers, law firms, academics, and the general public, this is the must-have book to get to know these new venture capitalists and “super asset owners”.

The Wonder of Unicorns

Author : Diana Cooper
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A guide to engage with the majesty and wisdom of unicorn energy • Reveals the role of unicorns in our soul evolvement today as well as in legends and myths and explains how they open our hearts, offer protection and support, and inspire us to choose actions for the highest benefit of all • Provides many exercises, meditations, ceremonies, dream work practices, and games to help you consciously connect with your unicorn, raise your energetic level, and spiritually progress on your journey to enlightenment • Shares anecdotes and real-life stories of people meeting unicorns and experiencing their energy Fully of the angelic realms, unicorns live in the seventh dimension, the seventh heaven. These beautiful creatures are aspects of the divine, in the same way angels are. While angels work through the heart, unicorns work with the soul and help you fulfill your pre-life contracts through their energy. In The Wonder of Unicorns Diana Cooper explains ancient myths and legends of these amazing energetic beings from a higher spiritual perspective. Who are they, these seventh-dimensional creatures of myth and magic? Where do they stand in the angelic hierarchy and what is their role with regard to us humans? How can you meet and engage with them as an individual? These magical beings of light, absent from the Earth for many centuries, are now returning to guide humanity on their spiritual path. Prevalent in the times of Atlantis, unicorns open hearts through bringing in joy, wisdom, and healing. They offer protection and support and inspire us to choose actions for the highest benefit of all. Consciously connecting and working with your unicorn will enable you to raise your energetic level and assist you on your journey to enlightenment. Create a unicorn humming ball, engage in a unicorn healing, or join in dream work with your unicorn. Whether aspiring to help the world at large or simply improve a small corner of it, enlightenment seekers can apply the meditations, rituals, ceremonies, and games featured in this book to unleash the great abilities of these elusive spirit guides. With wonderful real life stories and anecdotes from people who have seen and experienced unicorns first hand, The Wonder of Unicorns is a book to inspire and empower you on your spiritual path.

Why Does the Bible Mention Unicorns

Author : Creation Liberty Evangelism
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The fairy tale lore of the one-horned horse is a modern-day concept of a unicorn. Find out about the real-life unicorn the Bible talks about.


Author : Skye Alexander
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An enchanting treasury of unicorn lore! For thousands of years, unicorns have captured hearts, minds, and imaginations with their whimsical, mischievous spirit. This enchanting collection invites you to leap into their magical world and surround yourself in the tales that capture their power and beauty. Filled with dozens of magnificent illustrations, each page brings your favorite mythical creature to life right before your eyes--shimmering mane and all. So get ready for a magic-filled adventure--Unicorns takes you on a journey you won't soon forget.

Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of the First Unicorn

Author : Lidia Svec
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Sherlock Holmes agrees to solve the greatest mystery of all time: What ever became of the very first Unicorn? Along the way he encounters an eccentric inventor who claims that his invention simply walked out of the lab, a Scotsman whose lochs have somehow vanished, a mysterious lady in search of a missing journal, an ages old, secret society involved in Alchemy, Astronomy, and Horology, and more.