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The Wealth Chef

Author : Ann Wilson
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International finance coach Ann Wilson is known as the Wealth Chef because of her ability to help people cook up monetary success. In this previously self-published book, Ann has laid out a step-by-step guide to creating financial freedom. In its pages, readers will find five recipes for wealth that helped Ann go from having nothing to becoming a multimillionaire. These recipes reveal the secrets to: Becoming debt-free while simultaneously generating wealth Getting your “wealth accelerators” working Increasing your quality of life while reducing your expenses Focusing on personal goals and tracking successes for rapid results Ann takes what she's learned from her own life and from teaching around the world—from Africa, to Asia, to Australia, to America, to Europe—and gives readers an in-depth yet manageable plan and tested principles to improve their relationship with money. Simply put, she shows readers how to become financially savvy and build wealth starting immediately. They realize they can create financial freedom and live their dream life now, feeling empowered to throw away the old recipe for success: mix together one secure job with a lifelong portion of hard work and sacrifice to hopefully live the dream life after retirement. Why wait? With the practices and techniques Ann presents here they don't have to!

The Wealth Chef

Author : Ann Wilson
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Forget the old recipe of getting a good job, working hard all your life just to get by and hoping there may be some money left at the end of it all to finally live the life of your dreams. Instead, discover the world of a Wealth Chef. By understanding just five Recipes for Wealth, you can live your dream life now, while creating financial freedom! Bestselling author, speaker and international wealth coach, Ann Wilson, is a self made millionaire with a straightforward, jargon-free, supportive and most importantly, fun approach to money, investing and wealth, designed to help anyone become financially free. In this step-bystep guide to creating a financial feast in your life and living the life of your dreams, you'll learn: How Ann Wilson went from zero to becoming a financially free multimillionaire in just 8 years and how you can to; How to become debt free in 3 to 7 years, including your mortgage, while creating wealth at the same time; How to get the most powerful wealth accelerator working for you; and How to increase your quality of life while reducing your expenses.

Nationalism in India

Author : Debajyoti Biswas
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This book offers interdisciplinary perspectives on nationalism in India and examines the ways in which literary-textual representations intervene in debates regarding Hindu, Muslim and other forms of Indian nationalism. The book interrogates questions of nationalism and nationhood in relation to literary and cultural texts, historic-linguistic contexts and new developments in queer nationalism and ecological nationalism. It adopts a nation-wide emphasis, including chapters on Northeast India and other regions that have been historically underrepresented in studies of Indian nationalism. Moreover, the volume explores a rich variety of literary works by various writers over the past two centuries that have created, enshrined and contested ideas pivotal to the development of Indian nationalism. Located in a range of disciplines, contributors bring extensive expertise in Indian literature, language and culture to the question of nationalism. The chapters challenge many of the accepted ideas on nationalism and critically examine the politics behind such nationalisms. Moving beyond an approach to Indian nationalism based exclusively in the historicist-political paradigm, this timely book challenges established ideas in Indian nationalism and critically examines the politics of nationalisms in terms of textual representations. The book will be of interest to researchers working on South Asian studies, including Indian culture, history, literature and politics.

Aristocrat and the Community

Author : Nicholas J. Pappas
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"Aristocrat" and "The Community" are dialogues that take place among friends through the course of a night. "Aristocrat" is concerned with what it means to want to rule, with the comparison of aristocracy to democracy, and with duty. The friends begin by touching upon excellence, aristocracy's traditional claim to rule. They soon come to question whether there are in fact but two true claims to rule — force, or a system of belief. In addition they ponder their commitment to "the cause," a potentially transpolitical cause. "Aristocrat" attempts to answer several "whats" — what is "the cause," what does it involve, and what does it mean to serve. "The Community" attempts to demonstrate a "how" — how to create the new city, a new city determined to set itself apart from the outside world. Discussions of the degree to which quality can be controlled from above, and debates over the degree of control versus freedom that would make the city an ideal place to live, are interwoven with a concern for viability — represented by the Bank, whose interests it seems must always be taken into account. Is the creation of an ideal community an effort that is doomed to be utopian?

