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The Secrets of Angel Healing

Author : Sabi Hilmi
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Unveil the secrets of angelic guidance and turn your life around Are you feeling unfulfilled? Are you often ill and run down? Do you suffer from lack of confidence? Have you had a string of heartbreaking relationships? Sabi Hilmi had her first divine experience when a close relative was seriously ill ten years ago and an angel appeared by her side. From that day on, she began training as an angel practitioner. By following angelic guidance, Sabi changed her life around, and the emotional rollercoaster she'd been suffering turned eventually to happiness and contentment. In this remarkable book, she shows you how to channel your angels and gain strength and guidance from them. She shares her story of finding true love, so that you will learn the secrets given to her by the Angelic Realm and be guided to find your soulmate.

The Book of Angels

Author : Kaya
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A guide for working with angels offers exercises that will help with self-understanding, overcoming obstacles, and developing wisdom, and shows how to invite angels into human life.

The Secrets of Angel Healing

Author : Hazel Raven
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Did you ever feel a mysterious change in the atmosphere of a room-a tingling in the air or a beautiful aroma with no visible source? You may have been sensing the presence of an angel. Here are step-by-step instructions for summoning angelic power at will-to heal body and spirit, repair troubled relationships, and overcome life obstacles. Raphael for self-healing and to heal others, Thuriel to help heal animals and find release from fears, Gabriel for the interpretation of dreams, Jophiel for inspiration and wise counsel, Raziel for prophecy and revelation...all 21 archangels are covered in this comprehensive directory.

The Secret Life of Angels

Author : Ron Rhodes
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You’ve probably seen depictions of angels in popular TV shows and movies, and you may have read about angel encounters. Curiously, however, these accounts often have little in common with the Bible’s portrayal of angels. How can you tell what is real and what isn’t? How can you separate fact from fiction? With this fascinating and inspirational guide, you’ll journey through God’s Word and discover who angels are, what they are like, and how they are involved in your life today. You’ll also find solid, biblical answers to such questions as... Where did angels come from? Are all angels good? Should we communicate with angels? Angels are active all around you—of that you can be certain. As you learn the truth about their secretive role in the world, you’ll be encouraged to see the ways angels are indeed available to help us.

Secrets of Los Angeles

Author : Peter Aperlo
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A Call of Cthulhu Roleplaying Game Sourcebook for the city of Los Angeles

The Secret Sex Life of Angels

Author : I. J. Weinstock
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THE ULTIMATE SECRETIn a world with no future, one man is offered a secret key from the past to unlock the greatest mystery of all. One hundred days into his presidency, Adam Hart discovers that to fulfill his oath of office he must embark on a sexual odyssey that could determine the fate of the world. The Secret Sex Life of Angels combines the intrigue and controversy of The Da Vinci Code with the spirituality and eroticism of the Kama Sutra in a fantastic saga about the sacred nature of sex. YOU'LL NEVER LOOK AT SEX IN THE SAME WAY AGAIN!

The Book of Angels

Author : Kaya, Christiane Muller
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KNOW YOURSELF AND YOU WILL KNOW THE UNIVERSE "When your dreams have become as real as day When your spirit seeks the meaning of its existence, its loves and its work When you see behind the images and you hear beyond the words When you feel vulnerable and your feelings are beyond your power to control When your body hurts and you don't know why When you ask yourself, ‘Why live, if I have to die?’ When faced with the social inequalities and misery of this world, you wonder if God really exists You are ready for initiation You are ready to receive Knowledge." Through The Traditional Study of Angels, rediscover and develop the Angelic States of Consciousness that represent the essence of the Divine qualities and virtues. By reactivating these powerful Angelic energies in your thoughts, feelings and actions, you will awaken a new way of understanding dreams, signs and synchronicity. Reading the real-life experiences told in this book, discover that the greatest teaching is that which is received through personal experience. Become aware that every event, meeting and word contributes to our evolution. In simple language, Kaya and Christiane Muller share with us the treasures of this teaching and its application in daily life. They share their own experience and that of individuals who practice this ancient path of Knowledge. To meditate with the Angels is to experience spiritual autonomy.

