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The St Tropez Lonely Hearts Club

Author : Joan Collins
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Contessa Carlotta di Ponti, stunningly beautiful and filthy rich, has finally escaped her abusive marriage and is looking to find true love in St. Tropez. The party season kicks off with a spectacular bash at billionaire Harry Silver's palatial mansion, but tragedy soon strikes. Could seemingly innocuous events - a bad oyster, a fatal wasp sting, a faulty funicular - mean something more sinister for the bejewelled citizens of St. Tropez? It is up to glamorous detective Gabrielle Poulpe to save the day and find the murderer in their midst or life on St. Tropez as its residents know it could be over forever. Can Gabrielle find the culprit before it's too late? Join the wealthy and the fabulous in the ultimate playground of the rich and the famous, for sun, sin, sex and scandal as they battle a threat from within...

The Mandarin Club

Author : Gerald Felix Warburg
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A contemporary Washington mystery with a high tech, China twist...A brilliantly-conceived spy novel introducing seven engaging characters whose lives are transformed by crisis. It begins as a drinking club in an academic backwater on the Stanford University campus of the late 1970s. A post-Nixon/post-Mao generation of China scholars plots to make a better world. Suddenly, the U.S. recognizes the People's Republic of China. Intense demand arises for the unique skills The Mandarin Club members possess. Now, yesterday's dreamers are today's policy-makers and pundits, patriots and spies. Their intimately intertwined past thrusts them together into an international crisis straight from tomorrow's headlines, as America, China, and Taiwan stumble toward war. Told sequentially from the perspective of each of the Stanford originals, the fast-paced tale takes us behind the scenes of rogue intelligence operations and high tech smuggling, from Washington and Beijing to the wild coastal towns of California.


Author : Lawrence Burnett
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Olongapo was an extraordinary part of our world known to millions. This tiny section of the Far East served as playground for Vietnam. An amusement park for the American Seventh Fleet, contractors and other service members from around the world. Rides in this park featured people’s lives, creating impassioned experiences. Written with deepest respect for those with their names etched into The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall. Many who experienced joy for the last time while in Olongapo. The Olongapo experience was a true phenomenon, a saturation of life. During the peak of Vietnam, the area grew from a population of 40,000 in 1964 to a bulging 138,000 plus by 1969. The undisputed king of liberty ports in Asia, Olongapo’s nightclubs bloomed from 35 to over 300. Pay by play girls increased to over 8,000 while pay by the hour hotels zoomed to more than 200. All of this amazing expansion crammed into just over one acre of frenzy. Men who had been off the coast of Vietnam and people shore based made up the 9 to 14 thousand visitors to the city every night of the year. Most were on brief liberty passes after months at sea and others awaited transfer to Vietnam. The combination created a free spending environment that poured millions of dollars into Olongapo every month. My novel is not just for the millions who miss such a unique concentration of life, it is for those who never knew the Olongapo experience.

Raw Stars

Author : Ian Wood
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Episode Lightnine: The Parody Awakens Set far too many years after Burn of the Deadeye, this stunningly bad, action-strapped adventure ships us back to the same tired world of Incest Playa Orgasma, Ham Salad, Mattie the Nookie, Seized Throw-Up, UFVD2?, Lute Litesabre, and trappist Monk Admiral Ack-Ack, while introducing us to a whole host (because half a host is just a ho) of exciting new characters, including Stray, who is having a ball with OCD the new druid, Flipper the Scorn Trup, Captain Plasma Rifle, and Hilo Mudi, son of Salad, leader of the Knights Who Say "Re", and who works for his boss Tokémon, this trilogy's flavor for overlord. Darpa Caper may have been redeemed at your local World-mart for purchase price since he fell apart, but even when the entire evil empire has been totally trashed, it can still rise from the trashes and launch a brand new fleet and a massive army in only two decades, without anybody noticing, let alone caring. Is it too late to stop yet another mortal disaster (from the Latin for 'Death Star') taking place in less than a trilogy? Yes! So return to that franchise not as far away as you'd like it to be, and prepare once again to empty your wallet for precisely the same things you already emptied it for twice before as we tell the exact same story you already heard in a theater many years away! See what happens when The Parody Awakens! (Like you don't know already!) Where else can you get the entire trilogy in one book? Not here, that's for sure! But don't worry - these cloned trilogies will continue to be mindlessly churned out as long as a sucker is born every Kessler Run.

The Grief Club

Author : Melody Beattie
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The Grief Club is Melody Beattie's profoundly personal, powerfully healing book to help readers through life's most difficult times. The Grief Club is Melody Beattie's profoundly personal, powerfully healing book to help readers through life's most difficult times. Part memoir, part self-help book, part journalism, The Grief Club is a book of stories bound together by the human experience of loss in its many forms such as death, divorce, drug addiction, and the tumultuous yet tender process of recovery. It's a book you need to read and share.Twenty years ago, Codependent No More established Melody Beattie as a pioneering voice in self-help literature and endeared her to readers who longed for healthier relationships. Over the years, Melody has invited readers into her life with several more best-selling books--each punctuated with her trademark candor and intuitive wisdom.

