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The Street Art Manual

Author : Barney Francis
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The Street Art Manual is an illicit, tactical handbook to creating art in public and taking over urban space. Every type of street art is covered, from painting graffiti, to light projections, stenciling, wheat pasting and mural making, with each technique illustrated with step-by-step drawings. Arm yourself with the tips and knowledge that no other guide will give you and go out and reclaim the streets in the name of urban creativity.

The Cambridge Handbook of Copyright in Street Art and Graffiti

Author : Enrico Bonadio
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In recent years, the number of conflicts related to the misuse of street art and graffiti has been on the rise around the world. Some cases involve claims of misappropriation related to corporate advertising campaigns, while others entail the destruction or 'surgical' removal of street art from the walls on which they were created. In this work, Enrico Bonadio brings together a group of experts to provide the first comprehensive analysis of issues related to copyright in street art and graffiti. Chapter authors shed light not only on the legal tools available in thirteen key jurisdictions for street and graffiti artists to object to unauthorized exploitations and unwanted treatments of their works, but also offer policy and sociological insights designed to spur further debate on whether and to what extent the street art and graffiti subcultures can benefit from copyright and moral rights protection.

The Art of Urban Survival a Family Safety and Self Defense Manual

Author : Stefan Verstappen
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The complete guide to survival in the concrete jungle. The modern urban environment is rife with dangers. Crime, violence, natural disasters, wars, and terrorism are real life possibilities for which few people are prepared. The Art of Urban Survival offers readers simple, safe, and practical advice on how to prepare for, and react to dozens of life threatening situations. The author draws from psychology, sociology and anthropology to provide a deeper understanding of the laws of the urban jungle. In addition, elements of military strategy, eastern martial arts, and wilderness survival techniques are included to provide information on the full spectrum of urban survival skills.

Routledge Handbook of Graffiti and Street Art

Author : Jeffrey Ian Ross
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The Routledge Handbook of Graffiti and Street Art integrates and reviews current scholarship in the field of graffiti and street art. Thirty-seven original contributions are organized around four sections: History, Types, and Writers/Artists of Graffiti and Street Art; Theoretical Explanations of Graffiti and Street Art/Causes of Graffiti and Street Art; Regional/Municipal Variations/Differences of Graffiti and Street Art; and, Effects of Graffiti and Street Art. Chapters are written by experts from different countries throughout the world and their expertise spans the fields of American Studies, Art Theory, Criminology, Criminal justice, Ethnography, Photography, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, and Visual Communication. The Handbook will be of interest to researchers, instructors, advanced students, libraries, and art gallery and museum curators. This book is also accessible to practitioners and policy makers in the fields of criminal justice, law enforcement, art history, museum studies, tourism studies, and urban studies as well as members of the news media. The Handbook includes 70 images, a glossary, a chronology, and the electronic edition will be widely hyperlinked.

Graffiti School

Author : Chris Ganter
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Describes how to create graffiti, covering such topics as designing letters, using effects, and handling spray cans, and includes a teacher's manual that offers advice on planning lessons on the art's theories and practices.

Beyond the Street

Author : Patrick Nguyen
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Offers interviews with such leading urban artists as Shepard Fairey, Swoon, and Os Gemeos; presents both outdoor work and pieces created for exhibitions and other indoor spaces; and discusses the commercial aspect of the street art movement and the role of its key sales outlets.

The Handbook of Visual Culture

Author : Ian Heywood
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Visual culture has become one of the most dynamic fields of scholarship, a reflection of how the study of human culture increasingly requires distinctively visual ways of thinking and methods of analysis. Bringing together leading international scholars to assess all aspects of visual culture, the Handbook aims to provide a comprehensive and authoritative overview of the subject. The Handbook embraces the extraordinary range of disciplines which now engage in the study of the visual - film and photography, television, fashion, visual arts, digital media, geography, philosophy, architecture, material culture, sociology, cultural studies and art history. Throughout, the Handbook is responsive to the cross-disciplinary nature of many of the key questions raised in visual culture around digitization, globalization, cyberculture, surveillance, spectacle, and the role of art. The Handbook guides readers new to the area, as well as experienced researchers, into the topics, issues and questions that have emerged in the study of visual culture since the start of the new millennium, conveying the boldness, excitement and vitality of the subject.