Secrets Of Angels And Demons

Author : Dan Burstein
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The first book to help you understand the mysteries and secret histories within the plot of Dan Brown's bestselling ANGELS AND DEMONS. SECRETS OF ANGELS AND DEMONS provides the curious reader with concise, authoritative explorations of the major themes that help propel the plot of Dan Brown's new bestseller, ANGELS AND DEMONS. Taking the same detailed approach as SECRETS OF THE CODE, Burstein and de Keijzer examine the provocative issues raised in the novel: the existence and scope of the Illuminati and their relationship to other 'secret societies'; the ongoing, centuries-old debate between science and religion; the history and practices of the Vatican and pagan symbolism and its place within the Church. They also explore the world of Bernini, master artist of the Baroque era, and the secret meanings behind his symbolism; what really happened in the trial of Galileo; and the real state-of-the-art of anti-matter technology. This book will delight and engage everyone who finished ANGELS AND DEMONS thinking, 'I need to know more about this book'.

Secrets of Angels on Earth

Author : Allan J. Sweeney
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Clues to help angels on earth, from before birth, until after death.

Secrets of Angels

Author : A. L. Duncan
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After four years of war ravaging the French countryside and towns, it looked as if all sense of humanity had disappeared. To an outsider, the streets of 1918 Paris would seem the worst and most dreary place for an American to ever wish to step foot upon being only ninety miles from the closest front. This, of course, was the fear that beset the soul of Marguerite Adler. She would not have had the slightest interest in traveling to Paris if it were not for a letter from her mother's estate, which stated her presence was needed immediately to settle affairs. Marguerite's life becomes gradually transformed in a city that is very much removed from any imaginations. Paris, despite parts of it damaged, is quite alive and colorful. It is in Paris where she finds Jean, a seemingly virtuous soul trapped in a mind exposed to the effects of war and her patriotic support. Both women, having pledged themselves to peace, albeit in quite opposite ways, find themselves attracted to a spirit the other wished they had. This is a story of how civilians survived in an everyday world of atrocity, hostilities and love by their almost sublime faiths and their prevailing submission of acceptance of the world around them.

Secrets of Your Guardian Angels

Author : Mayte Fernandez
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Secrets of Your Guardian Angels will open your heart to the angels all around you and will teach you how to hear their messages. It is a spiritual guide that the children in your life will love...and that will change their lives forever. The simple yet profound story of such truth and told with such integrity! I just love it! Christina Cross Akashic Records teacher

New Healing Secrets of Angels and Herbs

Author : Jennifer Bailey
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Do you feel out of focus? Do you wish you could cleanse all the negative, toxic energy from your life? Do you long to know how to purify yourself, body, soul, and spirit? Do you want to know how to invite powerful spiritual beings into your life? Do you want to experience a profound state of serenity? Do you yearn for more strength and vitality? For the first time, spiritual teacher, naturopath, and herbalist Jennifer Bailey shares her gentle and natural approach to self-healing. She explains how you can invite the powerful healing energies from high levels of the solar system, channelled through the herbs in your garden, for your own use. You can bring the archangels and fairy kings and queens into your daily life. Through these amazing techniques, you can learn how to: cleanse your meridians; restore your crystal grid; remove unhealthy blocks; improve your strength; feel more vitalised; awaken your spiritual power; unleash the power of herbs and plants; and enjoy increased health. Once you know how to quickly bring in high beings associated to each colour for everyday use, you can improve your focus, communication, strength, vitality, balance, calmness, and harmony. "An incredible read, guiding the beginner into initiation and offering valuable insights and practical exercises for all those who are passionate to take the next step." -Emi Jackson, Reiki practitioner, and massage therapist, Oceania Healing Centre."

Angel Secrets

Author : Jacky Newcomb
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In this enchanting book, the 'Angel Lady' - bestselling author Jacky Newcomb - shares secrets from the angelic realm, and takes you on a journey guided by the angels who embody the key principles of love, family, money, career and other important aspects of everyday life. You will discover angelic wisdom to enrich every aspect of your life, as well as fully-illustrated practical exercises and rituals that you can perform to create a closer connection with the angelic realm. Throughout the book Jacky shares true life stories of angelic intervention and visitation, with stunning contemporary angel images helping you visualize your own encounter with angels. Fresh, magical and beautiful, Jacky Newcomb's Angel Secrets is the perfect guide to the angelic world.


Author : I J Weinstock
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The Initiation Continues... With his marriage unraveling and his presidency in peril, Adam Hart's desperate quest to save the world takes him to India where he must endure the "ultimate" Initiation if he is to learn the secret at the heart of the Mysteries of Isis. Each Initiation is more incredible than the last!

