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The Self in Process

Author : V. F. Guidano
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In this profound work, Vittorio Guidano expands upon his earlier seminal contributions on the application of cognitive and developmental principles to individuals struggling with various forms of psycho-pathology. Here, he fully develops the idea that individuals' experience, both positive and negative, are powerfully influenced by their personal "psychological organizations." Focusing primarily on the eating disorders, the phobias (with agoraphobia as the prototype) obsessive-compulsive patterns, and depression, Guidano illustrates how early developmental experiences and ongoing psychological processes may collude to perpetuate dysfunctional patterns and personal distress. The central and perhaps most exciting thesis in this new expression of Guidano's thinking is that the "deep structure" or "core organizing processes" that constrain human psychological experience may be at the heart of successful intervention as well as the classical problems of resistance, relapse, and refractory behaviors. Guidano's contention is at once simple and powerful: those psychological processes involved in the development and maintenance of personal identity, or "self" that should be the primary foci of research and intervention in psycho-logical disorders. The meaning of Guidano's perspective for clinical practice is perhaps best expressed in the author's own words: "Knowing the basic elements of the personal cognitive organization that underlie the pattern of disturbed behavior and emotions, the therapist can behave, from the beginning, in such a way as to build a relationship as effective as possible for that particular client. In other words, the therapist should be able to establish a relationship that respects the client's personal identity and systemic coherence and that, at the same time, does not confirm the basic pathogenic assumptions. For example, in working with agoraphobics, the therapist has to respect their self-images centered on the need to be in control. He/she can do this by avoiding any direct attack on their controlling attitudes and by leaving them a wide margin of control in the relationship. At the same time the therapist should avoid confirming their assumptions about the somatic origin of their emotional disturbances or about their inborn fragility. In short, the therapist who can anticipate the models of self and reality tacitly entertained by the client is surely better able to help the development of a cooperative and secure therapeutic relationship than the therapist who cannot make such anticipations." This timely and provocative volume offers exciting new ideas about how to conceptualize and facilitate change in the "self system." With the rare combination of his Renaissance intellect and integrative practical expertise, Guidano has been able to draw together many disparate themes from object relations theory, ego psychology, attachment theory, constructivist models of human cognition, and lifespan developmental psychology. It is must reading for the practicing professional, the helping apprentice, and anyone interested in glimpsing the cutting edge at the growing interface between cognitive and clinical science.

The Self Inquiry Process

Author : Linda Brierty
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THE SELF-INQUIRY PROCESS: Using Powerful Questions to Awaken Awareness is not a theoretical, information-oriented book; instead, it is experiential in nature. The reader will embark on a process of introspection to increase self-awareness, and bring unconscious material into consciousness. Many people claim to have the answers - this book asks the questions. It introduces a unique framework with which to understand yourself, and goes on to ask direct questions: some quite challenging, some provocative, others simple and to the point. The questions reveal the sources of suffering that can hinder our everyday experience. Other questions point the way to fulfillment and joy. Each question in the book can take you deeper into relationship with your own Self, and closer to the Self-love that makes so many things possible, including loving others and the world. ABOUT THE AUTHOR... Linda Brierty, LCSW, is an integral psychotherapist and Reiki Master. She was trained by Diane Shainberg, Ph.D., noted psychoanalyst and Zen priest. Linda is the director of The Bodhi Tree Holistic Center in Manhattan. She also has a deep love for music and is a classically trained musician.

The Self Teaching Process in Higher Education

Author : P.J. Hills
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Originally published in 1976 The Self-Teaching Process in Higher Education looks at the major changes that took place in the structure of university education. The book looks at how more emphasis was placed on students to take responsibility for their own progress by becoming self-directed individuals. Traditional methods of university education and some alternative approaches are considered in light of course needs of both students and teachers. Self-teaching is then examined in the overall context of the learning process. The book looks at three case studies of the development and use of self-teaching systems, one for chemical bonding, one for electrical circuits and a third for audio-visual communication.

The Therapeutic Process the Self and Female Psychology

Author : Helene Deutsch
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Helene Deutsch was one of the most famous psychoanalysts to emerge from Freud's immediate circle in Vienna. Best known for her writings on female psychology, she was also one of the great teachers of psychoanalysis. As the founding president of the Vienna Psychoanalytic Training Institute, she confirmed her stature in the history of psychoanalysis by cultivating a whole younger generation of influential analysts. Deutsch was tolerant and open-minded, both as a theoretician and teacher, but, as Paul Roazen remarks in his introduction, independence and an absence of fanaticism can mean a temporary fading out of influence. For the first time, Deutsch's major professional contributions are brought together for permanent consideration. This volume documents her enduringly valuable exploration of the complexities of the psychology of women's experience. Deutsch remained essentially faithful to the Freudian canon. Nonetheless, and throughout these writings, she developed ideas on the subject of femininity that were often at odds with those of her mentor. Her use of Freud's theories aimed to encourage toleration of human diversity and to modify his model of sexuality according to the particular circumstances of women's lives. It was Deutsch who introduced motherhood as a central concern of psychoanalysis by stressing how the psychological dimension of reproduction was different for men and women and how this uniquely feminine capacity had its effects on the entire psychology of women. The same commitment to human diversity informs her much-misunderstood work on the clinical problems of female sexual dysfunction. While accepting the Freudian goal of sexual gratification, Deutsch argues that sublimation through work was a key value in its own right This is illustrated in "George Sand: A Woman's Destiny," a brilliant early example of psychobiography. This volume of Deutsch's classic papers, several appearing in English for the first time, will be of interest to psychologists, intellectual historians, and women's studies specialists.