Love It Or Leave It

Author : Samantha Clarke
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"Samantha has a unique power in helping people unlock their potential. In a world of endless social media posts, Samantha helps to quieten that noise, zone in on your inner truths and pinpoint a clear direction. She has helped countless people in person (including me) and now we all get to experience her guidance with her brilliant new book." Emma Gannon, author of The Multi-Hyphen Method "Samantha helped me to see I am more in control of how I react to the working day than I first thought. Her words completely changed my attitude to work." Natasha Lunn, Red Magazine "Love It Or Leave It is a relatable, juicy and inspiring read. I particularly enjoyed the practical reflection exercises for self-insight. This is a great resource to help you carve a career you love compatible with a life you love. It's a fantastic resource." Suzy Reading Say goodbye to the dread of Monday morning. In Love It Or Leave It, expert 'work happiness' coach Samantha Clarke will help you figure out ways to find that work-life balance and be happier and more fulfilled at work. If you are struggling to find motivation, or questioning changes to your job, this inspiring guide is full of vital tips and tools that will help you: LOVE IT - find ways to get more out of the job you have, improve your working relationships and boost your sense of wellbeing and worth. OR LEAVE IT - work out the skills you have to offer and identify the steps you need to take, whether that's looking for a new job, starting a portfolio career or testing a new business idea. Love It Or Leave It is for anyone: *Stuck in a job they hate *Wanting a flexible working routine *Trying to gain some work-life balance *Thinking about a career change *Who has landed their dream job but is struggling with toxic colleagues *Who wants to find a more fulfilling role that brings them joy

The Way of the Intelligent Rebel

Author : Olivier Roland
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Olivier Roland offers an inspiring road map to help readers get more out of life as an 'Intelligent Rebel' and find success and fulfilment by breaking out of the system. Do you dream of a less stressful life? Break out of the system, embrace your purpose and shape your own journey to success and fulfilment. We're not designed for a one-size-fits-all education or lifestyle-so why not choose a path where you can make your own rules, follow your passions, and live a rewarding, purpose-fueled life? Breaking out of the "system" and becoming an entrepreneur or a creator can be daunting, but with this step-by-step guide to taking charge of your life, realizing your individual potential, and building a sustainable business with minimal risk, you'll discover that the way of the intelligent rebel is ultimately a path to freedom and self-realization. You'll learn how to: navigate the limitations of traditional education to learn effectively create a viable and sustainable business that serves your lifestyle implement cutting-edge business tools and strategies for success start your business part-time, even if you have a job or studies hack your self-led learning with revolutionary techniques embrace your purpose and live with happiness and freedom

My Yandere Husband

Author : Dong FangYouLing
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After transcending worlds, Lu Xiaohua thought that he was going to carry his child to be a widow, but he realized that his sick husband was hiding the truth. "My wife, quickly save your husband!" "Cough cough. Husband, promise me that when you meet with danger in the future, you must stand in front of me, okay!" The female artiste with 18 strings had crossed over to face off against her husband. Who wouldn't be an expert at acting?


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Sex Lies Crazy People

Author : John Hickman
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John tells the bittersweet true story about his family's involvement in the Harewood Hotel, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent in England during the 1960's, interspersed with self-deprecating reminisces.Best described as a true life Fawlty Towers - but without Basil.When John is assigned to the kitchens will he be able to cook any better than his dysfunctional family? He's in good company with chefs who can't cook and waiters who don't speak English. A multitude of international guests include a millionaire addicted to pornography; a con man; a strange little man who reads tea leaves and scientologists seeking spiritual fulfilment.After falling in love for all the wrong reasons John meets Carole - but will their love last? Sex, Lies and Crazy People follows on from Tripping Over.


Author : Brady Boyd
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From the senior pastor of New Life Church, a revolutionary book that redefines the notion of extravagance by using the parable of the Good Samaritan to demonstrate how to live a truly compassionate and selfless life of giving freely without expecting anything in return. We all know people in our lives who have “yes” faces. They are calm but energetic, present but still purposeful with their time. They are curious. They ask questions. They’re genuine in their desire to know about you—how you’re doing, what you’re up to, how you feel. Even with full lives of their own, they somehow still have the energy to inquire about others. These are extravagant people. In Extravagant, Pastor Brady Boyd shows us that by constantly offering up our time, talents, and hearts we can live life more like these exceptional people. Drawing on the parable of the Good Samaritan, he encourages us to stop living a life driven by selfish desire and start building lasting relationships that will be spiritually fulfilling. Discover how to begin this transformation by ceasing to be a passerby and become one who pauses in the course of daily life. By embracing the spirit of generosity, Pastor Boyd shows us that the path to a happier life is by living closer to God’s vision and building a community that will be there in times of need. Timely, thought-provoking, and inspiring, Boyd’s uplifting message of reclaiming your connections to others and being a good neighbor is just the remedy we need in today’s fractured culture and troubled times.