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To Grandmother s House We Go And Stay

Author : Carole B. Cox, PhD
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Challenges of Aging on U S Families

Author : Richard K. Caputo
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Examine the changing structure of the family as America's population ages! As the United States' economy evolves and manufacturing jobs disappear, the prospect of each generation experiencing a standard of living that exceeds that of their parents' generation also disappears. Challenges of Aging on U.S. Families: Policy and Practice Implications explores this trend, presenting the latest original research on the changing roles of caregivers along with the economic and emotional effects on the family unit. Respected authorities discuss in detail long-term care and the standard of living of families, with a focus on the effects of changing family structures on families themselves and society at large. The coming boom in the population of the aging will impact families at several levels. Challenges of Aging on U.S. Families thoroughly examines the economic demands of aging on families, then focuses on different roles elderly family members are likely to play over the next several decades. Some of the issues explored include “skipped generation parenting” where children are raised in grandparent homes where neither parent is present, the impending economic impact of caregiving on families, the stress on families with fewer siblings to share the caregiving tasks, and the tendency for family members to live in different parts of the country and subsequently become unable to offer caregiver support. Detailed tables provide clarity of thought while comprehensive bibliographies offer further opportunity for study. Challenges of Aging on U.S. Families discusses: the economics of aging the implications of aging economics and emotional stress on the future of families the coming labor shortage of caregivers family-based intervention in residential long-term care shifting relationships between parents and their children caregivers self-esteem issues involving daughter caregivers paying family caregivers—as public policy a proposed policy of requiring adult children to care for their aging parents inheritance and intergenerational transmission of parental care the inherent psychological stress within skipped generation families Challenges of Aging on U.S. Families: Policy and Practice Implications is an eye-opening text for researchers, health professionals, social workers, counselors, caregivers, educators, and students.

In Grandmother s House We Go

Author : Betty Marchon
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After the loss of a spouse, a door slams shut, but with God's help, another opens as the author follows the Oregon Trail in her motorhome and seeks other adventures. Readers are directed to this book's intergenerational adventures to help them develop an "I Can Do It" attitude. (Christian Religion)

Serving Grandfamilies in Libraries

Author : Sarah Gough
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In Serving Grandfamilies in Libraries: A Handbook and Programming Guide, Sarah Gough, Pat Feehan, and Denise Lyons have taken everything learned from their research on developing GrandFamily Resource Collections and leading grandfamily programming in several states and put it in this easy to use guide. They share the successes and failures of existing programs so other librarians can hit the ground running rather than trudge through a time-consuming and costly period of trial-and-error. With this practical and comprehensive guide, your library will be ready to jumpstart or easily expand a stellar program for the grandfamilies in your community.

To Grandmother s House We Go

Author : Willo Davis Roberts
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To avoid foster home care while their mother is recuperating from illness, three children run off to the home of a grandmother they have never seen, where they find a cold reception and a terrible secret.

From Crack To Christ

Author : Kimily Thompson
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There is so much to say about a woman who doesn’t know the meaning of the word “can’t.” Kimily has the passion to heal, deliver, and set free. God uses this passion to continuously renew her faith, instilling her belief that “with Christ all things are possible.” Although Kimily has had more than her fair share of obstacles to overcome, she is, what one may call, a “Bodacious woman of Faith” – an individual who quickly arises at the sound of God’s voice, with great conviction. Kimily will not stop short of carrying out her purpose and call in any given season. I don’t know if she realizes it, but she has the ability to empower life and prosperity in the life of another in the midst of a mere conversation. This life story is a great testimony of humility, acceptance, grace and love. It is with great zeal that I recommend this book to all readers, young and seasoned. At one time or another, we all will have addictions to overcome. Whether it is drugs, alcohol, sex, or plain negativity, true problems occur when an individual is not willing to face their weaknesses. When weaknesses are not acknowledged and dealt with accordingly, the individual is inevitably suffocated by their own challenges. When reading through the pages of this book, you will witness Kimily’s ability to persevere through the “miry muck” and walk forth in great favor and God given ability. To Kimily Thompson Jenkins, God is our father and He is a fan of your success. Thank you for understanding the process. You’re God Daughter, Absolute (Portia Bryant)

Together Alone

Author : T. S. Hanes
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Marriage is supposed to be a uniting of two hearts as one, facing the obstacles of life, laughing, living and loving in concert. In sickness and in health...till death do us part That's what the commitment in marriage is; this commitment made before man and before God. It is a promise made without foreknowledge of what the future holds, but it is a commitment nonetheless. This book tells the inside story of one woman's outward life, as she struggles to live a married life void of love and affections due to a vast age difference between her and her husband. It addresses the unforeseen struggles she faces as she tries with all that is within her to stay and care for her aged husband when she so desperately longs to go. She now lives her life between these two choices. She tries to answer some serious questions about how and why she found herself in this position in the first place; and now even more importantly, how she can live with this situation today. When people are by themselves there are some times of expected loneliness, but it is tragic to be in a relationship with someone, living together, yet alone. What should she do? Choices- choices-choices!