Images of the Self

Author : Estelle L. Weinrib
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The self directed teacher Managing the learning process

Author : David Nunan
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Self and Non Self in Early Buddhism

Author : Joaquín Pérez-Remón
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Since its founding by Jacques Waardenburg in 1971, Religion and Reason has been a leading forum for contributions on theories, theoretical issues and agendas related to the phenomenon and the study of religion. Topics include (among others) category formation, comparison, ethnophilosophy, hermeneutics, methodology, myth, phenomenology, philosophy of science, scientific atheism, structuralism, and theories of religion. From time to time the series publishes volumes that map the state of the art and the history of the discipline.

Non Metropolitan Local Consultation Process A Self Assessment Tool for States

Author :
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The process of self determination

Author : Pablo Beltrán Mellado
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The Presidents Quality Award Program Self Assessment Process for Federal State and Local Government

Author : Jerry Arcaro
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Why should government agencies conduct quality assessments? The answer is simple: in this era of budget constraints, taxpayer dissatisfaction and "smaller government," today's government agencies must do more with less. The public is demanding it. The Presidents Quality Award Program Self-Assessment Process for Federal, State and Local Government can help you identify areas of waste, cut costs dramatically, and increase efficiency and productivity. Not convinced? Recently, the City of Union, Georgia, used the methodology contained in this workbook to cut costs 15 percent and speed up the budget process from 6 months to 30 days. The methods outlined in The Presidents Quality Award Program Self-Assessment Process for Federal, State and Local Government can also increase your organization's competitiveness, increase your service quality, and most importantly, change people's attitudes about working with government agencies. It's no secret that the vast majority of Americans are currently dissatisfied with the way the government does business. Isn't it time you changed their minds?

The Self and Society in Aging Processes

Author : Carol D. Ryff
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This volume focuses on the experience of growing old as it is linked to societal factors. Ryff and Marshall construct this "macro" view of aging in society by bridging disciplines and brining together contributors from all the social sciences. The book is organized into three sections: theoretical perspectives, socioeconomic structures, and contexts of self and society. Leading psychologists, anthropologists, gerontologists, and sociologists present theoretical and empirical advances that forge links between the individual and the social aspects of aging. It is must reading for researchers in all gerontologic specialties, and a valuable text for graduate courses in human development, psychology of aging, and other social aspects of aging.

Suicide and the Self as Process

Author : Muriel Hoover
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Tough Love

Author : Cynthia Burack
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Exposes how ex-gay and postabortion ministries operate on a shared system of thought and analyzes their social implications.

A staple of the culture wars, the struggle between Christian conservatives and progressives over sexuality and reproductive rights continues. Focusing on ex-gay ministries geared to helping same-sex attracted people resist their sexuality and postabortion ministries dedicated to leading women who have had an abortion to repent that decision, Cynthia Burack argues that both are motivated and characterized by a strain of compassion that is particular to Christian conservatism rather than a bias and hatred toward sexual minorities and sexually active women. This compassion reproduces the sexual ideology of the Christian right and absolves Christian conservatives from responsibility for stigma and other forms of harm to postabortive and same-sex attracted people. Using the democratic theory of Hannah Arendt, the popular fiction of Ayn Rand, and the psychoanalytic thought of Melanie Klein, Burack studies the social and political effects of Christian conservative compassion.

Being In Being For Being With

Author : Clark E. Moustakas
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This text examines a series of pervasive themes of human existence and the challenges of being and relating. Areas investigated include: the nature and meaning of being different; possessiveness and being possessed; and dimensions of loneliness, mystery and self-disclosure.

The International Journal of the Addictions

Author :
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The Process of Self Transformation

Author : Vicente Hao Chin
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“From time immemorial,” says the author, “sages from diverse cultures have passed on enduring solutions to the dilemmas of living. Yet their insights are not as known to the world as they ought to be.” This deep, wise, and practical guide intends to make them more so. It is the harvest of the popular seminars developed and led by Vic Hao Chin, former president of the Theosophical Society in the Philippines and a worldwide teacher and presenter. He gives time-proven approaches for eliminating fear, resentment, worry, depression, and the stress of daily living in order to deepen spiritual practice. And he includes sections on overcoming negative conditioning, developing relationships, and optimizing physical health. To help readers in the process of self-actualization, he also provides helpful illustrations, case studies, and step-by-step instructions for meditation and breathing exercises.

Organizational Psychology

Author : David A. Kolb
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Leerboek voor studenten en managers

Strategy Instruction for Students with Learning Disabilities Second Edition

Author : Robert Reid
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"Practical and accessible, this book provides the first step-by-step guide to cognitive strategy instruction, which has been shown to be one of the most effective instructional techniques for students with learning problems. Presented are proven strategies that students can use to improve their self-regulated learning, study skills, and performance in specific content areas, including written language, reading, and math. Clear directions for teaching the strategies in the elementary or secondary classroom are accompanied by sample lesson plans and many concrete examples. Enhancing the book's hands-on utility are more than 20 reproducible worksheets and forms"--

Psychological Perspectives on the Self

Author : Jerry M. Suls
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Vygotsky s Developmental and Educational Psychology

Author : Peter E. Langford
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Vygotsky is widely considered one of the most significant and influential psychologists of the twentieth century. Nevertheless, true appreciation of his theories has been hindered by a lack of understanding of the background to his thought. Vygotsky's Developmental and Educational Psychology aims to demonstrate how we can come to a new and original understanding of Vygotsky's theories through knowledge of their cultural, philosophical and historical context. Beginning with the main philosophical influences of Marxist and Hegelian thought, this book leads the reader through Vygotsky's life and the development of his own psychology. Central areas covered include: * The child, the levels and consciousness * Motivation and cognition * The relevance of Vygotsky's theories to current research in developmental psychology. This comprehensive survey of Vygotsky's thought will prove an invaluable resource for those studying developmental psychology or education.