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The Track in a Forest

Author : Mike Upton
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The Track In A Forest Author Mike Upton’s 12th novel is his 2nd book of ghost stories. Five separate erotic tales of ghosts and unusual occurrences all set in his home county of Norfolk. Are ghosts real? Do they exist? Billy: An old ghostly fisherman long dead appears to recently divorced Theo in the small sailing harbour where he keeps his own boat. But can he convince either Hannah with whom he is having a torrid affair and then Patsy of what he’s seen? The Roman: A family move into an old cottage but soon strange happenings occur in one of the bedrooms as they uncover a past story of the missing Roman Legion. The Track in A Forest: A young couple walking in a forest stumble on a past event which inexplicably seems to be re-enacted to them in the present day. But are they themselves all they seem? The White Lady: Who is the mysterious beautiful lady reputed to haunt the old Barnton Manor house and will David be lucky enough to meet with her? Millie: After discovering love and then betrayal, she finds solace with the ghost of her beloved horse Jupiter.

Foot tracks in New Zealand

Author : Pete McDonald
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Foot-tracks in New Zealand examines the development of walking tracks over two centuries, from the early 19th century to about 2011. The paperback version comes in two volumes but is otherwise identical to the electronic version. Page size: A4 Format: Paperback, 2 vol. ISBN: 0473191911, 9780473191917 Number of pages: 1000 About: Trails, Tracks, New Zealand, History, Recreation, Land access. Availability: By print on demand from The Fine Print Company, Waipukurau, Central Hawke’s Bay, 4200, NZ.

Changes And Disturbance In Tropical Rain Forest In South East Asia

Author : Tim H Clutton-brock
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Views on the dynamics of tropical forests are changing rapidly with the recognition that their environment is variable on the decadal to century scale. Fluctuating climatic conditions partly determine tropical forest structure, species composition and dynamics. Tropical communities are also highly contingent in space and time with respect to site and historical factors. Tropical forests have experienced to some degree this disturbance regime in the past, but climatologists are now predicting increasingly frequent extreme events in the new century. The combination of increasing deforestation and land-use conversion by man plus an increasingly variable environment means a situation that could be very difficult to manage.

Landslide Hazards Related to Land Use Planning in Teton National Forest Northwest Wyoming

Author : Robert G. Bailey
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Life in the Temperate Forest

Author : Edward P. Ortleb
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Color Overheads Included! The information contained in this resource and activity book follows a learning cycle that includes: a) free exploration by the students; b) expansion of exploration through activities that allow children to test, integrate, and sort out their discoveries; and c) application of concepts through individual and group projects which provide students with the opportunity to enhance and share what they have learned. Each section includes teacher resource material, planned lessons, suggested forest log entries, and expansion activities. In the Getting Started section, students will look at collected samples, books, magazines, and other resources. The display table's contents will motivate curiosity and questions. Watch carefully during this stage for high-interest items and concepts. Perhaps your class will want to explore in depth how a tree is home to many creatures, or examine the human connection to the forest.

The Dorrigo Forest Reserve

Author : Joseph Henry Maiden
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Thetford Forest Walks

Author : Simon Malone
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Fear in the Forest

Author : Bernard Knight
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Who would dare kill one of the king’s foresters? Coroner Sir John investigates in this characterful instalment in the Crowner John medieval mystery series, set in twelfth-century England. Devon, 1195. A tall, brown mare gallops into the sleepy village of Sigford, its rider dragged by the stirrup, the broken shaft of an arrow protruding from his back. The embroidered badge on the dead man’s tunic identifies him as a senior officer of the Royal Forest – a team of men tasked with upholding the harsh laws that prevent everyone but the king from hunting in England’s forests. The punishment for killing a deer on the king’s land is mutilation . . . or death. With plenty of money still in the victim’s purse, it’s clear that robbery isn’t the motive. But what is? When a second forest officer is violently attacked, county coroner Sir John de Wolfe begins to uncover evidence of a sinister conspiracy. And to his deep suspicion, his unscrupulous brother-in-law, the sheriff Sir Richard de Revelle, seems to be taking an unusual interest in the case . . .

