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Elijah Visible

Author : Thane Rosenbaum
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With the publication of Elijah Visible, Thane Rosenbaum emerged as a fresh and important new voice on the American literary scene, a young writer in the great Jewish storytelling tradition of Isaac Bashevis Singer and Isaac Babel. In this haunting debut, Rosenbaum weaves together nine postmodern tales about Adam Posner, a young man determined to climb the American corporate ladder, who finds himself paralyzed by he legacy of the Holocaust. Encumbered by the psychic screams of his deceased parents, Posner embodies the disintegration, as well as the spiritual search, of the modern Jewish family. Rosenbaum's stunning portrait of the post-Holocaust world will resonate with contemporary readers of all backgrounds.


Author : J. Alexander Sider
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As God's eternal life flows through us, we learn to let go of our pretensions of control and rest into the new life offered in Jesus Christ. This book is an invitation for you to become nonresistant to this movement of God's love for you and the world. Through a variety of sermons and meditations, Sider and Villegas bear witness to a grace that disarms our guardedness and makes room for us to fall into the love of God. Preaching becomes a dispossessive practice, as each person is invited to give and receive God's transforming power. The proclamation of the gospel, Villegas and Sider say, should display the priesthood of all believers. Thus, the call to preach belongs to the whole congregation and its conversation rather than to the lone preacher and her (or his) sermon. Presence: Giving and Receiving God draws on the Mennonite tradition of the Zeugnis ("conversation") to explore how the preached Word echoes through all of our voices.

Mathematics for the Life Sciences

Author : Erin N. Bodine
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The life sciences deal with a vast array of problems at different spatial, temporal, and organizational scales. The mathematics necessary to describe, model, and analyze these problems is similarly diverse, incorporating quantitative techniques that are rarely taught in standard undergraduate courses. This textbook provides an accessible introduction to these critical mathematical concepts, linking them to biological observation and theory while also presenting the computational tools needed to address problems not readily investigated using mathematics alone. Proven in the classroom and requiring only a background in high school math, Mathematics for the Life Sciences doesn't just focus on calculus as do most other textbooks on the subject. It covers deterministic methods and those that incorporate uncertainty, problems in discrete and continuous time, probability, graphing and data analysis, matrix modeling, difference equations, differential equations, and much more. The book uses MATLAB throughout, explaining how to use it, write code, and connect models to data in examples chosen from across the life sciences. Provides undergraduate life science students with a succinct overview of major mathematical concepts that are essential for modern biology Covers all the major quantitative concepts that national reports have identified as the ideal components of an entry-level course for life science students Provides good background for the MCAT, which now includes data-based and statistical reasoning Explicitly links data and math modeling Includes end-of-chapter homework problems, end-of-unit student projects, and select answers to homework problems Uses MATLAB throughout, and MATLAB m-files with an R supplement are available online Prepares students to read with comprehension the growing quantitative literature across the life sciences A solutions manual for professors and an illustration package is available

The Plasma Master

Author : Brian Rushton
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Nedward Simmons is living a regular Earth life when he stumbles across an artifact from an alien civilization. Its protective powers are more intriguing than useful to him, until the aliens themselves arrive. Unable to hand over the power he has unwittingly acquired, Ned decides instead to travel with them in an attempt to defeat the Anacron army, which threatens their freedom. But Ned soon learns that his Plasma Crystal is not the only source of mysterious power in the galaxy. Ned and his comrades must deal with a vast space armada, enemy Plasma Masters, and even a monster or two as they search for a way to penetrate the enemy fortress of Venom and restore peace to their empire.

Satan s Sabbath

Author : Don Pendleton
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In New York the Executioner brings his war to an explosive end Every day this week, one of the last great Mafia outfits has fallen. All that remains is New York, whose dons no longer believe the one-man army known as Mack Bolan even exists. They will soon find that he is very real—and that their most trusted hit man of all is working on the Executioner’s side. Ever since his war began, Bolan has known that it would end in death—either for him or for the Mafia itself. Lured by the promise of amnesty into working for the US government, he will make this his final, most incredible mission. One way or another, Mack Bolan is finished—but the Executioner’s war will live forever. Satan’s Sabbath is the 38th book in the Executioner series, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order.

