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The Tigers of Bastogne

Author : Michael Collins
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The gallant stand of the 101st Airborne Division at Bastogne has long become part of historical and media legend. But how many students of the war realize there was already a U.S. unit holding the town when they arrived? And this unitÑthe 10th Armored DivisionÑcontinued to play a major role in its defense throughout the German onslaught. In The Tigers of Bastogne, authors King and Collins finally detail the travails of this young armored division, which had only arrived in Europe that fall, yet found itself subject to the full brunt of ManteuffelÕs Fifth Panzer Army in the Ardennes. At first overwhelmed, and then falling back to protect the vital crossroads, the 10th Armored was reinforced (not ÒsavedÓ) by the Screaming Eagles, and its men and tanks went on to contribute largely to AmericaÕs victory in its largest battle of the war. The 10th Armored had only arrived in Europe that September, as part of PattonÕs Third Army, and their divisional motto, ÒTerrify and Destroy,Ó was somewhat belied by the onslaught of Nazi panzers that burst across no-manÕs-land on December 16. Instead their nickname, ÒThe Tiger Division,Ó became fully earned, as they went on the defensive at Bastogne, surrounded by an entire German army, yet refused to concede a single inch of ground not earned with blood. General Anthony McAuliffe, of the 101st Airborne (and ÒNutsÓ fame), said, ÒIt seems regrettable to me that Combat Command B of the 10th Armored Division didnÕt get the credit it deserved at the battle of Bastogne. All the newspaper and radio talk was about the paratroopers. Actually the 10th Armored Division was in there a day before we were and had some very hard fighting before we ever got into it.Ó Fortunately, in this book, the historical record is finally corrected. With their trademark style, King and Collins, through their firsthand interviews with veterans, bring us straight into the combats of the 10th Armored, equaling the balance between the brave paratroopers and gallant tankers who, together, held off GermanyÕs last major offensive in the West.


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Confessions of a Name Dropper

Author : Les Nichols
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Confessions of a Name Dropper is an insider's account of some of the most significant men and moments in American history. Veterans will be especially drawn to Nichols' revealing look at the heroic exploits of the 10th Armored Tiger"" Division...from their ""days of white hell"" to the nights in ""bloody Bastogne"" and beyond. Nichols also writes of his contact with notable figures like General Patton, Roy Rogers, Jimmy Durante, Jackie Robinson, and Vice-President Ted Agnew. Contents include a special tribute to the work of organizations like the American Red Cross, the Kentucky Hotel-Motel Association, and the Kentucky Heart Association. ""

The Battle for Bastogne

Author : Guy Franz Arend
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Army Logistician

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The official magazine of United States Army logistics.

War Monthly

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Terrify and Destroy

Author : United States. Army. Forces in the European Theater
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Battle of the Bulge 1944

Author : Napier Crookenden
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Recreates the German strategy, Allied positions, and tactical maneuvering that took place during this famous World War II battle, with an explanation of the weapons used

D day to Bastogne

Author : Robert J. Houston
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What They Said about the Fourth Armored Division

Author : United States. Army. Armored Division, 4th
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Noville Outpost of Bastogne My Last Battle

Author : Don Addor
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This story details one soldier's last fight at the Belgium town of Noville, an outpost of Bastogne, and his struggle to stay alive while injured and alone on the foggy battle field.


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The Battle of the Bulge

Author : James Arnold
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The 'Battle of the Bulge' was the last major German offensive in the West. Three armies attacked through the Ardennes, the weakest point in the American lines - and almost broke through. James Arnold describes the planning of the attack and the course of events, including the defence of Bastogne and the heroic delaying actions fought by GIs supposed to be in a 'quiet' sector of the front. In spite of serious American disadvantages Hitler's offensive was stopped. This book explains exactly how this was achieved, putting to rest Germany's last hopes of victory.

Tiger Jack

Author : Hanson Weightman Baldwin
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Biografi om Generalmajor John Wood, som var chef for den amerikanske 4. panserdivision under 2.verdenskrig. Tyskerne kaldte ham "Tiger Jack". Af Liddell Hart kaldtes han "The Rommel of the American armored forces."

American History

Author : Robert James Maddox
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This nineteenth of ANNUAL EDITIONS: AMERICAN HISTORY, VOLUME 1 provides convenient, inexpensive access to current articles selected from the best of the public press. Organizational features include: an annotated listing of selected World Wide Web sites; an annotated table of contents; a topic guide; a general introduction; brief overviews for each section; a topical index; and an instructor's resource guide with testing materials. USING ANNUAL EDITIONS IN THE CLASSROOM is offered as a practical guide for instructors. ANNUAL EDITIONS titles are supported by our student website,


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Author : James Jones
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The Listener

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SS Steel Rain

Author : Tim Ripley
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This miltary history gives the reader an account of the battles fought by the panzer divisions of the Waffen-SS, amongst one of the finest units in Germany. The author takes us from D-day to Arnhem, and through to the Battle of the Bulge.

One Hundred Cranes

Author : William J. Fitzgerald
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Each page of this book offers an opportunity to nourish our souls and to approach all of life with awe and reverence. Enter into these stories and prayers and find wisdom for your lives.