The Southeastern Reporter

Author :
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Report on the Relation of Railroads to Forest Supplies and Forestry

Author : United States. Forest Service
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Report of the Forest Commissioner of the State of Maine

Author : Maine. Forest Commissioner
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The [9th] report contains "Wood-using industries of Maine by J.C. Nellis." Title-page omits "Report."

In the Forest

Author : Edna O'Brien
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Michen O'Kane, who was born with a killer instinct, unleashes his murderous rage along the countryside of western Ireland, drawing innocent victims into the forest of his twisted fantasies.

The Cry in the Forest

Author : Kristien De Wulf
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When five teenagers head to Malaysia for a holiday in the rainforest, they find more than the typical tourist attractions. With worrying rumours of savage creatures and things going missing, the line between reality and myth becomes unclear. When Phu disappears and two distrustful men arrive, what will the friends do in the adventure of a lifetime? The missing link, a topic of longstanding debate, has resurfaced. With science defied, all five of them must work together to shed light on the truth.

Ecosystem Approaches to Landscape Management in Central Europe

Author : Springer-verlag
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The challenges in ecosystem science encompass a broadening and strengthening of interdisciplinary ties, the transfer of knowledge of the ecosystem across scales, and the inclusion of anthropogenic impacts and human behavior into ecosystem, landscape, and regional models. The volume addresses these points within the context of studies in major ecosystem types viewed as the building blocks of central European landscapes. The research is evaluated to increase the understanding of the processes in order to unite ecosystem science with resource management. The comparison embraces coastal lowland forests, associated wetlands and lakes, agricultural land use, and montane and alpine forests. Techniques for upscaling focus on process modelling at stand and landscape scales and the use of remote sensing for landscape-level model parameterization and testing. The case studies demonstrate ways for ecosystem scientists, managers, and social scientists to cooperate.

Forest Creatures

Author : Charles Boner
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Forest Life

Author : Caroline Matilda Kirkland
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Day and Overnight Hikes West Virginia s Monongahela National Forest

Author : Johnny Molloy
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The heart and soul of wild, wonderful West Virginia, the mighty Monongahela National Forest is within a day's drive of one-third of the population of the United States. The best way to see and experience the stately forests and pristine waterfalls is by foot. Day and Overnight Hikes: West Virginia's Monongahela National Forest will guide visitors the entire way while exploring this national treasure.

Daughter of the Forest

Author : Juliet Marillier
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Daughter of the Forest is a testimony to an incredible author's talent, a first novel and the beginning of a trilogy like no other: a mixture of history and fantasy, myth and magic, legend and love. Lord Colum of Sevenwaters is blessed with six sons: Liam, a natural leader; Diarmid, with his passion for adventure; twins Cormack and Conor, each with a different calling; rebellious Finbar, grown old before his time by his gift of the Sight; and the young, compassionate Padriac. But it is Sorcha, the seventh child and only daughter, who alone is destined to defend her family and protect her land from the Britons and the clan known as Northwoods. For her father has been bewitched, and her brothers bound by a spell that only Sorcha can lift. To reclaim the lives of her brothers, Sorcha leaves the only safe place she has ever known, and embarks on a journey filled with pain, loss, and terror. When she is kidnapped by enemy forces and taken to a foreign land, it seems that there will be no way for her to break the spell that condemns all that she loves. But magic knows no boundaries, and Sorcha will have to choose between the life she has always known and a love that comes only once. Juliet Marillier is a rare talent, a writer who can imbue her characters and her story with such warmth, such heart, that no reader can come away from her work untouched. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Memorials of the Minnesota Forest Fires in the Year 1894

Author : William Wilkinson
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Research Note PSW

Author :
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