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The Smart Entrepreneur

Author : Bart Clarysse
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More people than ever are becoming entrepreneurs, but the perils of starting your own business are well-documented. The Smart Entrepreneur teaches you how to avoid these pitfalls and make your business a success by following a series of practical and easy-to-understand steps The Smart Entrepreneur uses a combination of both mainstream business experiences and state-of-the-art academic research, distilled into an accessible reference book specifically targeted at those interested in business start-ups. Designed to appeal to everyone, from business students looking to commercialize a business idea to managers looking to inspire entrepreneurial thinking in their teams.

The Smart Entrepreneur

Author : Rocky Richard Arnold, Ph.d.
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The author has written a book for hard-working and imaginative people – entrepreneurs – who have a passion to create valuable technology, products, and companies. Whether you are an inventor with an idea, an aspiring entrepreneur of any age, or a highly experienced senior leader, your goal is to start with an idea and create a successfully-funded start-up company.The ability to navigate the entrepreneurial environment is enhanced by following the guidance provided by the serial entrepreneur and author of the book “The Smart Entrepreneur: The Book Investors Don't Want You to Read.”Unlike many business books that only tell the reader what to do in general terms, the focus of this book is on the specific actionable activities and process-oriented details of “how” to execute in a disciplined manner and achieve success.So, why wouldn't an investor want you to read this book? Perhaps they would if they believed you would perfectly execute on the idea and plan you presented. However, nothing ever works perfectly. There are a multitude of reasons why the best expectations for a business are never realized. What happens when things don't go right? In the worst of circumstances investors secure greater control and equity through the funding agreements they originally made with the founders.The ability of investors to secure greater control and ownership lies at the heart of the entrepreneur's relationship with an investor. Avoiding pitfalls and preserving founder equity underpins the author's approach to entrepreneurship.The author has structured the chapters of the book around eleven chronological essential topics: (1) founder vision and invention, (2) due diligence by founders on the founding team, (3) incorporation mechanics, (4) technology and intellectual property development, (5) marketing and sales plan, (6) financial plan, (7) valuation of the opportunity, (8) business plan, (9) preparations for investment and investors, (10) investor network, and (11) leadership and early-stage company operations.The goals of this book are to help an entrepreneur: (1) achieve his/her vision, (2) maximize her/his enterprise's value and return on investment, (3) achieve results efficiently and preserve the equity of founders, (4) avoid catastrophic pitfalls, (5) minimize stress and uncertainty inherent in the processes.The book provides insights and guidance to help an entrepreneur negotiate the difficult issues that often delay or thwart success. The book is intended to help entrepreneurs maximize the starting value of the enterprise, preserve equity along the way, and provide help with early-stage management issues that can cause the entrepreneur to stumble and lose traction.This book also attempts to provide realism to the process of entrepreneurship by outlining what is reasonable and what is not. The author states that “as a founder and leader of your company, how you respond to challenges makes a difference in the success of your endeavor.It is good to be realistic about entrepreneurship. If you are aware of how things might work, and might not work, it will make you more keenly aware of what needs to be done to best assure success. That is why I wrote this book.”

Start up Entrepreneurship

Author : Mikkel Draebye
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Most entrepreneurs do not succeed in their attempt to create a sustainable business from their venture idea. There are several reasons for the very high failure rates in start-up and social entrepreneurship, but most can be traced back to a lack of understanding of how a start-up should be managed in its different phases, from the identification of the opportunity to the management of the established and growing venture. This book analyses the start-up process and suggests theoretical insights, methods and tools that will help the entrepreneur to manage the risk associated with unknowns and uncertainties and that will increase the chances of success. The framework presented, the SMART entrepreneurial process, draws heavily on “modern” entrepreneurial management theory such as the lean start-up method and effectual entrepreneurship, but combines these approaches with suggestions for practical implementation. The book is mainly written with budding for-profit start-uppers in mind, but provides insights that are equally useful for social entrepreneurs.

