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Social Programs of Sweden

Author : Albert Harold Rosenthal
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In his forward to this book, Marquis Childs, author of the classic work Sweden: The Middle Way, comments: ?There has been a great deal of emotional writing about the effort of the labor government in Stockholm to regulate capitalism and provide a decent s.

The Transformation of the Swedish Welfare System

Author : Ali Hajighasemi
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What has happened to the once famous Swedish model? Since the economic crisis in the 1990s, prophecies of the imminent demise of the universal welfare state have been common. Cutbacks in social benefits and mass unemployment seem to confirm these prophesies. The author - a citizen of Sweden, with a Ph.D. from Durham University, UK and a native of Iran - thinks differently. In this study he explores the role of social movements, demographic, economic and socio-cultural conditions, institutional change and "globalization" in the transformation of the Swedish welfare state. Several programs were indeed recalibrated, and a policy of cost containment came to dominate social policy-making, independent of whether the government was center-left or center-right. Although the favorable conditions in the decades after WWII no longer obtain, the downsizing of the welfare programs has basically followed an egalitarian and universal logic. There are cracks in the wall, but the Nordic welfare states have thus far survived and have shown themselves more resilient than most other social organizations in crisis. Social scientists and politicians alike will find this book highly relevant for their work.

The Welfare State Model Under Siege

Author : Sven Olsson Hort
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The social services in Sweden a part of the social welfare system

Author : Maj-Britt Hedlund
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The Social Services in Sweden

Author :
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Welfare Programs in Sweden

Author : Sven E. O. Hort
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Reforming the Welfare State

Author : Richard B. Freeman
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Over the course of the twentieth century, Sweden carried out one of the most ambitious experiments by a capitalist market economy in developing a large and active welfare state. Sweden's generous social programs and the economic equality they fostered became an example for other countries to emulate. Of late, Sweden has also been much discussed as a model of how to deal with financial and economic crisis, due to the country's recovery from a banking crisis in the mid-1990s. At that time economists heatedly debated whether the welfare state caused Sweden's crisis and should be reformed—a debate with clear parallels to current concerns over capitalism. Bringing together leading economists, Reforming the Welfare State examines Sweden's policies in response to the mid-1990s crisis and the implications for the subsequent recovery. Among the issues investigated are the way changes in the labor market, tax and benefit policies, local government policy, industrial structure, and international trade affected Sweden's recovery. The way that Sweden addressed its economic challenges provides valuable insight into the viability of large welfare states, and more broadly, into the way modern economies deal with crisis.

The Welfare State in Sweden

Author : Dorothy Wilson
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Social Welfare in Economically Advanced Countries

Author : Sven E. O. Hort
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Social Welfare in Economically Advanced Countries

Author : Sven E. Olsson
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