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T S Eliot s The Waste Land

Author : Harold Bloom
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A cornerstone of the modernist movement, T.S. Eliot s The Waste Land reflects the profound sense of disillusionment that emerged in the wake of World War I. Because of its changes of speaker, location, and time, as well as its numerous literary and cultural references and connections to Eliot's private life, it is often used in the classroom to illustrate how to explicate a poem. Bloom s Modern Critical Interpretations allows students to approach this challenging poem with confidence. Providing carefully selected, full-length critical essays from the foremost literary publications, along with additional study helps, this freshly updated, all-in-one resource is an ideal companion for those undertaking in-depth research projects.

Revisiting The Waste Land

Author : Lawrence Rainey
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divThis groundbreaking book of literary detective work alters our understanding of T. S. Eliot’s poetic masterpiece, The Waste Land. Lawrence Rainey not only resolves longstanding mysteries surrounding the composition of the poem but also overturns traditional interpretations of the poem that have prevailed for more than eighty years. He shines new light on Eliot’s greatest achievement and on the poem’s place in the modern canon. Far from the austere and sober monument to neoclassicism that admirers have praised, The Waste Land turns out to be something quite different: something grim and wild, unruly and intractable, violent and shocking and radically indeterminate, yet also deeply compassionate. Rainey looks at how Eliot went about writing the poem and at the sequence in which he composed the parts. Arriving at new insights into the poet’s intentions, Rainey unsettles tradition-bound views of the poem and shows us that The Waste Land is even stranger and more startling than we knew./DIV

The Waste Land

Author : Harold Bloom
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Discusses the writing of The waste land by T.S. Eliot. Includes critical essays on the work and a brief biography of the author.

Critical Essays on T S Eliot s The Waste Land

Author : Lois A. Cuddy
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These essays were originally published in various periodicals since the first appearance of "The waste land" in 1922 and reflect how each decade reappraises the work. Early critics found the work a reflection of the world war just concluded, filled with despair and emptiness. Later critics found reason to hope amidst the despair, and contemporary critics have returned more to the original assessment. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

The Annotated Waste Land with Eliot s Contemporary Prose

Author : T. S. Eliot
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The definitive edition of the most influential poem of the twentieth century

The Waste Land and Other Poems

Author : Thomas Stearns Eliot
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Long regarded as one of the fundamental texts of modernism, a treasury of many of T. S. Elliot's most important early poems, combines poetic elements from diverse sources with bits of popular culture and common speech to recreate the chaos of Europe in the aftermath of WWI. Original.

Gender and Sexuality in T S Eliot s The Waste Land

Author : Theresia Knuth
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Essay from the year 2007 in the subject English Language and Literature Studies - Literature, grade: A2 (highly excellent), University of Edinburgh (Department of English Literature), course: Modernism, 6 entries in the bibliography, language: English, abstract: The rise of feminist theory during the last decades provoked a reconsideration of the general focus of interpreting literary texts, and literary criticism has been largely engaged in a rereading of canonical author’s works in terms of gender and sexuality while many definitions underwent a necessary revision. Modernist works, especially poetry, are a rewarding source for an interpretation in these terms since due to their fragmentary, ambivalent nature and lack of thematic clarity they offer much room for different interpretations. With its predominating sexuality, Freudian psychoanalysis and questions of sex and gender sneaked into the modernist world. In this essay I will attempt a reading of T. S. Eliot’s The Waste Land in order to see in how far such issues are implied. 1 My understanding of ‘gender’ follows that of Judith Butler, who pointed out that gender is not only socially constructed in discourse rather than biologically predetermined, but also performative. 2 This is quite evident in Eliot’s poem. Moreover, in modernist texts sexuality seems to lose romance and meaning. In Eliot’s case such a loss seems connected with personal experience. His marriage with Vivien Haigh-Wood was problematic from the beginning on and worsened increasingly, and while working on The Waste Land he had a nervous breakdown. The poem is divided into five parts and features various narrative voices which cannot always be identified unmistakably, especially in terms of the speaker’s gender. In order to examine the depiction of gender and sexuality in the poem, I will proceed mostly chronologically and focus on the depiction of the love relationships. Due to the limited scope of this paper I cannot, by far, include all relevant themes, let alone the numerous other related fragments and themes. The focus is therefore on the hyacinth girl, the Fisher King and Phlebas / Eugenides, the couple and Lil and Philomel, as well as Tiresias and the typist. Images of fertility and homoerotic desire will be considered alongside the character depictions. [...]

He Do the Police in Different Voices

Author : Calvin Bedient
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Line-by-line analysis of T. S. Eliot's The Wasteland--Cover.

After the Waste Land Democratic Economics for the Year 2000

Author : Samuel Bowles
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This critique of Reaganomics attempts to provide alternatives to both the supply experiments of the 1980s and neoliberal strategies of austerity. It presents arguments for economic democracy with a worker-oriented blueprint for improving productivity, growth, employment and economic justice.

