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Theatre and Sexuality

Author : Jill Dolan
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Why is it useful to look at theatre and performance through the lens of sexual identity? How has commercial theatre embraced gay and lesbian work? Theatre& Sexuality introduces critical methods and artistic practices that link drama, theatre and performance with minority sexualities in both the U.S. and UK. It narrates a select history of LGBTQ theatre from the early 20th century through today. Including an extended reading of Split Britches/Bloolips' production Belle Reprieve, the book offers clear analysis, as well as a celebration, of LGBTQ performance. Foreword by Tim Miller

Applied Theatre and Sexual Health Communication

Author : Katharine E. Low
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This book analyses the partnership between applied theatre and sexual health communication in a theatre-making project in Nyanga, a township in South Africa. By examining the bridges and schisms between the two fields as they come together in the project, an alternative way of approaching sexual health communication is advocated. This alternative considers what it is that applied theatre does, and could become, in this context. Moments of value which lie around the margins of the practice emerge as opportunities that can be overlooked. These somewhat ephemeral, intangible moments, which appear on the edges, are described as ‘apertures of possibility’ and occur when one takes a step back and realises something unnoticed in the moment. This book offers an invitation to pause and notice the seemingly insignificant moments that often occurs tangentially to the practice. The book also calls for more outcry about sexual health and sexual violence, arguing for theatre-making as a route to multitudes of voices, nuanced understandings, and diverse spaces in which discussions of sexuality and sexual health are shared, felt, and experienced.

Sex on Stage

Author : Andrew Wyllie
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Examines how British playwrights, actors, and directors brought women's sexuality and gay and lesbian issues to the cutting-edge of drama after World War II. This book combines close reading of plays with descriptions of the theoretical and socio-political context of their first productions and subsequent reception.

Eroticism and Death in Theatre and Performance

Author : Karoline Gritzner
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Exploring a range of topics, including Greek tragedy, Shakespearean theater, contemporary British plays, opera, and the theatricality of Parisian culture, this compilation provides new perspectives on the relationship between Eros and Death in a series of dramatic texts, theatrical practices, and cultural performances. Detailed and analytical, these informative essays demonstrate how changing attitudes towards sexuality and death--opposed but entangled passions--were reflected in theater throughout the course of history. Psychoanalytical and philosophical models are also referenced in this work that features essays from dramatists Dic Edwards, David Ian Rabey, and David Rudkin.

Theatre Teens Sex Ed

Author : Jan Selman
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Fear and embarrassment prevent frank and meaningful communication on the topic of sex. Participatory theatre can break the uncomfortable silence, and with over 700 performances across Canada, Jane Heather's award-winning play Are We There Yet? has been an effective tool for teaching teen sexuality since 1998. The play and accompanying educational program were the subject of a major impact assessment where researchers from many disciplines examined how and why theatre can make change. This comprehensive, well-organized volume by two leading experts in community-based theatre offers a rich diversity of material and analysis. Theatre, Teens, Sex Ed will be a valuable resource for academics, practitioners, and specialist readerships in the fields of theatre, sex education, sociology, and public health. The play appears in the volume and is available separately as a reproducible PDF. A video production of examples of theatrical participation is included on a pocketed DVD. Contributors: Shaniff Esmail, Brenda Munro, Tracy L. Bear, James McKinnon, and the Are We There Yet? Community-University Research Alliance. Jan Selman is Professor in the Department of Drama at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. She directs contemporary and original theatrical work. Jane Heather is a playwright and Associate Professor in the Department of Drama at the University of Alberta. Both have worked extensively creating theatre for change in collaboration with communities.

Presence and Desire

Author : Jill Dolan
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Explores current controversies and significant concerns in feminist theater and performance

Theatre of Constraint

Author : Paul William Siemers
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The Feminist Spectator as Critic

Author : Jill Dolan
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This groundbreaking work in gender and performance, with a new introduction and updated bibliography

Maoist Model Theatre

Author : Rosemary A. Roberts
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Here is a convincing reflection that changes our understanding of gender in Maoist culture, esp. for what critics from the 1990s onwards have termed its erasure of gender and sexuality. In particular the strong heroines of the yangbanxi, or model works which dominated the Cultural Revolution period, have been seen as genderless revolutionaries whose images were damaging to women. Drawing on contemporary theories ranging from literary and cultural studies to sociology, this book challenges that established view through detailed semiotic analysis of theatrical systems of the yangbanxi including costume, props, kinesics, and various audio and linguistic systems. Acknowledging the complex interplay of traditional, modern, Chinese and foreign gender ideologies as manifest in the 'model works', it fundamentally changes our insights into gender in Maoist culture.

Acting Wilde

Author : Kerry Powell
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'I love acting - it is so much more real than life,' Oscar Wilde famously wrote. Acting Wilde demonstrates that Wilde's plays, fiction, and critical theory are organised by the idea that all so-called 'reality' is a mode of performance, and that the 'meanings' of life are really the scripted elements of a dramatic spectacle. Wilde's real issue was whether one could become the author of his own script, the creator of the character and role he inhabits. It was a question he struggled to answer from the beginning of his career to the end, whether in his position as the pre-eminent dramatist in English or as the beleaguered defendant on trial for 'gross indecency'. Introducing important evidence from Wilde's career-launching tour of America, the often tortured revisions of his plays, and the recently discovered written record of his first courtroom trial, this book reconstructs Wilde's strategic dramatising of himself.

