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The Struggle for Sea Power

Author : Sam Willis
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LONGLISTED FOR THE HESSELL TILTMAN PRIZE SHORTLISTED FOR THE MEDIA MARITIME AWARDS SHORTLISTED FOR THE MILITARY HISTORY MONTHLY BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARD With a cast of swaggering swashbuckling characters, The Struggle for Sea Power charts the greatest war in the age of sail. For the first time, Sam Willis offers a fascinating naval perspective to one of the greatest of all historical conundrums: How did thirteen isolated colonies, who, in 1775 began a war with Britain without a navy or an army, win their independence from the greatest naval and military power on earth? The American Revolution was a naval war of immense scope and variety, including no fewer than twenty-two navies fighting on five oceans - to say nothing of rivers and lakes. In no other war were so many large-scale fleet battles fought, one of which was the most strategically significant naval battle in all of British, French and American history. Simultaneous naval campaigns were fought in the English Channel, the North and Mid-Atlantic, the Mediterranean, off South Africa, in the Indian Ocean, the Caribbean, the Pacific, the North Sea and, of course, off the eastern seaboard of America. Not until the Second World War would any nation actively fight in so many different theatres. In The Struggle for Sea Power, Sam Willis traces every key military event in the path to American Independence from a naval perspective and he also brings this important viewpoint to bear on economic, political and social developments that were fundamental to the success of the Revolution. In doing so Willis offers valuable new insights to American, British, French, Spanish, Dutch and Russian history. The result is a far more profound understanding of the influence of sea power upon history, of the American path to independence and of the rise and fall of the British Empire.

The Struggle for Sea Power Book IV of the Story of the World

Author : M. B. Synge
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Progressive Creation and the Struggles of Humanity in the Bible

Author : Zoltan Dornyei
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Why does the Christian walk often feel like an ongoing struggle and why does God’s creation include imperfection, let alone forces that are intent on thwarting God’s creative work? In seeking a response to these questions, this book argues that the biblical accounts describe creation in terms of a progressive transformation process whereby the initially incomplete created order will reach perfection only in the fulfillment of new creation. The following discussion then outlines a comprehensive framework for the biblical theology of humanity’s struggles, centered on three key themes: corporeal temptation, deficient social structures, and the much-debated notion of spiritual warfare. The book presents an overarching canonical narrative that threads together a series of diverse biblical topics, from Job's temptation to the Atonement. The final part surveys biblical teaching on how human conduct can be aligned with God’s creative purpose, and discusses three “assignments” from Jesus to believers: to celebrate the Eucharist, to pray the Lord’s Prayer, and to fulfill the Great Commission.

The Struggle for the Georgia Coast

Author : John E. Worth
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Early source material on southeastern Indians.

Sovereignty and the Law of the Sea

Author : Wei-Chin Lee
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The Struggling Believer

Author : Susan Reynolds
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Reynolds traces the journey of Gods people who came out of the horrors of slavery in Egypt and looks at the reasons why they perished in the desert--never to conquer Canaan. She also shows how the reasons many Christians fail to enter into Gods rest today are no different. (Practical Life)

Caribbean Community the Struggle for Survival

Author : Kenneth Hall
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The papers which comprise this publication, The Caribbean Community: The Struggle for Survival represents the Editor's choice from among thousands of articles, books and other commentaries that have provided clear and reasoned responses and solutions to inform and guide Caribbean leadership and the people of the Region. They also take a comprehensive look at regional intergration and serve as a guide to those with an interest in following the development in the Carribean Community. The book offers prescriptions for our success as a Community which are predicated on advice regarding what our political leaders should do in a normal context of the evolution of the Community. These prescriptions are based on sound scholarship and competent analysis. The book is an invaluable addition to the existing literature on Caribbean integration and should be part of any compendium on the study of the subject.

The Struggle for the Middle East

Author : Walter Laqueur
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This book, first published in 1969, surveys Soviet policies and Middle Eastern responses during the turbulent 1960s. It deals with changing moods of Turkey and Iran, the Arab-Israeli conflict in the context of big power rivalry in the Middle East, the Russian naval presence in the Mediterranean, and the new Soviet interest in Gulf oil. The author also reviews the changing orientations of Middle Eastern communism in the new age of polycentrism.

El Alamein and the Struggle for North Africa

Author : Jill Edwards
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This new collection of studies presents fresh insights into a war fought over unusually difficult terrain and with exceptional supply demands. From the ongoing Italian geomorphic study of the Alamein arena to individual memories of non-combatant Alexandrians, from the Free French to the seasoned colonial forces of Australia, India, New Zealand, and South Africa, and from vital naval engagements and the siege of Malta to the study of Rommel’s leadership and the Churchill–Montgomery duo, this book presents the reader with a detailed yet broad reassessment of the complexities of the war in North Africa between 1941 and 1943, its technology, philosophy, military doctrine, strategy, tactics, logistics, and the associated local and international politics. Writing from the perspectives of some of the many nations whose armies were involved in the conflict, fifteen historians bring to their work the precision of their national historical archival sources in clear and spritely narratives.

The Indo Pacific Trump China and the New Struggle for Global Mastery

Author : Richard Javad Heydarian
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This book places the presidency of Donald Trump as well as the brewing Sino-American Cold War within the broader historical context of American hegemony in Asia, which traces its roots to Alfred Thayer Mahan’s call for a naval build up in the Pacific, the subsequent colonization of the Philippines and, ultimately, reaching its apotheosis after the defeat of Imperial Japan in the Second World War. The book, drawing on visits from Cairo to California and Perth to Pyongyang as well as interviews and exchanges with heads of state and senior officials from across the Indo-Pacific, provides an overview of the arc of American primacy in the region for scholars, journalists, and concerned citizens.