Business Synergy Unmasked

Author : Noman Shams
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Every entrepreneur sets out to solve a problem or series of identified problems in society and then grow a profitable business. Growth is the most important aspect of a business's life cycle; without it, no business succeeds and every entrepreneur would just turn out a failure. Growth means many things to many entrepreneurs and businesses. It can mean making more sales, generating more revenue, creating more product lines, expanding to new locations, getting more funding in the case of startups, increasing capacity by hiring and so much more. Among the many things that make up growth for a business, generating more sales and making more money is at the forefront of it. Without more revenue, no business would become self-sustaining, and business death would become an eventuality. This is why marketing is the most important thing every business needs to succeed in to grow… According to the US Chamber of Commerce… 8 out of every 10 small business close within the first 5 years of establishment. Why is this shocking statistic possible? I will tell you. It's obviously because of the lack of sales and generation of revenue to power the growth of the business. And how do they generate revenues? By having a continuous inflow of customers to serve, who pay them… And how do they get a steady inflow of customers? By marketing continuously and driving in new prospects through brand awareness and other marketing campaign objectives. Research shows that businesses that master the art of marketing early enough in their life cycle, experience massive growth than those that do not. Apple Inc. succeeded not because they created wonderful and innovative products from the beginning but because Steve Jobs was a wonder at marketing their creations and getting them into as many offices and homes as possible. So, as an entrepreneur, if you want to succeed with your venture or business, you must focus on marketing to grow your business and become profitable… Business synergy is one of the often overlooked and fastest methods to implement marketing and grow exponentially. The problem is that many entrepreneurs do not necessarily pay attention to business synergy or understand it from the perspective from which they can see how powerful synergy is to the growth of their business. But that's about to change. In this book, I want to help as many entrepreneurs as are reading this book to lift the blindfold from their eyes and get them to see the new light of synergy in the core areas of their businesses, where they can implement it and quickly grow and become profitable. Synergy is not just for big corporations with deep pockets, large teams, and sophisticated strategies that make them able to make industry shaking synergistic moves. We are going to explore synergy at the microlevel… The level where it even matters more for small businesses and entrepreneurs like you. Let’s begin!

Ten Freedoms of the Smart Entrepreneur kit Realizing the True Purpose for Being an Entrepreneur the Constant Expansion of Personal Freedom in Every Area of Personal Life

Author : Dan Sullivan
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The Smart Entrepreneur s Path

Author : Saurabh Jayakumar Gandhi
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Reasons why this book is great for becoming a entrepreneur1. If you want motivation 2. If you don't know from where to start 3. If you don't know how to startIn this book, you will learn how successful entrepreneurs deal and how they do their job. How can you do it. How they think and what their strategies are. And they think the same thing as you. They thought they were stupid, or indifferent, or old. They do it, they reap a reward. And you can too. Only will and skills are needed. If there is one thing this book should teach you, that is the only thing that keeps you from achieving a lifelong entrepreneurship career and the joy of life is you.Entrepreneurship is always a new idea in terms of how to improve, what it takes to run a business, how to benefit a specific person etc. It is important to understand how business is defined. While some of the qualities and skills are considered successful entrepreneurs, the entrepreneur has to perform certain tasks to build the business. There are advantages and disadvantages involved in choosing a business model. There are many myths and fears that keep people from going about business. In this case, in this book, we will look at how entrepreneurship affects the community and your ability to make a difference in a set of ideas and a set of skills.

Smart Entrepreneur

Author : Vanessa Gibson
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ATTENTION: Entrepreneurs, visionaries, and startups... "Discover How To Create Innovative Products And Services That Disrupt Markets And Change The Future" You'll Learn The Secrets of Top Companies Such As Uber, AirBnB, and Facebook So You Can Model Success! It's time to change the world. There are too many articles and books out there on internet marketing. Too many on 'black hat SEO'. Too many on simple business models that anyone can emulate. The fact of the matter is that very few people got rich by selling SEO books. Sure, some people do, but they don't get Elon Musk rich. They don't get Mark Zuckerberg rich! What Do Successful Entrepreneurs Have In Common? What do those characters have in common? Simple: they created things that changed the worlds. They built digital products (and otherwise) that have transformed industries, politics and economies. And it's not just them. Take a look at Uber, at AirBnB, at Oculus. The world is changing at an incredible rate. Amazing new opportunities are there for those that are willing to seize them. And if you're smart and if you act fast, you can be a part of that. And wouldn't that be much more exciting and much more rewarding than just posting ads on Google? Wouldn't the potential for earning be exponentially higher? What's The Solution? I've written a guide to help you bring your idea into fusion and into reality. It's easy to understand so you can read through and take action right away. Let me introduce you to our brand new guide: Smart Entrepreneur The Entrepreneur's Guide to Creating Innovative Products And Services That Disrupt Markets And Change The Future Here's exactly what you'll get inside the course: I can't promise you that if you read this guide, you're going to come up with a billion dollar idea. But what I can tell you, is that this course will be exposing the secrets and the strategies of some of the most successful visionaries on the planet. You'll learn how to ask the right questions and think in the right way to have those breakthrough ideas. And you'll learn how to turn those ideas into working businesses by taking advantage of the web and other new technologies. Here's what else you'll discover in this eBook: How companies such as Uber, AirBnB and Facebook disrupted the industry and what you can learn from them Discover how to come up with truly innovative ideas and then execute them in a way that capitalizes on their full potentially. How to validate an idea - does your innovation work as a business? How to ask the right questions and innovate in stale industries How to think like the world's most successful entrepreneurs How to see opportunities and seize them How to build apps, create social networks and develop physical products How to find funding, protect your ideas and speak with investors How to avoid the biggest traps and mistakes of other entrepreneurs How to market an idea that is completely new How to mitigate risk and avoid failure ...and much, much more!