Sexuality in the Theatre of Moli re

Author : W. John Campbell
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Men at Play

Author : Jonathan Bollen
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How are masculinities enacted in Australian theatre? How do Australian playwrights depict masculinities in the present and the past, in the bush and on the beach, in the city and in the suburbs? How do Australian plays dramatise gender issues like father-son relations, romance and intimacy, violence and bullying, mateship and homosexuality, race relations between men, and men's experiences of war and migration?Men at Play explores theatre's role in presenting and contesting images of masculinity in Australia. It ranges from often-produced plays of the 1950s to successful contemporary plays – from Dick Diamond's Reedy River, Ray Lawler's Summer of the Seventeenth Doll, Richard Beynon's The Shifting Heart and Alan Seymour's The One Day of the Year to David Williamson's Sons of Cain, Richard Barrett's The Heartbreak Kid, Gordon Graham's The Boys and Nick Enright's Blackrock. The book looks at plays as they are produced in the theatre and masculinity as it is enacted on the stage. It is written in an accessible style for students and teachers in drama at university and senior high school. The book's contribution to contemporary debates about masculinity will also interest scholars in gender, race and sexuality studies, literary studies and Australian history.

Staging Desire

Author : Kim Marra
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The editors collect essays about theater professionals who broke through stereotypes to transgress established lines about homosexuality in the various fields of the entertainment industry, including profiles of Clyde Fitch, Rachel Crothers, Djuna Barnes, Cole Porter, Lorenz Hart, William Inge, Loie Fuller, and others. Simultaneous. (Performing Arts)

Erotic Politics

Author : Susan Zimmerman
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Identifying the stage as a primary site for erotic display, these essays take eroticism in Renaissance culture as a paradigm for issues of sexuality and identity in early modern culture. Contributors examine how the Renaissance stage functioned as a decoder for erotic experience, both reinforcing and subverting expected sexual behaviour. They argue that the dynamics of theatrical eroticism served to deconstruct gender definitions, leaving conventional categories of sexuality blurred, confused - or absent. In seeking to reposition the conventions and subversions of gender and desire in terms of one another, these essays open up an attractive and distinctive perspective in cultural debate.

Art theatre guild

Author : Andreas Ungerböck
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Die große Retrospektive der VIENNALE und des Filmmuseums widmete sich 2003 einem bedeutenden Filmland und einer markanten Ära des modernen Kinos: Japan und die Erneuerungsbeegungen der sechziger und siebziger Jahre. Die Produktions- und Verleihfirma ATG - Art Theatre Guild war ab Mitte der sechziger Jahre die zentrale Heimstätte des unabhängigen japanischen Autorenfilms. Sie wurde 1961 zunächst als Verleih mit angeschlossener Kinokette gegründet und trug so wesentlich zur Bildung eines filmgeschichtlichen Bewusstseins in Japan bei. 1967 begann ATG, selbst Filme zu produzieren und wurde innerhalb kurzer Zeit zur wichtigsten Produktionsgesellschaft für das künstlerische Kino. Zu der Retrospektive "Art Theatre Guild. Unabhängiges Japanisches Kino 1962-1984" erschien ein umfangreicher Katalog in deutscher Sprache mit Textbeiträgen von Hirasawa Go, Yomota Inuhiko, Okubo Ken, Max Tessier und Roberta Novielli, welche die filmhistorische Bedeutung von ATG als zentrale Heimstätte des unabhängigen japanischen Autorenfilms reflektieren. Abgerundet wird der Band durch ein Interview mit Kuzui Kinshiro, geführt vom Kurator der Retrospektive, Roland Domenig.

Out on Stage

Author : Alan Sinfield
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This intriguing, authoritative book tracks stage representations of lesbians and gay men from Oscar Wilde to the present day and examines scores of British and American plays and playwrights, including works by Wilde, Maugham, Coward, Hellman, O'Neill, Le Roi Jones, and Joe Orton.

Henry James and Sexuality

Author : Hugh Stevens
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First application of 'queer theory' to Henry James; provides a radical and original interpretation of all his writings.

Presentism Gender and Sexuality in Shakespeare

Author : Evelyn Gajowski
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This collection of essays by an international group of prominent scholars explores, for the first time, the implications of presentism for issues of sexual orientation and gender in Shakespeare's texts. It offers crucial insights into our present professional, theoretical, political, and social moment, as well as readings of particular texts.

Studying Musical Theatre

Author : Millie Taylor
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The ideal accompaniment to any study of musical theatre, this lively textbook provides a comprehensive overview of the history, theory and practice of this popular theatre form. Bringing critical theory and musical theatre together, Millie Taylor and Dominic Symonds explore the musical stage from a broad range of theoretical perspectives, including narrative theory, orientalism, gender theory and globalization. Focusing on opera as well as musical theatre, Studying Musical Theatre considers dozens of diverse shows from 1607 to the present day. From Monteverdi to Mamma Mia, and from HMS Pinafore to Hedwig, this book offers an accessible and up-to-date guide to musical theatre for students, aficionados and enthusiasts alike.

Genealogies of Identity

Author : Margaret Sönser Breen
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Genealogies of Identity examines issues of sex and sexuality across a range of critical and cultural perspectives. The volume considers historically specific discourses of sex and sexuality, their effect within public contexts such as the church and the workplace, and the link of those discourses to understandings of individual identity, citizenship, nation, and human rights. As well, the volume analyses representations of sexuality and desire in art, literature, theatre, and theory – representations that serve both to codify and to subvert social norms and aesthetic and theoretical traditions. Finally and more broadly, the volume attests to the critical importance of inter- and multidisciplinary approaches to understanding constructions of gender, sex, and sexuality. Genealogies of Identity consists of fifteen essays, versions of which were presented at the First Global Conference on Critical Issues in Sexuality, held in Salzburg, Austria, in October 2004.