Weathering the Storm

Author : Xavier Watson & Tara M. Watson, SFC, A
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This book is a journey through life changing events. It all began on August 29, 2005, the day that changed my family’s life forever. Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and all the surrounding areas, but the damage was due to the levee breach 4 1⁄2 miles away from my family’s home. The journey takes us from New Orleans to Mississippi and now presiding in Decatur, Georgia. The blessing was being employed by the military. With my 18 years of service, and as a Non-Commissioned Officer I have influenced my children to reach for their dream. A leader must Be Know and Do to survive and with that inspiration I have instilled in my children to become the best person they can by working hard and studying their interests for the future. Xavier is an example of what an actor must Be Know and Do. Since moving to Decatur, Georgia he has shown interest in being an actor and quickly took it to another level. We will take you through the audition process, booking the first gig and starring in his first Nickelodeon (GOGURT)commercial sponsored by the Kids Choice Awards and also booking the video of Our Future is Green, featuring Mayor Shirley Franklin. During the process Xavier has learned that before you can have a chance at fame and fortune, you must pursue all aspects of getting a job as an actor. And to get that you must have talent and be determined to perform your best for the people that can give you a job. My guide through, Weathering the Storm: A Young Actor’s Journey to Hollywood will give you, the young and talented out there the encouragement to go forth with your career.


Author : Douglas L. Bland
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A surprise attack on the nation’s military bases and power stations sends the Armed Forces scrambling. When impoverished, disheartened, poorly educated, but well-armed aboriginal young people find a modern revolutionary leader, they rally with a battle cry of "Take Back the Land!" Theirs is a fight to right the wrongs inflicted on them by "the white settlers." They know they are too small to take on the entire country, but they don’t need to. Over a few tension-filled days as the battles rages over abundant energy resources, the frantic prime minister can only watch as the insurrection paralyzes the country. But when energy-dependent Americans discover the southward flow of Canadian hydroelectricity, oil, and natural gas is halted, they do not remain passive. Although none of the country’s leaders see it coming, the shattering consequences unfold with the same plausible harmony by which quiet aboriginal protests decades ago became the eerie premonitions of today’s stand-offs and "days of action."

Migration global processes caught in national answers

Author : Mehmet Okyayuz
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The volume brings together contributions that reflect on issues about migration in terms of the countries of immigration: ways of “reception“. It is underlined in all contributions that effective humanitarian legislation can only be implemented together with a deep understanding of the problems faced by refugees/asylum seekers and the social relations that determine their position in society. Mehmet Okyayuz, grown up in Gemany, studied political science, philosophy and sociology in Paris, Berlin and Heidelberg. MA from Heidelberg and Doctorate in Marburg. Since 1995 he is teaching at ODTU in Ankara, focusing on political theory, history of labour movement, policy analysis and migration. Peter Herrmann, Dr. phil (Bremen, Germany), Studies in Sociology (Bielefeld, Germany), Economics (Hamburg, Germany), Political Science (Leipzig, Germany) and Social Policy and Philosophy (Bremen, Germany), is currently academic director at the European Observatory on Social Quality (EOSQ at EURISPES), Rome, Italy, adjunct professor at the University of Eastern Finland (UEF), Department of Social Sciences (Kuopio, Finland) and associate honorary professor at Corvinus University (Budapest, Hungary). Claire Dorrity comes from a background in Nursing and Social Care. She completed her Bachelor of Social Science degree at University College Cork (UCC) in 2001. She is currently working as a lecturer in School of Applied Social Studies, UCC where she is also undertaking her PhD. Claire is also the Nursing Studies Co-ordinator in the School of Applied Social Studies and also contributes to teaching on the BSW programme.


Author :
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The Mad Ramblings of a Monkey

Author : Stuart Smith
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Celebrating the Lectionary for Primary Grades 2010 2011

Author : Vicki Lopez-Kaley
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The Jupiter Theft

Author : Donald Moffitt
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The Lunar Observatory on Earth is picking up a very strange and unidentifiable signal from the direction of Cygnus. When the meaning of this signal is finally understood, it clearly spells disaster for Earth. An immense object is rushing toward the Solar System, traveling nearly at the speed of light, its intense nuclear radiation sure to kill all life on Earth within months. As it moves closer the humans can discern that it is an enormous convoy of some sort, nearly as large as a planet. And there is nothing anyone can do to divert such an enormous alien object. Then, unexpectedly, the object changes course and heads toward the dead planet of Jupiter...but what could an enormous alien convoy want with such a useless planet?

