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The Science of Human Evolution

Author : John H. Langdon
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This textbook provides a collection of case studies in paleoanthropology demonstrating the method and limitations of science. These cases introduce the reader to various problems and illustrate how they have been addressed historically. The various topics selected represent important corrections in the field, some critical breakthroughs, models of good reasoning and experimental design, and important ideas emerging from normal science.

The Origin and Evolution of Humans and Humanness

Author : D. Tab Rasmussen
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This volume represents the proceedings of the Irving Stone Memorial Symposium on "The Origin of Humans and Humanness." Scientists in the fields of anthropology, archaeology, biology and ecology were invited to discuss their research concerning the how's, where's and why's of the evolutionary history of humans. Using our knowledge of the behavior and reproduction of living primates, chapter 1 describes what made the earliest human-like animals of 4 million years ago different from their ape relatives. While showing how the science of paleontology works, the origin of our genus, Homo, is discussed in chapter 2. With emphasis on those humans who first made regular use of stone tools some 2 million years ago, chapter 3 interprets ancient human behavior and ecology from an archeological perspective. Tools from genetics, molecular biology, archaeology and paleontology are used to examine the origin of modern Homo sapiens in chapter 4. Chapter 5 looks at the artistry of Ice Age craftsmen. Finally, using computer methods, chapter 6 delves into the complex issue of how does human behavior change, and what is the relationship between biological and cultural evolution?

Human Evolution

Author : Brian Regal
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Arranged in chronological order, traces the history of debates surrounding theories of human evolution from the first natural philosophers to the present day.

A Pocket History of Human Evolution

Author : Silvana Condemi
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Why aren’t we more like other apes? How did we win the evolutionary race? Find out how “wise” Homo sapiens really are. Prehistory has never been more exciting: New discoveries are overturning long-held theories left and right. Stone tools in Australia date back 65,000 years—a time when, we once thought, the first Sapiens had barely left Africa. DNA sequencing has unearthed a new hominid group—the Denisovans—and confirmed that crossbreeding with them (and Neanderthals) made Homo sapiens who we are today. A Pocket History of Human Evolution brings us up-to-date on the exploits of all our ancient relatives. Paleoanthropologist Silvana Condemi and science journalist François Savatier consider what accelerated our evolution: Was it tools, our “large” brains, language, empathy, or something else entirely? And why are we the sole survivors among many early bipedal humans? Their conclusions reveal the various ways ancient humans live on today—from gossip as modern “grooming” to our gendered division of labor—and what the future might hold for our strange and unique species.

Human Evolution A Very Short Introduction

Author : Bernard Wood
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This introduction traces the history of paleoanthropology from its beginnings in the 18th century to the latest fossil finds. It concentrates on the fossil evidence for human evolution, making reference to the relevant archaeological evidence when appropriate.

Processes in Human Evolution

Author : Francisco J. Ayala
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Updated and rewritten version of first edition, published under title: Human evolution: trails from the past (Oxford biology) / Camilo J. Cela-Conde and Francisco J. Ayala. 2007.

Human Evolution

Author : Bernard Grant Campbell
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In this new fourth edition, Campbell has revised and updated his classic introduction to the field. Human Evolution synthesizes the major findings of modern research and theory and presents a complete and integrated account of the evolution of human beings. New developments in microbiology and recent fossil records are incorporated into the enormous range of this volume, with the resulting text as lucid and comprehensive as earlier editions. The fourth edition retains the thematic structure and organization of the third, with its cogent treatment of human variability and speciation, primate locomotion, and nonverbal communication and the evolution of language, supported by more than 150 detailed illustrations and an expanded and updated glossary and bibliography. As in prior editions, the book treats evolution as a concomitant development of the main behavioral and functional complexes of the genus Homo among them motor control and locomotion, mastication and digestion, the senses and reproduction. It analyzes each complex in terms of its changing function, and continually stresses how the separate complexes evolve interdependently over the long course of the human journey. All these aspects are placed within the context of contemporary evolutionary and genetic theory, analyses of the varied extensions of the fossil record, and contemporary primatology and comparative morphology. The result is a primary text for undergraduate and graduate courses, one that will also serve as required reading for anthropologists, biologists, and nonspecialists with an interest in human evolution. "Synthesizes the conventional academic thought into a textbook or detailed account for lay readers. Along the chronological narrative are discussions of progress in homeostasis, the primate radiation, locomotion and the hindlimb, function and structure of the head, reproduction and social structure, and culture and society." Book News Bernard Campbell has been a visiting lecturer at Harvard and Cambridge, and has taught and conducted research in Eastern and Southern Africa. He was professor of anthropology at the University of California, Los Angeles, from 1970-76. Dr. Campbell is author/coauthor of Sexual Selection and the Descent of Man; Human Ecology (second edition, Aldine); Humankind Emerging and the definitive three-volume Catalogue of Fossil Hominids.

