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The Scope of Geography RLE Social Cultural Geography

Author : Rhoads Murphey
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This book introduces the beginning student to the major concepts, materials and tools of the discipline of geography. While it presents geographic theory, as whole and for each of its parts, the chief emphasis is on concrete analysis and example rather than on abstraction, an approach which has proven more successful for undergraduate courses than those with a more heavily theoretical bias. The text was extensively re-written for the third edition, which enhanced its clarity and effectiveness, with expanded cartographic coverage.

The Scope and Methods of Geography

Author : Sir Halford John Mackinder
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The Scope and Methods of Geography was a manifesto for the New Geography, in which he viewed physical geography and human geography as a single discipline.

Geography Teaching

Author : Om Prakash Varma, Edith G Vedanayagam
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The National Geographic Magazine

Author :
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Political Geography

Author : Colin Flint
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The new and updated seventh edition of Political Geography once again shows itself fit to tackle a frequently and rapidly changing geopolitical landscape. It retains the intellectual clarity, rigour and vision of previous editions based upon its world-systems approach, and is complemented by the perspective of feminist geography. The book successfully integrates the complexity of individuals with the complexity of the world-economy by merging the compatible, but different, research agendas of the co-authors. This edition explores the importance of states in corporate globalization, challenges to this globalization, and the increasingly influential role of China. It also discusses the dynamics of the capitalist world-economy and the constant tension between the global scale of economic processes and the territorialization of politics in the current context of geopolitical change. The chapters have been updated with new examples – new sections on art and war, intimate geopolitics and geopolitical constructs reflect the vibrancy and diversity of the academic study of the subject. Sections have been updated and added to the material of the previous edition to reflect the role of the so-called Islamic State in global geopolitics. The book offers a framework to help students make their own judgements of how we got where we are today, and what may or should be done about it. Political Geography remains a core text for students of political geography, geopolitics, international relations and political science, as well as more broadly across human geography and the social sciences.

Global Geostrategy

Author : Brian W. Blouet
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The book examines Mackinder's global geostrategic view, from the perspective of geography, diplomatic history, political science, international relations, imperial history, and the space age.

Goal Descriptors for Geographic Literacy

Author : Wisconsin Social Studies Curriculum Study Committee
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Geography Education and the Future

Author : Graham Butt
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Approaches to Human Geography

Author : Stuart Aitken
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Approaches to Human Geography is the essential student primer on theory and practice in Human Geography. It is a systematic review of the key ideas and debates informing post-war geography, explaining how those ideas work in practice. Avoiding jargon - while attentive to the rigor and complexity of the ideas that underlie geographic knowledge – the text is written for students who have not met philosophical or theoretical approaches before. This is a beginning guide to geographic research and practice.

The Economic Geography of the Tourist Industry

Author : Keith G. Debbage
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The Economic Geography of the Tourist Industry explores how tourism is defined and examines whether or not tourism can be conceptualized as an industry. Detailed analyses of key sectors of the travel and tourism industry, such as tour operators, airlines and the hotel industry, are backed by a broad range of international case studies. The book also investigates issues such as business cycles, labour dynamics, entrepreneurship, and the role of the state in tourism and concludes that the production of tourism-related services has characteristics commonly associated with 'harder' production sectors, such as manufacturing and producer services.