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There s a Bobcat in My Backyard

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"Not all desert creatures offer people a positive experience, and Hanson tells how to cope with those that are sometimes considered pests - whether it's the Gila woodpecker rapping on your roof, the rattlesnake slithering across your porch, or the coyote running amok with a taste for wandering housecats. From bears to bees to "creepy crawlies" - scorpions, spiders, and the like - he lets you know when you need to be cautious...and when you simply need to give a wild animal its space."--BOOK JACKET.

Believing in Accordance with the Evidence

Author : Kevin McCain
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This volume explores evidentialism, a major theory of epistemic justification. It contains more than 20 papers that examine its nuances, its challenges, as well as its future directions. Written by leading and up-and-coming epistemologists, the papers cover a wide array of topics related to evidentialism. The contributors present both sides of the theory: some are advocates of evidentialism, while others are critics. This provides readers with a comprehensive, and cutting-edge, understanding of this epistemic theory. Overall, the book is organized into six parts: The Nature of Evidence, Understanding Evidentialism, Problems for Evidentialism, Evidentialism and Social Epistemology, New Directions for Evidentialism, and Explanationist Evidentialism. Readers will find insightful discussion on such issues as the ontology of evidence, phenomenal dogmatism, how experiences yield evidence, the new evil demon problem, probability, norms of credibility, intellectual virtues, wisdom, epistemic justification, and more. This title provides authoritative coverage of evidentialism, from the latest developments to the most recent philosophical criticisms. It will appeal to researchers and graduate students searching for more information on this prominent epistemological theory.

The Best American Nonrequired Reading 2017

Author : Sarah Vowell
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Presents literature from mainstream and alternative American periodicals, including fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.

Essays in Collective Epistemology

Author : Jennifer Lackey
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We often talk about groups believing, knowing, and testifying. For instance, we ask whether the Bush Administration had good reasons for believing that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, or whether BP knew that its equipment was faulty before the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Epistemic claims of this sort often have enormously significant consequences, given the ways they bear on the moral and legal responsibilities of collective entities. Despite the importance of these epistemic claims, there has been surprisingly little philosophical work shedding light on these phenomena, their consequences, and the broader implications that follow for epistemology in general. Essays in Collective Epistemology aims to fill this gap in the literature by bringing together new papers in this area by some of the leading figures in social epistemology. The volume is divided into four parts and contains ten articles written on a range of topics in collective epistemology. All of the papers focus on fundamental issues framing the epistemological literature on groups, and offer new insights or developments to the current debates: some do so by providing novel examinations of the epistemological relationship that groups bear to their members, while others point to new, cutting edge approaches to theorizing about concepts and issues related to collective entities. Anyone working in epistemology, or concerned with issues involving the social dimensions of knowledge, should find the papers in this book both interesting and valuable.

Make the Bread Buy the Butter

Author : Jennifer Reese
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"A lively, frugal-chic answer to the question "Make or Buy" about 120 different food staples"--

Reiki Awakening

Author : Dane Boggs
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It's not often that deer ticks carrying Lyme disease receive credit for changing someone's life, but that's exactly what happened to author and Reiki master Dane Boggs. In Reiki Awakening, he shows how two tick bites and two different diagnoses led him on his path to spiritual awakening. Using personal anecdotes culled from his health journal and stories from others, Reiki Awakening focuses on the miracles Boggs experienced and the lessons he learned during his spiritual transformation. He narrates the story of his Reiki awakening, which occurred in September of 2007; meeting his spiritual teacher in May of 2008; and practicing a healing modality that led him to a path of greater enlightenment. Boggs shares the details of his experience to encourage others to tap into the healing energy of the universe to gain the opportunity for greater peace, comfort, and bliss in life-to become an enlightened soul.

The B 25 in the Backyard

Author : Wally Soplata
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Only in America could Walter A. Soplata, the son of penniless Czech immigrants, accomplish so much single-handedly saving historic aircraft from World War II and other periods. After a childhood spent building model airplanes while dreaming about having his own airfield, Soplata worked in a large scrapyard taking apart hundreds of warplane engines. Shocked to see a rare engine or sometimes a complete warplane on its way to the recycling furnace, he began collecting whatever he could find and afford. He eventually collected nearly 20 complete airplanes and countless pieces of others. One of his Corsair fighters included the experimental F2G Corsair #74 that won the Cleveland National Air Races in 1947. Among other priceless airplanes he rescued was an experimental XP-82 Twin Mustang, an F-82E Twin Mustang, an X-prototype Skyraider, a stainless steel BT-12, and an F7U Cutlass--Soplata hauled the Cutlass fuselage home by stuffing it inside a junked school bus for its 600-mile journey. The story of a workaholic father and his aviation-obsessed son, this book records the accomplishments of a rare bird, just like the many airplanes he saved.

Book Review Index

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Every 3rd issue is a quarterly cumulation.

My Backyard Jungle

Author : James Barilla
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DIVFor James Barilla and his family, the dream of transforming their Columbia, South Carolina, backyard into a haven for wildlife evoked images of kids catching grasshoppers by day and fireflies at night, of digging up potatoes and picking strawberries. When they signed up with the National Wildlife Federation to certify their yard as a wildlife habitat, it felt like pushing back, in however small a way, against the tide of bad news about vanishing species, changing climate, dying coral reefs. Then the animals started to arrive, and Barilla soon discovered the complexities (and possible mayhem) of merging human with animal habitats. What are the limits of coexistence, he wondered?/divDIV /divDIVTo find out, Barilla set out across continents to explore cities where populations of bears, monkeys, marmosets, and honeybees live alongside human residents. My Backyard Jungle brings these unique stories together, making Barilla’s yard the centerpiece of a meditation on possibilities for coexistence with animals in an increasingly urban world. Not since Gerald Durrell penned My Family and Other Animals have readers encountered a naturalist with such a gift for storytelling and such an open heart toward all things wild./div

The Journal of Arizona History

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