Providence City Manual Or Organization of the Municipal Government

Author : Providence (R.I.). City Council
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Index it Right Art Biographies Computer manuals Encyclopedias Gardening

Author : Enid L. Zafran
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Here is the premiere title in a new series presenting selected expert coverage in key indexing areas. Volume 1 includes top tips and advice on indexing philosophy (Carol Roberts), theology (Kate Mertes), biography (Martin L. White), horticulture (Thirhse Shere with Lina B. Burton), art (Susan DeRenne Coerr), encyclopedias (Marion Lerner-Levine), computer manuals (Beth Palmer), and Web sites (Fred Brown).

Addressing Community Gang Problems

Author :
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Getting Your Sh t Together

Author : Karen Atkinson
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This book guides you through how to teach professional practices to artists of all ages, from all backgrounds, working in all media. Complete with syllabi, lesson plans, resources, class assignments and group activities, this book is all you need to teach a successful class on how to build and maintain a thriving art practice. But why teach professional practices? Far too often artists find themselves having to compromise their art and their life because they were not taught accurate up-to-date methods for dealing with business situations. Because of this lack of preparedness artists miss out on valuable opportunities, financial rewards, and access to receptive audiences. This book aims to help all artists everywhere avoid these pitfalls and get on the track to success on their own terms. This manual is informed by decades of experience and years of research into how to perform as a professional artist in the 21st century art world. This book is filled with easy-to-follow instructions that will help you teach everything from how to archive art work, to starting a mailing list, to writing a grant, and everything else you can think of. It will even address some topics your students may not think they need to know about now - but sure will later! This is a handbook for how to teach the business side of art to artists. For more info about this book and other GYST products visit

The Interventionists

Author : Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art
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Published in connection with an exhibition held at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, MASS MoCA, May 2004-Mar., 2005.

Art of Boxing and Science of Self defense

Author : William Edwards
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The Visual Artist s Manual

Author : Susan A. Grode
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Making art and making an art career are two different things. A professional artist is responsible for the day to day business of their career such as financial management, applying for grants and funding, documenting work marketing, promotion, researching opportunities, and a list of other tasks. These areas are not always covered within the education system so, while highly educated and skilled, many visual artists are not prepared for the reality of life after art school.As an artist led organization VAI is keenly aware that artists are pressed for time, trying to fit their art making into daily lives that juggle family, work and other commitments. We hope this manual will provide you with some of the tools to make the most of the opportunities that come your way, whether it be pursuing a post graduate course, getting a studio, entering juried exhibitions, initiating your own projects or getting representation through a gallery. But, don’t forget... you should never rely on an opportunity finding you. It is very much you creating them for yourself. VAI is there to assist you with the many services and information channels that we offer to professional visual artists in all art forms.

The Manual of Strategic Planning for Museums

Author : Gail Dexter Lord
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While some view strategic planning with trepidation, it is one of a museum's strongest tools for improving quality, motivating staff and board members, adapting to environmental changes, and preparing the groundwork for future initiatives. The Manual of Strategic Planning for Museums offers proven methods for successful strategic planning in museums from two experienced leaders in the field.

The Mural Manual

Author : David Humphries
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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Public Art Reference Manual

Author :
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The Professional Artist s Manual

Author : Richard Hyman
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The MIDI Manual

Author : David Miles Huber
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The MIDI Manual is a complete reference on MIDI, written by a well-respected sound engineer and author. This best-selling guide provides a clear explanation of what MIDI is, how to use electronic instruments and an explanation of sequencers and how to use them. You will learn how to set up an efficient MIDI system and how to get the best out of your music. The MIDI Manual is packed full of useful tips and practical examples on sequencing and mixing techniques. It also covers editors/librarians, working with a score, MIDI in mass media and multimedia and synchronisation. The MIDI spec is set out in detail along with the helpful guidelines on using the implementation chart. Illustrated throughout with helpful photos and screengrabs, this is the most readable and clear book on MIDI available.

The Manual of Darkness

Author : Enrique de Heriz
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The world's best magician is going blind, but is there a story in his past that can save him? Victor Losa has spent his life studying magic. His mentor, Mario Galvan, taught him not only the practical aspects of the art, but also its history and the lives of famous Victorian magicians such as Hoffman, Maskelyne, and Cooke, and the most enigmatic historical figure of all, Peter Grouse, a pickpocket who decided to challenge the best magicians of the day. But suddenly things change for Victor Losa, just as he is proclaimed the world's best magician. A light appears in his eye, but this is no magic trick - he is diagnosed with a rare degenerative condition of the optical nerve. In short, he is rapidly going blind. As he loses his sight, Victor finds that there are new ways to conjure the world through stories of the past, present and future. And finally he learns the secret behind his mentor's teachings.