Human Evolution

Author : Camilo J. Cela-Conde
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This book is intended as a comprehensive overview of hominid evolution, synthesising data and approaches from physical anthropology, genetics, archaeology, psychology and philosophy. Human evolution courses are now widespread and this book has the potential to satisfy the requirements of most, particularly at the advanced undergraduate and graduate level. It is based on a translation, albeit with substantial modification, of a successful Spanish language book.

Aspects of Human Evolution

Author : Rudolf Steiner
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8 lectures, Berlin, May 29-July 24, 1917 (CW 176) How to Keep Your Soul Alive after Twenty-Seven This could have been the title of this book. The author shows that the natural development of the soul stops at around the age of twenty-seven. After that, nothing happens for our inner being unless we learn to make it happen. Part of the tragic nature of our time is that more and more people allow their soul life to die at twenty-seven, so that the remainder of their life becomes a kind of mummification. Steiner explains how, by exerting our thinking and feeling, we can keep our soul alive and growing. This is ultimately the only way we can make this incarnation a satisfactory one. Through such effort, we can continue to develop inwardly until a very advanced age--each year, becoming richer and more interesting than the one before. Aspects of Human Evolutionis a book that gives real meaning to the idea that we live in a state of becoming This book is a translation from German of Menschliche und menschheitliche Entwicklungswahrheiten. Das Karma des Materialismus (vol. 176 in the Bibliographic Survey).

The Social Direction of Human Evolution

Author : William E. Kellicott
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Reproduction of the original: The Social Direction of Human Evolution by William E. Kellicott

A Story of Us

Author : Lesley Newson
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It's time for a story of human evolution that goes beyond describing "ape-men" and talks about what women and children were doing. In a few decades, a torrent of new evidence and ideas about human evolution has allowed scientists to piece together a more detailed understanding of what went on thousands and even millions of years ago. We now know much more about the problems our ancestors faced, the solutions they found, and the trade-offs they made. The drama of their experiences led to the humans we are today: an animal that relies on a complex culture. We are a species that can and does rapidly evolve cultural solutions as we face new problems, but the intricacies of our cultures mean that this often creates new challenges. Our species' unique capacity for culture began to evolve millions of years ago, but it only really took off in the last few hundred thousand years. This capacity allowed our ancestors to survive and raise their difficult children during times of extreme climate chaos. Understanding how this has evolved can help us understand the cultural change and diversity that we experience today. Lesley Newson and Peter Richerson, a husband-and-wife team based at the University of California, Davis, began their careers with training in biology. The two have spent years together and individually researching and collaborating with scholars from a wide range of disciplines to produce a deep history of humankind. In A Story of Us, they present this rich narrative and explain how the evolution of our genes relates to the evolution of our cultures. Newson and Richerson take readers through seven stages of human evolution, beginning seven million years ago with the apes that were the ancestors of humans and today's chimps and bonobos. The story ends in the present day and offers a glimpse into the future.


Author : Scientific American Editors
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The complex story of human evolution is a tale seven million years in the making. Each new discovery adds to or revises our story and our understanding of how we came to be the way we are. In this eBook, The Human Odyssey, we explore the evolution of those characteristics that make us human. The first section, “Where We Came From,” looks at our family tree and why some branches survived and not others. Swings in climate are emerging as a factor in what traits succeeded and failed, as we see in “Climate Shocks;” meanwhile in “Human Hybrids,” DNA analyses show that Homo sapiens interbred with other human species, which played a key role in our survival. Section Two, “What Makes Us Special,” examines those traits that separate us from other primates. Recent data indicate that our hairless skin was important to the rise of other human features, and other research is getting closer to illuminating how humans became monogamous, as shown in “The Naked Truth” and “Powers of Two,” respectively. In the final section, “Where We Are Going,” we speculate on the future of human evolution in a world where advances in technology, medicine and other areas protect us from harmful factors like disease, causing some scientists to claim that humans are no longer subject to natural selection and our evolution has ceased. Far from that, in “Still Evolving,” author John Hawks discusses how humans have evolved rapidly over the past 30,000 years, as seen in relatively recent traits like blue eyes or lactose tolerance, why such rapid evolution has been possible and what future generations might look like. Like us, our story will continue to evolve.