In the Fire of the Eastern Front

Author : Hendrick C. Verton
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Extraordinary story of a Dutch volunteer in the Waffen-SS. Vivid details on SS training and combat on the Eastern Front. Account of the little-known siege of Breslau in early 1945.

Powers Trace

Author : Don Bill
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Powers Trace is a fictional town located among the farms on a two-lane road in the lower left corner of Georgia. The five person police force struggles to protect and serve the people of their small town with limited funds and cast-off equipment handed down from the county sheriffs department. Like police in most small towns, they get the job done working long hours for low pay. This is their story

A New Set of Cravings

Author : Mike Jones
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For years I struggled with cravings that were contrary to the new nature I was supposed to have as a Christian. I knew that Jesus came that we might have life, so why didnt I have it. Why did the old sometimes still appeal? Why did I let it cool the passion I had for God? Why instead, had the new not forced out the old? Had I missed something along the way? I came to point where I had to know. Im glad I came to that point. Jesus words are true; If anyone is thirsty let him come to me and drink. I knew what it was like to come to Him; my problem was that I allowed myself to get distracted from coming. When we come to Him, He gives birth to a new nature in us. To the extent that we feed it, it will grow. If we neglect feeding it, it will wither. He really did come that we might have life; He came to give us a new nature. And with that new nature comes a whole New Set of Cravings.

Moving to VB NET Strategies Concepts and Code

Author : Dan Appleman
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You'vE PROBABLY BEEN HEARING ABOUT Microsoft's .NET Framework and the new features ofVisual Basic.NET. Perhaps you've read articles about it in magazines. Perhaps you've read promotional material from Microsoft. Perhaps you've even played with one ofthe beta versions. Regardless of howyou've learned about it, you're probably feeling a bit over whelmed. It's such a massive change both in language and approach that it's difficult to sort out the reality from the marketing and difficult to decide where o ne should actually start when approaching this new technology. That's what this book is about. • It's about the priorities you should use in learning .NET and the strategies you should use in deciding how and when to deploy .NET. • It's about the concepts you need to know in order to understand the new features ofVisual Basic.NET and how they will influence the way you write code under this new framework. • And it's about the changes in the Visual Basic language itself.

Dental Practice Outlook

Author :
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Author : William C. Dietz
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Colonel Stell and his band of mercenaries yearn for a place to call home. To them Freehold is like a bright diamond in the vast universe. But its desert conditions, economic instability, social disarray, and political turmoil render the planet perfect for takeover. Willing to fight anything that stands in their way, Colonel Stell and his small crew contend with all who seek to dominate their planet, even vast interstellar empires. Their success will not be determined by their size but by their resolution to create creating a home for themselves.

Why Women Weep

Author : Alfreada Brown-Kelly
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The name of my book will be Why Women Weep.

The Waiting Child

Author : Cindy Champnella
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The inspiring true story of a four-year-old Chinese orphan who convinces her adoptive American family to return to China to rescue the little boy she couldn't forget Adopted by an American family at age four, Jaclyn traveled to her new home with a great burden. Her new family had to leave behind a little boy who had been under her charge at the Chinese orphanage where Jaclyn fought the odds against abandonment, institutionalization, and hunger---not for herself, but on behalf of this even smaller child, whom she regarded as her responsibility. Jaclyn's saga spans oceans and cultures. The Waiting Child is an extraordinary story of human resilience in the face of profound loss and suffering---and a testament to the ability of a loving heart to prevail over great adversity. Jaclyn's unshakable determination to bring to her new life the child she had cared for in the institution, the one she believed with all her heart was "her baby," will change all assumptions made about the human spirit. In the end, this moving story affirms everything that is good and hopeful in life, when, after a two-year effort, the little boy is brought to this country as the adopted son of Jaclyn's American aunt and uncle.