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The Roads Jesus Traveled

Author : Thomas A. Pilgrim
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Pilgrim explores seven roads Jesus traveled in this series of sermons for Lent, Palm Sunday, and Easter. The roads include those to the Wilderness, Nazareth, Capernaum, Samaria, Jericho, Jerusalem, and Emmaus. Each of the seven sermons includes: - children's object lesson - pastoral prayer - discussion questions - order of service Children's object lesson themes include "Better Than A Road Map," "God's Calling Card," and "The Glue Of God's Love." Thomas A. Pilgrim is pastor of First United Methodist church, West Point, Georgia. He is a graduate of LaGrange college, Candler School of Theology at Emory University, and has served United Methodist churches in the North Georgia conference since 1966.

Stumbling Down the Road Less Traveled

Author : Tonya K. McKinley
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We all know life can be an interesting journey, but it is amazing what you can learn from the unexpected turns along the way. Author Tonya McKinley knows how true that is, especially while on the road. In Stumbling Down the Road Less Traveled, Tonya takes a humorous look at some of her unexpected turns and shares her life insights learned from these surprising paths. This enjoyable devotional takes you through traveling blunders facing every traveler, as well as some less common experiences that every traveler hopes to never encounter, all the while finding a lesson from the Word of God in each stumble. No matter your age or gender, you will enjoy reading about these mishaps and adventures, finding that you can't help but remember a few of your own. We are all Stumbling Down the Road Less Traveled, but this book will help you learn to enjoy the ride.

The Road I Travel

Author : C. Raymond Holmes
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If you desire to remain faithful to the end, follow the road that C. Raymond Holmes chose to travel the road that leads to life. His deep, riveting study of biblical spirituality combined with personal experiences from his own walk with God have resulted in an unshakable experience of faith one that he longs to impart.

The Narrow Path The Road Less Travelled

Author : Anthony John Lewis Zamora
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May the Grace of God and of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ be with us all, as we all journey into the Narrow Path. May the Glorious Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ be preached throughout all the earth. And may we all meet and see each other in Heaven! In Christ Always. Amen.

The Road We Must Travel

Author :
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Highly respected, best-selling spiritual mentors, including Francis Chan, Eugene Peterson (The Message), Bill Hybels, and others, provide guidance as you navigate uncharted roads ahead.

The Road That Is Difficult to Travel

Author : Steve Braxton
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When we look around us, we find so much suffering in the world that we can't help but ask "why"? Long time ago God in Hosea 4:6 lamented that his people were being destroyed for the lack of knowledge. His people are still being destroyed today. The question again is "Why"? As Christians, Jesus has given us the authority over all the powers of the thief, murderer, destroyer, and our real enemy Satan also known as the devil. Somehow, we seem to have forgotten our spiritual heritage, our spiritual rights and responsibilities, and therefore the devil has taken undue advantage of our ignorance. This prayer book along with the companion end-time spiritual warfare book, "Target or Weapon-Sound The Alarm" provide instructions on how to stand on the Word of God, to help you vanquish the controlling spirits in your life. Let these prayers be part of your daily spiritual exercise. Standing on the Word of God causes a shaking in the spiritual realm on your behalf, because God backs His Word and watches to perform it.

Further Along the Road Less Traveled

Author : M. Scott Peck
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Explores love, relationships, and spiritual growth, covering blame and forgiveness, the New Age movement, death and the meaning of life, and other topics.

How to Travel Down the Narrow Road that Leads to Heaven

Author : David Hawkins
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How to Travel Down the Narrow Road That Leads to Heaven The narrow road that leads to heaven is very difficult to travel. You must work hard to drive up this bumpy road and avoid running out of faith or making a wrong turn. The road to hell is wide and smooth and easy to travel down. It does not require faith, and although you may take a right or left turn at one of the intersections, all roads lead to the same place of unending torment. The purpose of this book is to give you clear directions and a biblical map you can follow to get to heaven. There are fourteen stops along the way, starting with turning away from sin and turning toward God and ending with obeying the traffic laws of life that Jesus taught. All the stops in between give you the encouragement and knowledge you need to stay on track for a successful journey. These include receiving the gift of salvation and eternal life, developing a relationship with the Holy Spirit, having faith to follow Jesus, serving and loving God and your neighbor, digging deep into God's Word, giving generously, praying continually, getting ready for the end times, and living like Christ. Once you arrive at your final destination, there is no turning back. So take time to look over the directions carefully, study the map, and read the Scriptures written on the road signs posted all along the way.

The Road He Travelled

Author : Arthur Jones
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M. Scott Peck was hailed as 'a prophet to the Seventies' when The Road Less Travelled was published. His book spent in excess of 10 years on the New York Times bestseller list - longer than achieved by any other living author. Millions of readers understood his message that life is difficult and that it is by overcoming a constant stream of problems that personal and spiritual fulfilment is attainable, operating at the interface of psychology and theology. M. Scott Peck died in 2005 from Parkinsons Disease, having recently divorced his wife, Lily, after 40 years of marriage. The Road He Travelled makes sense of the fascinating paradoxes associated with his life and work - modern guru, bad father and husband, excellent writer, self-centred prophet, genuine seeker, a decent person trying sometimes to be better, the wounded carer, the healing physician, the great encourager...

Adventures with Jesus A Journal of My World Missionary Travels

Author : Cherri Campbell
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From the Pacific Islands, across Asia, to the Himalayas, and to Africa-from remote places to big cities-by jumbo jet, by small plane, by ship, by train-God directed Cherri's steps. She said, "Lord, I want to go where people are hungry for your Word!" He answered her prayer! Her journal records her struggles and victories and the many testimonies of people who were changed by the teaching and power of the Word of God. In all of her travels, the Lord God-Father, Son, and Holy Spirit-was her Companion, Strength, Guide, Protector, Provider, and Healer! The stories of her adventures and God's faithfulness will inspire you and stir and strengthen your faith!