Developmental Approaches to Human Evolution

Author : Julia C. Boughner
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Evolutionary developmental biology jumps a step further in Evolutionary Developmental Anthropology to survey the correlation between evolutionary developmental anthropology and primate and human morphological evolution. The book addresses the mechanistic aspects of primate and human morphological change, discussions of methodologies, soft and hard tissues of the head and body, and summaries of behavioral evolutionary developmental biology. As a single resource on a complex topic, Evolutionary Development Anthropology is the key to understanding the role of genes and development in morphological evolution.

Classification and Human Evolution

Author : Sherwood L. Washburn
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This volume reviews the meaning of taxonomic statements and considers our present knowledge regarding the number and characteristics of species among living and extinct primates, including man and his ancestors. They also examine the relationship of behaviour changes and selection pressures in evolutionary sequences. First published in 1964.

Apes and Human Evolution

Author : Russell H. Tuttle
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Russell Tuttle synthesizes a vast literature in primate evolution and behavior to explain how apes and humans evolved in relation to one another and why humans became a bipedal, tool-making, culture-inventing species distinct from other hominoids. He refutes the theory that we are sophisticated, instinctively aggressive and destructive killer apes.

Race and Human Evolution

Author : Milford H. Wolpoff
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Drawing on a close examination of the fossil record and DNA evidence, this authoritative work by leading researchers challenges the popular "Eve" theory of human origins and posits a bold, controversial new account of human evolution and racial differences. Wolpoff is a professor of human anthroplogy and Caspari is an assistant research scientist. Maps and illustrations.

Human Evolution

Author : P. J. Andrews
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Describes the current understanding of the path of human evolution and reconstructs the appearance and environment of specific species from Egyptian apes to Peking man, Neanderthals, and Cro-Magnons

Seven Million Years

Author : Douglas Palmer
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A voyage into the deep past to discover how we became human, and how modern science is rewriting our family tree. Seven million years ago there were ape-like animals living in the forests and woodlands of Africa who were our ancestors. They were also the ancestors of the chimpanzee. It's still a provocative thought today, but when the first steps toward this realization were taken, most scientists still believed in the special creation of humans and the story of the flood. Over the years, scientific research has uncovered a fascinating human family tree with over twenty members, and more extinct relatives still being identified. Seven Million Years explores the discovery of our own species, our nearest relatives and an ancient shared history. It tells the stories of the archaeological finds, the people who made them, and how these powerful revelations have altered how we perceive ourselves, our uniqueness as human beings, and our sense of self in relation to other animals.

Principles of Human Evolution

Author : Robert Andrew Foley
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Principles of Human Evolution presents an in-depthintroduction to paleoanthropology and the study of human evolution.Focusing on the fundamentals of evolutionary theory and how theseapply to ecological, molecular genetic, paleontological andarcheological approaches to important questions in the field, thistimely textbook will help students gain a perspective on humanevolution in the context of modern biological thinking. The second edition of this successful text features the additionof Robert Foley, a leading researcher in Human EvolutionaryStudies, to the writing team. Strong emphasis on evolutionarytheory, ecology and behavior and scores of new examples reflect thelatest evolutionary theories and recent archaeological finds. Morethan a simple update, the new edition is organized by issue ratherthan chronology, integrating behavior, adaptation and anatomy. Anew design and new figure references make this edition moreaccessible for students and instructors. New author, Robert Foley – leading figure in HumanEvolutionary Studies – joins the writing team. Dedicated website –– provides study resources and artwork downloadable forPowerpoint presentations. Beyond the Facts boxes – explore key scientific debatesin greater depth. Margin Comments – indicate the key points in eachsection. Key Questions – review and test students’ knowledgeof central chapter concepts and help focus the way a studentapproaches reading the text. New emphasis on ecological and behavioral evolution – inkeeping with modern research. Fully up to date with recent fossil finds and interpretations;integration of genetic and paleoanthropological approaches.

Human Evolutionary Biology

Author : Michael P. Muehlenbein
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A wide-ranging and inclusive text focusing on topics in human evolution and the understanding of modern human variation and adaptability.