Harper s Young People

Author :
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Families in Society

Author :
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Cognitive Self Change

Author : Jack Bush
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This book draws on the latest literature to highlight a fundamental challenge in offender rehabilitation; it questions the ability of contemporary approaches to address this challenge, and proposes an alternative strategy of criminal justice that integrates control, opportunity, and autonomy. • Provides an up to date review of the links between cognition and criminal behavior, as well as treatment and rehabilitation • Engages directly with the antisocial underpinnings of criminal behavior, a major impediment to treatment and rehabilitation • Outlines a clear strategy for communicating with offenders which is firmly rooted in the “What Works” literature, is evidence-based, and provides a way of engaging even the most antisocial of offenders by presenting them with meaningful opportunities to change • Offers hands-on instructions based upon the real-life tactics and presentation of the high-risk offender

Custodial Grandparenting

Author : Bert Hayslip
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Behind Every Smile

Author : Monique La’Lerae Davis
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When it comes to an individual some can be define as a statistics while others are made to stand out backing up the definition of unique. statistics says I should have died, statistics says i was supposed to suffer from down syndrome. Statistics says i wouldnt be able to walk or talk, statistics told my mom to prepare to bury a child but our GOD said otherwise. Every statistics that was thrown at me never prospered instead, the exact opposite happened and what the doctors didnt expect to happen had fortunately actually happened. However i struggled with a disability but not how others assumed Id struggle for it was more of a mental struggle then a physical struggle. although Im labeled as a disabled person my appearance may, will, shall fool you and throughout this book (and more to come) it will tell you why you should never judge a book by its cover regardless of who or what a person may appear to be for looks can, will be deceiving.

Tana Vana Warp and Weft of Life

Author :
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Case studies on self-employed women from Ahmadābād, India and their social status.

Hothouse Flower

Author : Lucinda Riley
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From the No. 1 internationally bestselling author of The Butterfly Room & The Seven Sisters series comes a romantic and moving page-turner which sweeps from war-torn Europe to Thailand and back again . . . 'Heavenly . . . This will stay with me' 5***** Reader Review 'Atmospheric, heart-rending and multi-layered' Grazia 'The settings are described so vividly. Totally captivating' 5***** Reader Review ________ Julia Forrester has many happy memories of a childhood spent at Wharton Park, playing amongst the exotic flowers her grandad cared for. Now, recovering from a family tragedy, she seeks comfort once more at Wharton Park, newly inherited by the charismatic Kit Crawford, with a sad story of his own. But when an old diary is found during renovation work, the pair turn to Julia's grandmother to hear the truth about the love affair that changed Wharton Park's fortunes all those years ago . . . Taking you on a captivating journey through time and place, Hothouse Flower is a moving story of love, heartbreak and hope. ________ Praise for Lucinda Riley: 'Thoroughly addictive storytelling with a moving, emotional heart' Dinah Jeffries 'Brilliant escapism' Red Outside the UK, this book is published under the title The Orchid House

My Life as a Superhero

Author : R. M. Strong
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After witnessing the brutal murder of her family, 15-year-old Tamara Weatherby is adopted by multibillionaire Paul Waterford, who just happens to moonlight as the superhero Krino. Tamara earns a role at Krino's side, but she soon learns that occupational hazards are the least of her challanges. She must deal with envious friends, over-protective relatives, and the persistence of the man who took her family away. Through her weaknesses and struggles, Tamara finds strength, courage and confidence that she never knew she had. But can she find the will to forgive her family's killer?

The Same and Yet So Different

Author : Lesia Lipz
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An easy read. Autobiography about events that took place in my life from childhood to adulthood that caused me to develop another personality named Tish, who was the dominant one. She loved using her body to get men to give her all her wants, needs, and desires. Being loved is all Lesia wanted, and Tish made her believe that she was the only one who did. Up until Leon came back into my life and revealed a dark secret from over thirty years ago.

Elusive Beings

Author : D.N. Leo
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She trusts no-one but him, knowing he holds secrets that could destroy them both. Madeline must use her random psychic ability to steal a secret, or the supernaturals will kill her friend. Billionaire Ciaran has a haunting past and a business empire to protect. His life is full of secrets, and the connection with the supernaturals is one of them. They know they are made for each other. But when dealing with the supernaturals, love alone might not be enough to win the battle. In the turmoil life throws at them, they've found each other. But do they have what it takes to be together? If you love suspenseful and romantic supernatural mystery, grab the complete volume and explore the multiverse that thousands of readers have fallen in love with. *** The Infinity Series includes Doubling Down – The Other Side of The Veil [series entry] Random Psychic [series entry] Forever Mortal Elusive Beings Imperfect Divine Light and Shadow Spells and Codes Blood and Spirit Totem of Aries [stand-alone]

Magi Adventure

Author : Michael Marino
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It was a normal Saturday afternoon for 11 year-old Mikie who sat bored in his room. However, when a toy wand suddenly opens up a magical portal, Mikie and his best friend Sean are sent on the adventure of a lifetime. Meeting a Grand Wizard and a captured mystical lady, the boys must complete numerous quests before they can return home. From flying gargoyles to talking trees, this journey tests the will and sacrifice of the boys as they try to capture 10 magical crystals to save the mystical lady and reach their goal of The Ultimate Magi.

Christmas Memories and Merry Moments

Author : Glenn Martin
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A collection of stories from the author's life about his experiences celebrating the Christmas holiday.

To Grandmother s House We Go

Author : Willo Davis Roberts
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