Street Smart Entrepreneur

Author : Jay Goltz
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Small firms in Chicago employ more than 1.6 million individuals—nearly 50 percent of the private work force, according to a new study released this fall by the Small Business Administration. The survey, which defines small firms as those employing less than 500 people, also shows that these businesses generate 47 percent of the area's total receipts of $278 billion dollars. However, SBA statistics also reveal that, on average, of the small businesses starting today, 53 percent will not be in business four years from now. Of these closings, it's estimated that 15 percent will close due to business failures. Chicago businessman Jay Goltz understands what it takes for a small business to succeed. During the past twenty years he has owned and operated Artists' Frame Service in Chicago. Goltz started the business in 1978, and today it's the largest, custom retail picture framing facility in the world. Now, Goltz shares some his secrets of success.

Smart Employee Smart Entrepreneur

Author : O. Raphael
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SMART EMPLOYEE SMART ENTREPRENEUR is a must read book for anyone who is in need of employment, or that want to create great wealth in lifetime. Also, this book is dedicated to the great entrepreneurs and writers of old and presents whose works and unmatched achievements have been proved to inspire emerging entrepreneurs, writers, and other millions of people in the world. The lists include: Henry Ford - who with little formal education and apprenticeship in a mechanical shop became a genius innovator and best known for automobile revolution - through inventing and introducing of the assembling line, also recognized as a great business leader and experienced entrepreneur who outshine failure. Steve Jobs - a school dropout whose works and innovative ideas have continues to harness and enhance the technology and communication industry, and the world, best known for his excellent leadership skills and entrepreneurial drives. Mark Zuckerberg - Harvard school dropout, but have proven that passion + purpose +hard work and persistence are what really create great people and billionaires.

The Entrepreneur s Success Manual Building Wealth The Smart Way

Author : Rachael Aprill Phillips
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We all want a better life and we all go in the pursuit of it in whatever capacity we can. What if you were given the opportunity to have the access to knowledge that you knew would change your life forever? Would you do whatever it took for you to get your hands on that knowledge? Sadly the answer to that question for some will be no. And that is ok there is nothing wrong with that. The beautiful thing about life is that we all have our free will to choose whatever direction we want to take for our lives. I'm not here telling you that the pages in this book is a must for you and you have to do whatever I say in it, but I would like to offer you some thoughts of mine and some things that have helped me along the way on my journey these 13 years of becoming a business woman and building what I would class as successful businesses in their own rights.

25 Business Ideas For Smart Entrepreneurs

Author : Arun Jayaram
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They say business ideas are dime a dozen but I don't fully agree with this!! If you want pursue a idea similar to that of a multi national conglomerate you are sure to go bust.. Unless have resources for it.. All that aside ideas are very important. Otherwise you will be competing in red ocean(basically from the book blue ocean strategy the idea is to focus on niche or business where there is not much competition) . But that doesn't stop there. Many people waste time by coming up idea after idea without taking action,(they are called wanterpreneurs) which is of no use .. After idea test for its validity and money making potential and pursue it "execution" is name of the game!! . Test test test and improvise on your initial idea or hypothesis!!


Author : Rob Ryan
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Ryan focuses on methods he has developed over the years for building a sustainable business that makes money. He shows how to turn an idea into real product.

Entrepreneur Magazine s Get Smart

Author : Rieva Lesonsky
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Offers techniques and methods in a tip-a-day format that are designed to enhance productivity and increase profit for small business owners

The Smart Connector

Author : Jane Bayler
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How connecting smartly builds your influence, wealth and success as an entrepreneur.The Smart Connector explores the proven link between interpersonal intelligence and entrepreneurial success. Drawing on the thoughts, habits and practices of multi-millionaire and billionaire entrepreneurs, this book demonstrates how the only way to win in business today is through people. The warm, down to earth and clearly researched advice in the Smart Connector demonstrates how a profitable business and a fulfilling life are perfect partners on the road to entrepreneurial success. Read this book if you're an entrepreneur, corporate leader, mentor or advisor, or simply passionate about people and relationships. The quality of your relationships determines the quality of your life. Buy the Smart Connector and make yours work for you too.

