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Thriving While Black

Author : Cori Williams
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"Thriving While Black" sets out to explore the psychological and emotional consequences of being Black in corporate America. "Ain't I an American?" the famous words of Langston Hughes, is a question every Black person unwittingly asks themselves. The playing field for Whites and Blacks is not equal, whether in education, science and technology, life expectancy, earning, or social strata. Blacks have been discriminated against and excluded based on their skin color, which creates the question of what their place is in America. There exist persistent Black inequalities in the structural make up of America; inequalities not inherent due to the differences in the abilities of Whites and Blacks but instead, due to the differences in access to opportunities between the two groups. Black workers in corporate America have to grapple with racial microaggressions in the workplace, which often involves White workers assuming that their Black counterparts are intellectually inferior to them. Thus, Blacks are passed over when important decisions are being made because of the belief that they have nothing intellectual to bring to the table; a phenomenon that is an obstacle to the upward mobility of Blacks in different organizations. "Thriving While Black" portrays that Blacks are Americans too and should not have to be seen as less and unequal! Their humanity should not be reduced to mere negative stereotypes. If America truly prides itself in diversity, there shouldn't be a forced need for Blacks to adopt mainstream White culture, hair styling, speech mannerisms, dress codes, etc., and neglect their own African-American identity just to fit into corporate America. The beauty of diversity is not gathering different and diverse people and trying to make them act the same way. Instead, it is bringing diverse people together and allowing their diversity to thrive. This is the focus of this book.

Political Spirituality for a Century of Water Wars

Author : James W. Perkinson
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This book offers resources for re-imagining the biblical vision of water for a time quickly emerging as “the century of water wars.” It takes its urgency from the author’s 5-year activist engagement with a grass-roots-led social movement, pushing back on Detroit water shutoffs as global climate crises intensify. Concerned with both white supremacist “biopolitics” and continuing settler colonial reliance on the Doctrine of Christian Discovery, and beholden to an interreligious methodology of “crossing over and coming back,” the text creatively re-reads the biblical tradition under tutelage to the mythologies and practices of various indigenous cultures (Algonquian/Huron, Haitian/Vodouisant, and Celtic/Norman) whose embrace of water is animate and spiritual as well as political and communal. Not enough, today, merely to engage the political battle over water rights, however; indigenous wisdom and biblical prophecy alike insist that recovery of water spirituality is central to a sustainable future.

Survive to Thrive 11 Keys to Unlock Your Thriving Life

Author : Mary Anne Dorward
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In Survive To Thrive 11 Keys To Unlock Your Thriving Life, motivational speaker, author and international traveller Mary Anne Dorward continues her path of extraordinary discovery and amazing growth. Her latest book is filled with motivating, inspiring, compelling and hilarious new stories from her life journey. Dorward shows us that anything is possible when we shift our thoughts and beliefs. If you want to discover how to thrive, this is the book for you.International Praise for Survive To Thrive:"If you don't believe in the spiritual side of life, you will after reading Survive To Thrive." ~John Kremer, International Best-Selling Author, US"With Survive To Thrive you get two wonderful gifts in one: a rollicking true life adventure story, and practical wisdom about how to live your best life. If you're looking for engrossing entertainment and profound wisdom, this is the book for you.~Eric O'del, Minister, Theater Producer, US"Mary Anne Dorward's life story is movie material. Survive to Thrive is a wonderful read - a roller coaster ride - full of inspiration, humour and motivation."~Ellin Anderson Purdom, Entrepreneur, US"Survive To Thrive is a powerful book which will help you unlock the secrets to a truly thriving life."~Patrick Snow, International Best-Selling Author, US"Survive To Thrive is a treatise on the endurance of the human spirit." ~Mary Garripoli, Playwright, US"Survive To Thrive proves that all the experiences we have in life can become our most important teachers." ~Billie Taylor, Council Leader, Mexico "If you want to create a better life for yourself, read Survive To Thrive!" ~Paula Boucher, Health and Wellness Coach, Australia"Survive To Thrive, is a story filled with courage and resilience. You will be inspired by this author's tenacity!"~Urs Winzenried, Entrepreneur, Spain"I highly recommend Survive To Thrive to anyone wanting to improve their life." ~Paul Goode, Cancer Survivor, Ireland"Survive to Thrive is the perfect inspirational book. Reading it is life changing." ~Waiswa Festo, Pastor, Uganda"If there is one inspiring book you ever read in your life, make it Survive To Thrive!"~Amos Mutale, Author, Motivational Speaker, Zimbabwe