HSC Advanced English

Author : Barry Spurr
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"This guide contains an introduction to the new course, plus exam tips, comprehensive summary and discussion of each text in the Advanced English course, including Area of Study and Advanced English Modules, a list of key issues to consider in each chapter related to the relevant syllabus area, helpful advice on how to read different types of texts and plot outlines, character discussion and interpretations."--Publisher description.

The Waste Land and Other Writings

Author : T.S. Eliot
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First published in 1922, "The Waste Land" is T.S. Eliot's masterpiece, and is not only one of the key works of modernism but also one of the greatest poetic achievements of the twentieth century. A richly allusive pilgrimage of spiritual and psychological torment and redemption, Eliot's poem exerted a revolutionary influence on his contemporaries, summoning forth a rich new poetic language, breaking decisively with Romantic and Victorian poetic traditions. Kenneth Rexroth was not alone in calling Eliot "the representative poet of the time, for the same reason that Shakespeare and Pope were of theirs. He articulated the mind of an epoch in words that seemed its most natural expression." As influential as his verse, T.S. Eliot's criticism also exerted a transformative effect on twentieth-century letter, and this new edition of The Waste Land and Other Writings includes a selection of Eliot's most important essays. In her new Introduction, Mary Karr dispels some of the myths of the great poem's inaccessibility and sheds fresh light on the ways in which "The Waste Land" illuminates contemporary experience.

Romeo and Juliet William Shakespeare

Author : John Polley
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This edition of York Notes for Romeo & Juliet has been replaced with a brand new edition which is available to buy now with the ISBN9781408248829.

Nineteen Eighty four by George Orwell

Author : George Orwell
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Everything you need to know about Nineteen Eighty-Four to succeed in your A Level or undergraduate studies. With the widest coverage and a wealth of practical content, York Notes Advanced: Nineteen Eighty-Four provides the ultimate guide to Orwell's classic political novel of suspicion and surveillance, whether you are an A Level student or an undergraduate. Inside, you'll find detailed chapter summaries and extended commentaries, along with analysis of characters and key themes, and in-depth exploration of narrative techniques and language. These features will guide you towards an excellent understanding of the text while overviews of key critical responses will help you to develop your own ideas and enable you to write confidently about the text.

T S Eliot

Author : Michael Grant
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This set comprises 40 volumes covering nineteenth and twentieth century European and American authors. These volumes will be available as a complete set, mini boxed sets (by theme) or as individual volumes. This second set compliments the first 68 volume set of Critical Heritage published by Routledge in October 1995.

A Collection of Critical Essays on The Waste Land

Author : Thomas Stearns Eliot
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T.S. Eliot's The waste land / Jay Martin -- The Waste land and the modern world / John Crowe Ransom [and others] -- The burial of the dead / John B. Vickery, William T. Moynihan -- A game of chess / Bruce R. McElderry, Jr. -- The fire sermon / Allen Tate, William M. Gibson -- What the thunder said / D.C. Fowler -- "Notes" to the Waste land / Hugh Kenner -- Technique / Eric Thompson, George T. Wright -- Critiques / I.A. Richards [and others] -- An anatomy of melancoly / Conrad Aiken -- The waste land : Critique of the myth / Cleanth Brooks -- Modern art techniques in The waste land / Jacob Korg -- T.S. Eliot as the international hero / Delmore Schwartz.

T S Eliot

Author : Lyndall Gordon
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The centenary of Eliot's birth in 1988 has provided this occasion to review his life and work, and reassess him in the light of various critical developments in the new historicism, feminism, and reader-reception theory that have emerged since the "New Criticism".

The American T S Eliot

Author : Eric Sigg
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This is the first book to explore in detail how Eliot's writings at once preserved and reacted against his complex American heritage. Analysing major poems from 'Prufrock' through The Waste Land, Sigg draws upon Eliot's early philosophical writing, essays and reviews to reveal Eliot's early poetry both as a distinct entity and as a stage in his development.

T S Eliot and the Art of Collaboration

Author : Richard Badenhausen
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Richard Badenhausen examines the crucial role that collaboration with other writers played in the development of T. S. Eliot's works from the earliest poetry and unpublished prose to the late plays. He demonstrates Eliot's dependence on collaboration in order to create, but also his struggle to accept the implications of the process. In case-studies of Eliot's collaborations, Badenhausen reveals the complexities of Eliot's theory and practice of collaboration. Examining a wide range of familiar and uncollected materials, Badenhausen explores Eliot's social, psychological, textual encounters with collaborators such as Ezra Pound, John Hayward, Martin Browne, and Vivienne Eliot, among others. Finally, this study shows how Eliot's later work increasingly accommodates his audience as he attempted to apply his theories of collaboration more broadly to social, cultural, and political concerns.

Modernism Imperialism and the Historical Sense

Author : Paul Stasi
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This book provides a re-reading of canonical modernism, connecting it to imperialism without conflating it with imperialist practices.

The Early T S Eliot and Western Philosophy

Author : M. A. R. Habib
File Size : 74.80 MB
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Study of Eliot's philosophical writings, assessing their impact on his early poetry and literary criticism.