The Knack

Author : Bo Burlingham
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Too many start-ups don't make the grade - what makes a successful business take off? Starting a new business is exciting, but there are many traps for the unwary. Some would-be entrepreneurs stick so firmly to their step-by-step guides that they don't see what's really going on. Others become so obsessed with potential problems they lose sight of the bigger picture. What they really need, according to serial entrepreneur Norm Brodsky, is a mindset that will help them to stay focussed on the real goals and grab opportunities whenever they arise. He calls it 'the knack'. It's helped him to build eight phenomenally successful companies, and in this book he uses stories of real companies facing real challenges to show you how to develop it too.

The Art Of A Happy Exit

Author : K. Srikrishna
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EVERY ENTREPRENEUR NEEDS A HAPPY EXIT STRATEGY! 'So, what's your exit strategy?' The question often leaves most entrepreneurs stumped as running a business leaves little time to think about anything else. While business owners recognize that they may have to exit their business at some point, few give enough thought to how they will sell it. And fewer prepare for it. Invariably, when a prospective buyer appears or an offer is made, or when an unforeseen health or financial contingency arises, they scramble to respond. Even those rare entrepreneurs who have given thought to an exit often end up with seller's remorse. The Art of a Happy Exit helps entrepreneurs get prepared for all that selling their business entails. The book covers not just the Outside game-positioning, prospecting, finding professional partners, negotiating, structuring, and executing, but the critical Inside game-the mental and emotional preparation needed even while retaining customers, employees, and the business. K. Srikrishna tells the stories of twenty entrepreneurs from India and the United States who've sold their businesses to varying degrees of happiness. Between the stories, he lays out the typical steps involved in a business sale, each with its own practical checklist. The result is a book that will help you gain greater self-awareness of what you seek and how best to go about it, and ensure the happiness of all involved with the outcome.

Smart Luck

Author : Andrew Davidson
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Everybody wants to know why life's winners are so successful: how did they do it?, why they do it?, what makes them different? All of us are fascinated by the lives and backgrounds of the rich (and sometimes famous). Behind every entrepreneur is a story. Andrew Davidson has interviewed dozens of leading entrepreneurs over many years. He has asked the questions we all want to ask. He has probed into their backgrounds, delved into their psyche. Compared, contrasted and considered just what it is about them that makes them different. Here he pulls together all the information, and takes an overall look at the bigger picture and what we can learn from the living giants, who did it their way. Davidson interprets the psychology of success, telling the entrepreneurs' stories in their own words, and the words of the people closest to them. For anybody with a will to succeed or a fascination as to how others do this combination is unputdownable.

Mini Importation Business for Smart Enterpreneurs

Author : Alfred Ajimokunola
File Size : 35.89 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Mini-Importation Business for Smart Entrepreneurs (Buy, Sell and Profit FAST!)Learn more About the Ecommerce/Importation Business in Nigeria:(a)Discover How to: Purchase products from USA, UK and CHINA and get it delivered to your doorstep in Nigeria. (b)Discover: 3 Secret Websites in China where you can import products and make 500% profits. (c)My Guaranteed Method: That ensures your purchased products are delivered to you 100%. (d)How to Identify and Purchase products only from trusted suppliers everytime. (e)Why you should never use O.P.M for your importation business in Nigeria. (f)How to Promote Your Products: 20+ websites, 100+ blogs, social media marketing & other tips and tweaks. (g)Answers to 50+ Frequently Asked Importation Questions. (h>Logistics: 10+ shipping & logistics company that will procure and ship products to Nigeria from abroad. 100% Comprehensive Importation Manual for:(a)Importation business coaches, trainers and turors in Nigeria. (b)Importation business seminar in Nigeria. (c)Importation business guide in Nigeria.

Entrepreneur Magazine s Successful Sales Marketing

Author :
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The Entrepreneur

Author : Sophie Boutillier
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This book presents the economic theories with regards to the entrepreneur of yesterday and those of more recent years, on which issue research has been developing exponentially since the last third of the 20th Century. Much of this book will be devoted to contemporary theories. This presentation of economic theories of the entrepreneur leads us to wonder about the structural development of the free enterprise system in the short and the long term. The proliferation of entrepreneurial initiatives leads in effect to a profound transformation of modes of production and work, for example under the current phenomenon of uberization economy.