Enough is Enough

Author : Jeanne McNally
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Her future cast in stone since birth, Sydney Madison Graystone the 4th was heir to her family’s multimillion-dollar corporation. Groomed by her grandfather to be a hardcore businesswoman, Sydney earned a reputation as a work-driven, inflexible, iron-handed executive, subsequently earning herself the title of “Ice Princess.” Something enters Sydney’s well-ordered life causing unbelievable upheaval. Her drunken, self-absorbed, and irresponsible twin brother, Kyle, is sleeping on her living room sofa. However, when tragedy strikes, Kyle is nowhere to be found. Sydney looks for support, but only one person offers to help her—a man she may have misjudged—Nicholas Tillman. After many months of hard work to rebuild his reputation, Tillman’s new accounting firm is thriving. He offers his assistance to a struggling woman that he later recognizes is the very same executive that ruined his career. Upon realizing her identity, anger and resentment come flooding in, but Tillman will find his future surprisingly linked to this woman. With charges of embezzlement looming over his head, Tillman must seek Sydney’s help in locating the real criminal in order to clear his name. The international team Sydney has chosen develops a strong friendship that bonds them together as comrades, but for two of them, their casual relationship becomes a catalyst for passion and desire.

The Doings of Hamish and Dougal

Author : Barry Cryer
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Hello there! You'll have had your tea? Dougal here. Well, here we go, with our wee book. It's a collection or pot pourri (I've no idea what Hamish means by that - it sounds like something to do with the Pope) of our activities or 'doings' in the village we call home, because that's exactly what it is. Together with our housekeeper, Mrs Naughtie, and of course, the Laird who lives up at the big hoose and shoots grouse and other bottles of whisky, these are the actual scripts of our wee show which we performed on the wireless, when most of you were probably in bed! Hamish and I have known each other all our lives - well, not yet, obviously! We have a very close relationship and also with each other. Mrs Naughtie been with us since we first met her at the Krankie Arms, where she was working as part-time barmaid and bouncer. In addition to the scripts you'll find all kinds of other things tucked away under its kilt. There's a hectic social life in the village. You'll visit the 'bide a wee' café, proud possessor of three Michelin tyres. You'll have a conducted tour of the big hoose by Big Tam, our local guide (not during opening hours). You'll marvel at the site of the Battle of Auchtermuchty, now allotments. You'll peek into the Laird's social diary in 'oot and aboot' (40p at the post office). And a great deal more. Well, I hope this wee note will make you hurry to the till and spend the terrible amount of money these wee books cost these days. But then again this particular wee book is Scotland's answer to Richard and Judy! Hurrah! Away now ...

Ladies Choice

Author : Chris Lynch
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The He-Men must stay strong when one of their members starts talking to the enemy: a girl!One of the He-Man Women Haters blatantly violates the main rule of the club: consorting with the enemy. And this enemy’s not just any girl; she’s someone’s sister—Ling’s sister! When Wolfgang is put on trial for his misdeed, the boys discover it’s getting tougher to be feared and respected in their neighborhood, especially with dissent in the ranks.

The Cure

Author : Alexandra Lewicke
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Suffocation. Drowning. Lifeless. These are the words used to describe how Amy felt when she almost took her life away. Eighteen years old, with no desire to fulfill her life, Amy Tossler could only think of one way out. Depression was consuming her in the cruelest of ways. No one understood. Except for Kyle. A few years older and wiser, Kyle McGettigan became determined to show Amy a new way to live her life. He wanted to show her a life of happiness. Being that there is no such idea of a “life of happiness” in the mind of a teenager diagnosed with depression, Kyle must put every effort into saving this girl’s life. But will Amy let her guard down for him?

Life as Art

Author : Stanley Strychacki
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The experiences of Club 57’s director Stanley Strychacki, as recorded here, briefly describe many of the artworks and performances that were shown and created therein. But this is not the overriding purpose of the book. Works by the more renowned artists, such as Keith Haring, Kenny Scharf and Jean-Michel Basquiat, are more fully explicated in art history books and museum and gallery catalogues. But here, these and less celebrated works are interwoven with the circumstances of the club-how it came to be, how the participants interacted, and how the things that happened were able to happen. The last of these holds the biggest key. How was it that what appeared to be a punk rock club, filled with visually outrageous, verbally incitive and overtly sexually experimental young people, was allowed to operate for five years in the basement of a church! And how did the members come up with night after night of performances, art shows, film festivals, group activities and extensively casted productions - a new program nearly every night, and all this without any of the government-sponsored funding that is so bitterly and publicly fought over today. Leonard Abrams ...The book its not perfect and short. I apologize if I didn't write about you. If you were a Club 57 member or a fan add your name, experience and feeling on this page. You can do it for yor own satisfaction, for your friends and family or for the large internet audience. I invite you to be part of New York history. I want to read your comments and feel your soul, heart and mind...