The Secret Strength of Angels

Author : Frederic Flach, MD
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The perfect gift for the Angels in your life. A book to be treasured forever. Personal protectors…divine messengers…pure spirit…seraphim and cherubim…agents of God. We all have a notion of what angles are and what they should look like. We’ve seen angels portrayed in paintings, sculpture, movies, and TV. But even with hundreds of books and TV shows on angels, is there something about them we’ve missed? The Secret Strength of Angels is about the remarkable qualities that angels possess and what we humans can do to emulate them in our own lives here on earth. What’s secret about these virtues is not so much what these angel strengths are, but the idea that we can penetrate the shroud of mystery that surrounds them and identify very specific attributes–seven in particular–that we can make a part of our own personalities once we understand and appreciate them. This may come as a surprise to some. Even those of us who do believe in angels have traditionally thought of them as belonging to another realm, pure spirit, sometimes impish, sometimes heroic, agents of God, our personal protectors. We have been encouraged to model ourselves after elders deserving of respect, remarkable figures in history, saints. But this may be the first time that anyone has considered angels themselves as models for human behavior. The Secret Strength of Angels reminds us that it is not what angels are that is important, but rather what they do. Angels travel the world protecting people, performing altruistic acts, and making life better for those around them. In fact, there are seven specific strengths that angels exhibit, which Dr. Flach reveals: ■ The freedom to choose ■ The power of knowing ■ Love and generosity ■ Communicating ■ A mission to guide and protect ■ Healing and helping ■ A mission to become a more spiritual person Written with quiet confidence and authority, The Secret Strength of Angels provides a unique guide to confronting the day to day in the healthiest manner possible. Whether it helps you heal old wounds and change your behavior, or merely confirms what you already know, The Secret Strength of Angels is thought-provoking and interesting, and contains a message that can appeal to anyone. For every Angel on Earth.

The Secret Language of Angels

Author : Kathy Mursch
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Format : PDF, ePub
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Angels are God's messengers, but sometimes we have difficulty comprehending the messages they bring because we don't understand the languages they use to speak to us. We need a "Rosetta Stone" to decipher them, and Kathy Mursch provides us with just that in The Secret Language of Angels. In this book, she describes the five angel languages - feeling, seeing, hearing, knowing, and dreams and visions - and shows us specifically what to look for in the messages that are being delivered to us at all times. In addition to explaining each of the languages, Kathy provides brief anecdotes of how each has shown up in her personal communications with God. She also calls on Biblical evidence where certain figures were visited by angels "speaking" one of these five languages. The purpose of this book is to help readers strengthen or reinvigorate their connection to God by giving them the tools to hear God's messages directly from their own angels.

How to Draw Fallen Angels

Author : Michael Butkus
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Offers instructions on drawing angels ranging from guardians to the fiendish, and provides background on the winged beings' ancient origins.


Author : I J Weinstock
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The Initiation Continues... Convinced that the fate of the world is at stake and the Mysteries of Isis holds the key, President Adam Hart undergoes his 3rd Initiation on a remote South Sea island. While "floating to paradise," he discovers the shocking truth about the future, turning his world upside-down. Each Initiation is more incredible than the last!

Dictionary of Angels

Author : Gustav Davidson
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An investigation of the evidence in Talmudic, gnostic, apocalyptic, partristic, and legendary texts concerning immortal, winged beings.

Secrets of Heaven

Author : Marshall Vian Summers
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Format : PDF, Docs
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ENTER THE MYSTERY OF YOUR LIFE From the depths of Mystery come the Secrets of Heaven. They have come to take you deeper into the experience of Mystery and purpose that surrounds your presence in the world. The Angels of Heaven seek to share with you what has long been forgotten in the world. Miraculously, as if whispered across time and space, these secrets have now come to you. You have found them. At a time of great change in the world, Heaven seeks to reveal to you the long-forgotten truths that once guided the prophets, poets, messengers and mystics throughout the ages. Here the ancient memory and awareness that dwells within you can be rekindled, revealing your greater gifts and purpose in the world. The Secrets of Heaven hold the power to unlock these gifts, deep at the heart of humanity. With these gifts, there is new hope for the world. Heaven asks you to receive its secrets. Each secret is a window into a greater reality. Each secret is an opportunity to peer through the looking glass, and see ourselves as we are seen from above. Now we are looking through the eyes of Heaven to see ourselves, others and the world as never before. The newest book of revelation from The New Message from God, Secrets of Heaven contains the first and earliest utterances of the New Message from God. These secrets were revealed starting in 1983 in the deserts of the American Southwest, upon the Messenger Marshall Vian Summers' initiation by the Angelic Assembly and their mysterious mandate that he open himself to their presence and begin to "record." What you will find in these pages are those first words, recorded, preserved through time and now made available to the world.