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This Place Only

Author : Walter Klimczak
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On a cool evening in late October, William Anderson left his small apartment with thoughts of his 10th wedding anniversary. As he crossed the street, a car struck him and sent his body flying into a storefront window. He died to the symphony of nearby church bells. Moments later, William opens his eyes to a sunny bedroom in a life that is not his. His wife is a stranger. He has a daughter though he has never been a father. The only person who seems to know anything is his best friend, David, but even he is not who he seems.

Derrida on Exile and the Nation

Author : Herman Rapaport
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Providing crucial scholarship on Derrida's first series of lectures from the Nationality and Philosophical Nationalism cycle, Herman Rapaport brings all 13 parts of the Fantom of the Other series (1984-85) to our critical attention. The series, Rapaport argues, was seminal in laying the foundations for the courses given, and ideas explored, by Derrida over the next twenty years. It is in this vein that the full explication of Derrida's lectures is done, breathing life into the foundational lecture series which has not yet been published in its entirety in English. Derrida's examination of a master signifier of the social relation, Geschlecht, acts as the critical entry point of the series into wide-ranging meditations on the social construction and deconstruction of all possible relations denoted by the core concept, including race, gender, sex, and family. The lecture series' vast engagement with a range of major thinkers, including philosophers and poets alike – Arendt, Adorno, Heidegger, Wittgenstein, Trakl, and Adonis – tackles core themes and debates about philosophical nationalism. Presenting Derrida's lectures on the implications of key 20th century philosopher's understandings of nationalism as they relate to concerns over idiomatic language, notions of race, exile, return, and social relations, adds richly to the literature on Derrida and reveals the potential for further application of his work to current polarising debates between universalism and tribalism.

Once Only Once and in the Right Place

Author : National Research Council
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The usefulness of the U.S. decennial census depends critically on the accuracy with which individual people are counted in specific housing units, at precise geographic locations. The 2000 and other recent censuses have relied on a set of residence rules to craft instructions on the census questionnaire in order to guide respondents to identify their correct "usual residence." Determining the proper place to count such groups as college students, prisoners, and military personnel has always been complicated and controversial; major societal trends such as placement of children in shared custody arrangements and the prevalence of "snowbird" and "sunbird" populations who regularly move to favorable climates further make it difficult to specify ties to one household and one place. Once, Only Once, and in the Right Place reviews the evolution of current residence rules and the way residence concepts are presented to respondents. It proposes major changes to the basic approach of collecting residence information and suggests a program of research to improve the 2010 and future censuses.

Only a Fool Would Have Believed It in the First Place

Author : Faith Hartmann
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Sometimes comical or bizarre, and at other times pathetic and tragic, this cautionary story is for persons wanting and needing to find an ally as they struggle with breaking away from a destructive religious environment. Buoyant and hopeful overtones often battle with discordant angry and bitter undertones as this book consistently lays bare the detrimental dark core at the heart of one womans lengthy Christian experience. Since far too many other persons have fallen into similarly laid traps by con-artist leaders of the institutional church, this book provides possible psychological rescue tools.

Only One Place of Redress

Author : David E. Bernstein
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DIVFocuses on the role facially-neutral labor regulations played in institutionalizing discrimination against African Americans in the period between Reconstruction and the civil rights era./div

Diary of David Zeisberger

Author : David Zeisberger
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A Dictionary of Music and Musicians

Author : George Grove
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Doings of the Bodley Family in Town and Country and The Bodleys Telling Stories

Author : Horace Elisha Scudder
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1978 Census of Agriculture

Author :
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The Monthly Review

Author : Ralph Griffiths
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