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Sexual and Reproductive Health of Adolescents with Disabilities

Author : Tafadzwa Rugoho
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This book investigates various experiences of teaching sexual and reproductive health to adolescents with disabilities. Following the adoption of the UNCRPD, adolescents with disabilities still commonly suffer from widespread violation of their rights particularly concerning sexual and reproductive health – often being viewed as either asexual or hypersexual. Contemporary societies do not readily encourage the participation of these young people in conversations or decision making processes concerning their own sexual and reproductive health. This book delves into such complex issues, critically examining how global communities attempt to teach sexual and reproductive issues to adolescents with disabilities in the modern era.

Adolescence Sexuality and the Criminal Law

Author : Vern L Bullough
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Gain an understanding of the threat to freedom that is posed by state regulation of adolescent sexual behavior Sexual autonomy encompasses both the right to engage in wanted sexual activity and the right to be free and protected from unwanted sexual aggression. Only when both aspects of adolescents’ rights are recognized can human sexual dignity be fully respected. In Adolescence, Sexuality, and the Criminal Law, experts from several disciplines use case studies, legal analysis, empirical examinations, and tables and figures to provide you with an insightful contribution to the debate surrounding child sexual abuse. Much has been written about the undisputedly essential fight against child sexual exploitation. In Adolescence, Sexuality, and the Criminal Law, experts investigate for the first time what distinguishes the sexual contacts of adolescents from those of children and why they should be treated separately. This updated version of the papers delivered to the International Association for the Treatment of Sex Offenders in 2002 is an essential guide for lawmakers, sexologists, psychologists, and lawyers interested in an interdisciplinary approach to adolescent sexuality and the criminal law. This resource carefully examines child sexual abuse laws that fail to distinguish between children and adolescents. The text includes discussions of the history of the age of consent, adolescent sexuality, relations between adolescents and adults, and adolescent prostitution and pornography that will leave you better informed about the sexual rights of adolescents and the criminal politics of youth protection. Adolescence, Sexuality, and the Criminal Law examines adolescent sexuality and the various policies that threaten adolescents’ autonomy, including: the question of youthful sexuality and how society has attempted to deal with it recent attempts to deny youthful sexuality through abstinence or changes in the law intergenerational sexual interaction child pornography and much more! As the debate surrounding child sexual abuse laws escalates, the value of this authoritative and timely text will continue to increase. Whether you are a lawmaker, a sexologist, a social worker, a lawmaker, or a lawyer, Adolescence, Sexuality, and the Criminal Law is a resource that you’ll return to again and again as you work to understand the importance of adolescent sexual rights.

Strengthening the protection of sexual and reproductive health and rights in the African region through human rights

Author : Eunice Brookman-Amissah
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Strengthening the protection of sexual and reproductive health and rights in the African region through human rights uses rights-based frameworks to address some of the serious sexual and reproductive health challenges that the African region is currently facing. More importantly, the book provides insightful human rights approaches on how these challenges can be overcome. The book is the first of its kind. It is an important addition to the resources available to researchers, academics, policymakers, civil society organisations, human rights defenders, learners and other persons interested in the subject of sexual and reproductive health and rights as they apply to the African region. Human rights issues addressed by the book include: access to safe abortion and emergency obstetric care; HIV/AIDS; adolescent sexual health and rights; early marriage; and gender-based sexual violence.

Explorations of Childhood

Author : Elena Xeni
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With input from authors exploring aspects of the study of childhood from a multi-disciplinary angle, Explorations of Childhood(s), is a must-read book for anyone with an interest in the child and childhood.

Teen Lives around the World A Global Encyclopedia 2 volumes

Author : Karen Wells
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This two-volume encyclopedia looks at the lives of teenagers around the world, examining topics from a typical school day to major issues that teens face today, including bullying, violence, sexuality, and social and financial pressures. • Gives readers a glimpse into a typical day in the life of a teen in countries around the world, from wake up time to classes to after school activities • Focuses on interesting facts and anecdotal information • Allows students to make cross-national comparisons of topics such as literacy, education, rights, internet use, and other key issues • Shows a complex picture of new family forms, new gender roles, and declining religious belief with the strong persistence of conservative values

Feminist Perspectives on Child Law

Author : Jo Bridgeman
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Whilst there many publications dealing with children from both legal and theoretical perspectives, the child is persistently represented and discussed as a gender neutral or pre-gender and pre-sexual object. This text uses feminist perspectives to explore more rarely addressed aspects of childhood.

Sexuality and Relationship Education for Children and Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Author : Davida Hartman
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Children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) require specialized teaching strategies when learning about puberty, sexuality and relationships. This professional resource offers practical teaching advice geared towards the needs of young people on the autism spectrum. Beginning with information on good practice, policy, teaching methods and recent research, the book then divides into key sex education topics that assist professionals in developing their own individualized and developmentally appropriate curricula. Covering issues of gender, public and private, puberty, hygiene, emotions, sex and more, each topic provides an overview of the difficulties that children with autism might experience, discussion and activity ideas and photocopiable resources including instructional stories, checklists and illustrations. The final section demonstrates how to respond to ongoing patterns of inappropriate behaviour and put together a behaviour plan. Aiming to explain and support the child's developing sexuality while also addressing crucial issues of safety, this book is a much-needed teaching manual for all professionals working with children and young adults with autism including educators in mainstream and special education, psychologists, therapists and social workers.

Impact of Reproductive Health Education Programme RHEP among adolescent girls an intervention study

Author : MutumSilpa Devi S. Jaya
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Confronting the Challenge of Reproductive Health in Africa

Author : Friday Okonofua
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Confronting the Challenge of Reproductive Health in Africa is an indispensable resource for anyone delving into the field of sexual and reproductive health and rights, either as a student, practitioner or policymaker. The compilation of chapters provides contemporary and detailed information about the context, principles and practice of reproductive health in Africa from multidisciplinary and multi-sectorial perspectives, as well as evidence for designing cost-effective interventions. Written in a simple free flowing prose by experienced international scholars, and organized in an orderly manner, the book will fill an important gap in health promotion for development in Africa.

Biological Psychosocial Interactions in Early Adolescence

Author : Richard M. Lerner
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First published in 1987, Biological-Psychosocial Interactions in Early Adolescence explores the mutually - influential relations between biological and psychosocial variables as the basis for development in the early portions of the adolescent period and, in fact, across the entire life span. The volume introduces key conceptual and methodological issues that are raised by the study of biological-psychosocial interrelations. It provides key foundations for the research conducted in major laboratories in USA back in 1980s. It also provides the results from these laboratories and their progress at that time. This book will be an essential read for scholars and researchers of psychology, behavioural science, and sociology.