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The Rise of the Roman Empire

Author : Zachary Anderson
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Few civilizations have been as large and successful as the Romans, but Rome wasn’t always the capital of an expanding empire. Explore the history of Rome from the city’s founding through its peak.

The Rise of the Roman Empire

Author : Polybius
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The Greek statesman Polybius (c.200–118 BC) wrote his account of the relentless growth of the Roman Empire in order to help his fellow countrymen understand how their world came to be dominated by Rome. Opening with the Punic War in 264 BC, he vividly records the critical stages of Roman expansion: its campaigns throughout the Mediterranean, the temporary setbacks inflicted by Hannibal and the final destruction of Carthage. An active participant of the politics of his time as well as a friend of many prominent Roman citizens, Polybius drew on many eyewitness accounts in writing this cornerstone work of history.

Ancient Rome

Author : Simon Baker
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"Focusing on six momentous turning points that helped to shape Roman history, Simon Baker's gripping narrative charts the rise and fall of the world's first superpower - a political machine unmatched in its brutality, its genius, its lust for power." --DUST JACKET.

The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire

Author : Lisa Idzikowski
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In the history of empires, few compare in influence to the Roman Empire. In the course of its 500-year history, the empire yielded advances in philosophy, governance, science, and the arts that are still relied upon today. Despite its long span and enduring legacy, however, the empire eventually succumbed to its Visigoth invaders. This enchanting narrative traces the history of ancient Rome, from its beginnings through its days as a republic and into the evolution and dissolution of its empire. Cultural achievements of the empire are placed in historical context, and a timeline conveniently summarizes key events for quick reference.

Persia the Rise of Islam and the Holy Roman Empire

Author : Herald P. McKinley
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Learn about the spread of culture from Middle East throughout Europe. Find out about Persia, Mohammad and the spread of Islam, and the beginnings of the Holy Roman Empire in this fascinating book.

The Rise and Decline of the Roman Empire

Author : John Bagnell Bury
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This edition includes:: The Principate The Joint Government of the Princeps and Senate The Family of Augustus and His Plans to Found a Dynasty Rome and Parthia The Winning and Losing of Germany Rome Under Augustus Literature of the Augustan Age The Principate of Tiberius The Principate of Gaius Caligula The Principate of Claudius The Conquest of Britain The Principate of Nero The Wars for Armenia The Principate of Galba, and the Year of the Four Emperors Rebellions in Germany and Judea The Flavian Emperors Britain and Germany Under the Flavians Nerva and Trajan — the Conquest of Dacia Literature From the Death of Tiberius to Trajan The Principate of Hadrian The Principate of Antoninus Pius The Principate of Marcus Aurelius Literature Under Hadrian and the Antonines The Roman World Under the Empire — Politics, Philosophy, Religion and Art Roman Life and Manners Decline and the Last Years of the Roman Empire The Constitution of the Monarchy The Administrative Machinery Constantinople The Neighbours of the Empire at the End of the Fourth Century The Supremacy of Stilicho The German Invasions Under Honorius Theodosius II and Marcian The Dismemberment of the Empire in the West The Empire of Attila Leo I and Ricimer's Rule in Italy Church and State The Reign of Zeno, and the German Viceroyalty in Italy The Reign of Anastasius I and the Viceroyalty of Theoderic The Empire and Persia Justin I and Justinian I The Persian Wars The Reconquest of Africa The Reconquest of Italy Diplomacy and Commerce Administrative Reforms and Finance Ecclesiastical Policy The Legislative Work of Justinian Procopius

The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire

Author : John Lord
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The assassination of Cæsar was not immediately followed with the convulsions which we should naturally expect. The people were weary of war, and sighed for repose, and, moreover, were comparatively indifferent on whom the government fell, since their liberties were hopelessly prostrated. Only one thing was certain, that power would be usurped by some one, and most probably by the great chieftains who represented Cæsar's interests. The most powerful men in Rome at this time, were Marcus Antonius, the most able of Cæsar's lieutenants, the most constant of his friends, and the nearest of his relatives, although a man utterly unprincipled; Octavius, grandson of Julius, whom Cæsar adopted as his heir, a young man of nineteen; Lepidus, colleague consul with Cæsar, the head of the ancient family of the Lepidi, thirteen of whom had been honored with curule magistracies; Sextus Pompeius, son of Pompey; Brutus and Cassius, chief conspirators; Dolabella, a man of consular rank, and one of the profligate nobles of his time; Hirtia and Pansa, consuls; Piso, father-in-law of Cæsar, of a powerful family, which boasted of several consuls; and Cicero - still influential from his great weight of character. All these men were great nobles, and had filled the highest offices...

Religious Rivalries in the Early Roman Empire and the Rise of Christianity

Author : Leif E. Vaage
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Religious Rivalries in the Early Roman Empire and the Rise of Christianity discusses the diverse cultural destinies of early Christianity, early Judaism, and other ancient religious groups as a question of social rivalry. The book is divided into three main sections. The first section debates the degree to which the category of rivalry adequately names the issue(s) that must be addressed when comparing and contrasting the social “success” of different religious groups in antiquity. The second is a critical assessment of the common modern category of “mission” to describe the inner dynamic of such a process; it discusses the early Christian apostle Paul, the early Jewish historian Josephus, and ancient Mithraism. The third section of the book is devoted to “the rise of Christianity,” primarily in response to the similarly titled work of the American sociologist of religion Rodney Stark. While it is not clear that any of these groups imagined its own success necessarily entailing the elimination of others, it does seem that early Christianity had certain habits, both of speech and practice, which made it particularly apt to succeed (in) the Roman Empire.

Ancient Rome The Rise and Fall of an Empire

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This is the story of the greatest empire the world has ever known. Simon Baker charts the rise and fall of the world's first superpower, focusing on six momentous turning points that shaped Roman history. Welcome to Rome as you've never seen it before - awesome and splendid, gritty and squalid. From the conquest of the Mediterranean beginning in the third century BC to the destruction of the Roman Empire at the hands of barbarian invaders some seven centuries later, we discover the most critical episodes in Roman history: the spectacular collapse of the 'free' republic, the birth of the age of the 'Caesars', the violent suppression of the strongest rebellion against Roman power, and the bloody civil war that launched Christianity as a world religion. At the heart of this account are the dynamic, complex but flawed characters of some of the most powerful rulers in history: men such as Pompey the Great, Julius Caesar, Augustus, Nero and Constantine. Putting flesh on the bones of these distant, legendary figures, Simon Baker looks beyond the dusty, toga-clad caricatures and explores their real motivations and ambitions, intrigues and rivalries. The superb narrative, full of energy and imagination, is a brilliant distillation of the latest scholarship and a wonderfully evocative account of Ancient Rome.

The Fall of Rome and the Rise of the New Nationalities

Author : John George Sheppard
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