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The Spirit of Hebrew Poetry

Author : Johann Gottfried Herder
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The Spirit of the Hebrew Poetry

Author : Isaac Taylor
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The spirit of Hebrew poetry tr by J Marsh

Author : Johann Gottfried von Herder
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Hebrew Poetry

Author : Robert Paine Dick
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Metrical versions of Early Hebrew Poetry With a metrical version of the Canticles and of passages from the later Prophets

Author : Frances ROLLESTON
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Literature and Poetry

Author : Philip Schaff
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Spanish Hebrew Poetry and the Arabic Literary Tradition

Author : Arie Schippers
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This work deals extensively with the Arabic themes and literary devices used by Hebrew Andalusian poets in 11th century Muslim (and Christian) Spain. Special interest is devoted to the four main poets of the Hebrew Golden Age in Spain, namely Samuel Ha-Nagid, Solomon Ibn Gabirol, Moses Ibn Ezra and Yehuda Ha-Lewi.

The United Presbyterian Magazine

Author :
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Biblical Hermenutics

Author : Milton Spenser Terry
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The American Quarterly Observer

Author :
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Biblical Hermeneutics First Edition

Author : Milton Spenser Terry
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Dr William Smith s Dictionary of the Bible

Author : Sir William Smith
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A new introduction to the study of the Bible

Author : Elijah Porter Barrows
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The spirit of the Bible or The nature and value of the Jewish and Christian scriptures discriminated in an analysis of their several books

Author : Edward Higginson
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A commentary critical and explanatory on the Old and New Testaments by R Jamieson A R Fausset and D Brown Portable comm

Author : Robert Jamieson
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The Hebrew Student

Author : William Rainey Harper
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The Jewish Reception of Heinrich Heine

Author : Mark H. Gelber
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This volume contains the lectures, many substantially expanded and revised, which were delivered at an international conference held at Ben-Gurion University in Beersheva in 1990. By utilizing the methodological guidelines and insights of reception aesthetics, a range of Jewish readings of Heine's works and his complex literary personality are analyzed. Considerations of his impact on major figures, like Sigmund Freud, Karl Marx, Theodor Herzl, Max Nordau, Karl Kraus, Else Lasker-Schüler, Lion Feuchtwanger, and Max Brod comprise the major part of the book. In addition, there are readings of Heine by minor or neglected Jewish writers and poets, including, for example, Aron Bernstein and Fritz Heymann, and by Jewish writers in Hebrew and Yiddish literature, as well as by Jewish readers within other national readerships, for example, the American and Croatian. In the process of this analysis, the notion of Jewish reception itself is naturally subjected to critical scrutiny.

A Commentary on the Holy Scriptures Job

Author : Johann Peter Lange
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A Commentary on the Holy Scriptures

Author : Johann Peter Lange
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A New Sound in Hebrew Poetry

Author : Miryam Segal
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With scrupulous attention to landmark poetic texts and to educational and critical discourse in early 20th-century Palestine, Miryam Segal traces the emergence of a new accent to replace the Ashkenazic or European Hebrew accent in which almost all modern Hebrew poetry had been composed until the 1920s. Segal takes into account the broad historical, ideological, and political context of this shift, including the construction of a national language, culture, and literary canon; the crucial role of schools; the influence of Zionism; and the leading role played by women poets in introducing the new accent. This meticulous and sophisticated yet readable study provides surprising new insights into the emergence of modern Hebrew poetry and the revival of the Hebrew language in the Land of Israel.