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The Scope of Morality

Author : Peter A. French
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Author : Bernard Gert
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In this final revision of the classic work, the author has produced the fullest and most sophisticated account of this influential theoretical model. Here, he makes clear that morality is an informal system that does not provide unique answers to every moral question but does always limit the range of morally acceptable options, and so explains why some moral disagreements cannot be resolved. The importance placed on the moral ideals also makes clear that the moral rules are only one part of the moral system. A chapter that is devoted to justifying violations of the rules illustrates how the moral rules are embedded in the system and cannot be adequately understood independently of it. The chapter on reasons includes a new account of what makes one reason better than another and elucidates the complex hybrid nature of rationality.

The Scope of Morality

Author : Peter A. French
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When Leadership Goes Wrong

Author : Birgit Schyns
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The leadership landscape has begun to shift. Researchers have started to realize that previous conceptualizations of leadership that focus only on the positive aspects of leadership are too narrow and may represent a romantic notion of leadership. A growing body of inquiry has emerged with a focus on the darker side of leadership. Allowing for the possibility that leaders can also do harm, either intentionally or unintentionally, broadens the scope of leadership studies and serves to increase the practical implications of leadership research. This book brings together contributions by scholars from several different countries addressing topics such as narcissistic and destructive leadership, ethical leadership and leader errors.

Messy Morality

Author : C. A. J. Coady
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Tony Coady explores the challenges that morality poses to politics. He steers a course between realism, which rejects morality in politics, and moralism, which has a distorting influence on a realistic political morality; he seeks to rehabilitate the concept of ideals; and he discusses the contentious topics of 'dirty hands' and lying in politics.

The Scope of Morality

Author : Peter A. French
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The scope of morality, Peter A. French contends, is much narrower than many traditional and contemporary works in ethical theory suggest. We trivialize morality if we think it has something to say about everything we do; it touches us all, but not at all.

The Scope of Autonomy

Author : Katerina Deligiorgi
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Katerina Deligiorgi offers a contemporary defence of autonomy which is Kantian but engages closely with recent arguments about agency, morality, and practical reasoning. The concept of autonomy should be understood in relation to others as well as to ourselves: it is theoretically plausible, psychologically realistic, and morally attractive.

Peter Singer Under Fire

Author : Jeffrey A. Schaler
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"Peter Singer, the best-known and most controversial ethicist of our day, has done more than anyone else to make philosophical ethics relevant to the troubling moral issues that concern ordinary people and policy-makers." "Singer's views on such topics as world hunger, abortion, infanticide, the sanctity of life, and our treatment of animals have often aroused fierce opposition from political and religious leaders. Singer was subjected to violent attacks during his visits to Germany in 1989-1991, and his appointment to a chair in bioethics at Princeton University led to noisy protests and threats of boycott." "Peter Singer Under Fire includes Singer's intellectual autobiography, in which he relates the events of his life and tells how he arrived at his contentious views, followed by fifteen essays from prominent critics of Singer (not all philosophers or academics), to each one of which Singer gives a careful and clear reply."--BOOK JACKET.

Why Be Moral

Author : Beatrix Himmelmann
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What reasons do we have to be moral, and are these reasons more compelling than the reasons we have to pursue non-moral projects? Ever since the Sophists first raised this question, it has been a focal point of debate. Why be Moral? is a collection of new essays on this fundamental philosophical problem, written by an international team of leading scholars in the field.

Moral Relativism and Chinese Philosophy

Author : Yang Xiao
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A wide ranging consideration of the work of contemporary ethicist David Wong. Original, influential, and often controversial, ethicist David Wong defends forms of moral relativism. His 1984 Moral Relativity was a study of this concept, and his 2006 Natural Moralities presented a new and sophisticated account of it. Wong’s vision is of a pluralistic moral relativism; he does not defend all forms of relativism but evaluates what moralities may be true. His singular philosophy reflects his deep knowledge of Confucian and Daoist thought. In this book, moral philosophers and scholars of Chinese thought debate ideas central to Wong’s work and Wong responds to them. The discussion ranges widely, including exploring Wong’s thought on naturalism, criteria for moralities, the principle of charity, moral authority, and the concept of community, and looking at his readings of Xunzi and Zhuangzi. Wong’s nuanced and forceful responses clarify and develop further arguments in his work. These engaging and critical exchanges between Wong and his critics illuminate not only Wong’s thought, but also contemporary ethical theory and Chinese philosophy. Yang Xiao is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Kenyon College. Yong Huang is Professor of Philosophy at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He is the author of Religious Goodness and Political Rightness: Beyond the Liberal-Communitarian Debate and Confucius: A Guide for the Perplexed and editor of Rorty, Pragmatism, and Confucianism: With Responses by Richard Rorty, also published by SUNY Press.