Survival of the Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Author : Edward Fort
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Survival of the Historically Black Colleges and Universities as edited by North Carolina A&T State University Chancellor Emeritus Edward Fort, conceptualizes the strategies, strategic planning energies, and delivery systems which might be of assistance to HBCU's as they continue to survive in this age of uncertainty. Its insightful chapters, as penned by Fort and a number of his colleagues (including former Presidents and Chancellors of Black campuses) are data driven and experientially based. The challenges encountered by the HBCU leaders are described as multiple and include fiscal accountability and the continued need to assist the public schools as related to the twin problems of the achievement gap and Clark's "Cult of Cultural Deprivation." The author and his colleagues outline viable strategies geared to address these challenges. The latter represent but two of a number of other challenges confronting HBCU's. These include, but are not limited to (1) enrollment competition with majority institutions, (2) cultivation of alumni support, (3) the garnering of fiscal equity via such avenues as increased federal agency and foundation/corporate support. Considerable space is devoted to the critical issue of institutional leadership. Here, strategies and delivery systems are explored as associated with the HBCU leader's aggressive determination to provide the best possible crucible of learning for students attending the institution. The issues of fiscal accountability and its ever-present spectra of prospective gloom and doom lurks as an enemy to be constantly confronted. Many pages are devoted to the conceptualization of prescriptive strategies, which can be applied to present day campus situations. Leaders of historically black campuses can benefit from these writings as these institutions constantly face the heartache of state revenue shortfall, private university funding sources evaporation and the demoralizing impact of cut backs in program, capital construction, and scholarship support. Creativity protocols are described in detail and forward moving processes poised for prospective success enunciated. Navigating the problem of K-12 economic inequality and its impact upon HBCU's is also explored, as well as the need to enhance "leveraging" for federal support, including the United States Department of Agriculture. Ultimately, alumni support is vigorously support, as an HBCU leadership must.

Incorporating Diversity and Inclusion into Trauma Informed Social Work

Author : Laura Quiros
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Incorporating Diversity and Inclusion into Trauma-Informed Social Work incorporates discussions of leadership, racism and oppression into a new understanding of how trauma and traumatic experience play out in leadership and organizational cultures. Chapters unpack ideas about the intersections of self, trauma and leadership, bridging the personal and professional, and illustrating the relationship between employees and leaders. Discussion questions and reflections at the end of each chapter offer the opportunity for the reader to understand their own vulnerabilities in relation to the subject matter. This book reconceptualizes cultural competency, trauma and leadership in the context of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic and views theories and practices through a lens of diversity and inclusivity. Incorporating Diversity and Inclusion into Trauma-Informed Social Work is an expansive guide for students in social work, one that explores and explains how trauma and difference manifest in how we communicate, lead and work with each other.

Open TV

Author : Aymar Christian
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Introduction: independents change the channel -- Developing open tv: innovation for the open network, 1995-2005 -- Open tv production: revaluing creative labor -- Open tv representation: reforming cultural politics -- Open tv distribution: struggling for an independent market -- Scaling open tv: the challenges of big data television -- Epilogue: open tv and the future of the networked era

Black Space

Author : Sherry L. Deckman
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Protests against racial injustice and anti-Blackness have swept across elite colleges and universities in recent years, exposing systemic racism and raising questions about what it means for Black students to belong at these institutions. In Black Space, Sherry L. Deckman takes us into the lives of the members of the Kuumba Singers, a Black student organization at Harvard with racially diverse members, and a self-proclaimed safe space for anyone but particularly Black students. Uniquely focusing on Black students in an elite space where they are the majority, Deckman provides a case study in how colleges and universities might reimagine safe spaces. Through rich description and sharing moments in students’ everyday lives, Deckman demonstrates the possibilities and challenges Black students face as they navigate campus culture and the refuge they find in this organization. This work illuminates ways administrators, faculty, student affairs staff, and indeed, students themselves, might productively address issues of difference and anti-Blackness for the purpose of fostering critically inclusive campus environments.

Jihad Co

Author : Aisha Ahmad
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For two decades, militant jihadism has been one of the world's most pressing security crises. In civil wars and insurgencies across the Muslim world, certain Islamist groups have taken advantage of the anarchy to establish political control over a broad range of territories and communities. In effect, they have built radical new jihadist proto-states. Why have some ideologically-inspired Islamists been able to build state-like polities out of civil war stalemate, while many other armed groups have failed to gain similar traction? What makes jihadists win? In Jihad & Co., Aisha Ahmad argues that there are concrete economic reasons behind Islamist success. By tracking the economic activities of jihadist groups in Afghanistan, Somalia, Pakistan, Mali, and Iraq, she uncovers an unlikely actor in bringing Islamist groups to power: the local business community. To illuminate the nexus between business and Islamist interests in civil war, Ahmad journeys into war-torn bazaars to meet with both jihadists and the smugglers who financed their rise to power. From the arms markets in the Pakistani border region to the street markets of Mogadishu, their stories reveal a powerful economic logic behind the rise of Islamist power in civil wars. Behind the fiery rhetoric and impassioned, ideological claims is the cold, hard cash of the local war economy. Moving readers back and forth between mosques, marketplaces, and battlefields, Ahmad makes a powerful argument that economic savvy, as much as ideological fervor, explains the rise of militant jihadism across the modern Muslim world.

Black Girl White School

Author : Olivia Clarke
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Stories are powerful. They have the ability to provide comfort and solace. Growing up in a predominantly white institution (PWI) as a young black girl provides amazing opportunities as well as challenging experiences. The poems, anecdotes, and entries found between the pages of this book seek to provide support and guidance for black girls in PWI's by black girls and women who either attend a PWI now or have in the past. They also offer insight into a student's experience for institutions, administrators and faculty to learn from. No matter if you are looking for friendship, information, or a vent space take a look inside and find so much more. Check out the matching journal for a writing space of your own!

Congressional Record

Author : United States. Congress
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The Congressional Record is the official record of the proceedings and debates of the United States Congress. It is published daily when Congress is in session. The Congressional Record began publication in 1873. Debates for sessions prior to 1873 are recorded in The Debates and Proceedings in the Congress of the United States (1789-1824), the Register of Debates in Congress (1824-1837), and the Congressional Globe (1833-1873)