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Towards a Reconstructed Past

Author : David William Cohen
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The texts, both written and aural, provide valuable perspectives on the second half of the 19th century in particular.

Internal Reconstruction in Indo European

Author : Jens Elmegård Rasmussen
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With text in English & German, this book contains papers from the XVI International Conference on Historical Linguistics held at the University of Copenhagen.

The Reconstructed Past

Author : John H. Jameson
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Collection of original articles that examines issues in reconstructing archaeological sites fo the public, both physically and virtually. Visit our website for sample chapters!

Paths Toward the Past

Author : Robert W. Harms
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Author : Alison Richmond
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'Conservation: Principles, Dilemmas, and Uncomfortable Truths' presents multi-perspective critical analyses of the ethics and principles that guide the conservation of works of art and design, archaeological artefacts, buildings, monuments, and heritage sites on behalf of society. Contributors from the fields of philosophy, sociology, history, art and design history, museology, conservation, architecture, and planning and public policy address a wide range of conservation principles, practices, and theories from the US, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, encouraging the reader to make comparisons across subjects and disciplines. By wrestling with and offering ways of disentangling the ethical dilemmas confronting those who maintain and sustain cultural heritage for today and tomorrow, 'Conservation: Principles, Dilemmas, and Uncomfortable Truths' provides an essential reference text for conservation professionals, museum and heritage professionals, art and cultural historians, lecturers and students, and all others invested in cultural heritage theories and practices. Alison Richmond, as a Senior Conservator in the Victoria and Albert Museum and Deputy Head of the Conservation Department at the Royal College of Art, maintains teaching and research roles in conservation theory, principles and ethics, and has developed decision-making tools for conservators. She is an Accredited Conservator-Restorer (ACR), a Fellow of the International Institute for Conservation (FIIC), and a Trustee of the UK’s Institute of Conservation (Icon) since 2005. Alison Bracker received her PhD in the History of Art from the University of Leeds, and manages the Events & Lectures programme at the Royal Academy of Arts in London. As co-founder of Bracker Fiske Consultants, she advises on the presentation, description, documentation, and care of artworks comprising modern media, and lectures and publishes widely on the theoretical and practical issues arising from the conservation of non-traditional and impermanent materials in contemporary works of art.

Towards a New History for the Egyptian Old Kingdom

Author : Peter Der Manuelian
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These conference papers from a one-day international Egyptology symposium at Harvard University (April 26, 2012) consider questions of kingship, religion, art, economics, and old and new archaeological excavations at the Giza Pyramids and beyond (3rd millennium BCE).

Towards a Reconstruction of the Kitan Language with Notes on Northern Late Middle Chinese Phonology

Author : Andrew E. Shimunek
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Towards the Automatization of Cranial Implant Design in Cranioplasty

Author : Jianning Li
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Negative Sentences in the Languages of Europe

Author : Giuliano Bernini
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The series is a platform for contributions of all kinds to this rapidly developing field. General problems are studied from the perspective of individual languages, language families, language groups, or language samples. Conclusions are the result of a deepened study of empirical data. Special emphasis is given to little-known languages, whose analysis may shed new light on long-standing problems in general linguistics.

Beyond Shelter after Disaster Practice Process and Possibilities

Author : David Sanderson
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Providing shelter after a disaster is recognised as one of the most complex areas of humanitarian relief and recovery. Some aid agencies have stopped providing shelter altogether after bad experiences, while those that do quickly become engaged in challenges that go far beyond the provision of structures alone. Yet with the number and severity of disasters set to increase, due to climate change and rapid urban growth, the need for approaches that work has never been greater. This book explores the issues in three parts. The first, Practice, looks at lessons from past efforts. Part two, Process, proposes practical and effective people-centred approaches. Part three considers currently neglected issues such as disability, human rights and urban-oriented approaches. Through practical case studies and academic research, Beyond Shelter after Disaster critiques past methods and explores future options for improving practice in one of the most complex areas of post disaster relief and recovery. This book was originally published as a special issue in Environmental Hazards: Human and Policy Dimensions.

Reconstructing Lives Recapturing Meaning

Author : Linda A. Camino
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Reconstructing Lives, Recapturing Meaning presents the first systematic investigation of refugees' loss of their old identities and their efforts to construct new ones. Edited by the Chair and Vice Chair of the Committee on Refugee Issues (CORI) of the American Anthropological Association, it critically examines the interplay between cultural, ethnic, and gender constructions among resettled refugee populations. Each chapter is grounded in anthropological theory and method, and the book's framework demonstrates the relationship between the dynamics of forced migration and the ways in which ethnic and gender identities are reinvented in new socio-cultural settings. Unanimous in their perception of boundary maintenance as central to identity formation, these essays allow readers to view refugee resettlement as a creative, experimental process.

Reconstructing Clothes For Dummies

Author : Miranda Caroligne Burns
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Reconstructing Clothes for Dummies offers inspiring projects and savvy tips on how to salvage those tired old clothes in your closet and turn them into a one-of-a-kind wardrobe. It shows craftsters, DIY enthusiasts, budget-conscious fashionistas and people from all walks of life how to unleash their inner fashion designer and transform outdated duds into hip new clothes. Featured projects include making good use of old scraps; reviving shrunken sweaters; finding redemption in that bridesmaid dress; decorative repair and embellishment of existing pieces; and creating unexpected home décor with what’s hiding in your drawers.

Code Crackers Voyage to Victory

Author : Kieran Fanning
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Young readers can help two time travelers escape a ferocious 8th-century Viking crew by solving an intriguing series of puzzles that will jump them to different pages in the book. Solutions.

Australia s Potential Contribution Towards Economic Reconstruction and Development in the Pacific

Author : Gordon Leslie Wood
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Old and New Paris

Author : Henry Sutherland Edwards
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Enter the Past

Author :
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This volume presents the complete proceedings of the 31st Conference on Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology held in Vienna in 2003. Over 130 technical and specialised papers are divided into sixteen sections: archaeological processes; archaeological prospection; archaeometry; Computer Aided Design; computer applications in osteology; computerised methods for rescue archaeology; cultural heritage management; cultural heritage and the public; database applications; Geographical Information System; integrating scientific results in archaeological processes; internet applications; photogrammetry; statistic and quantitative methods; survey and Geographical Positioning Systems; virtual reality. The case studies are worldwide and cover all periods.

A compendium of the Veterinary art Seventeenth edition entirely reconstructed with considerable additions and alterations by W C Spooner

Author : James WHITE (Veterinary Surgeon.)
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Mediterranean Climate

Author : Hans-Jürgen Bolle
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Mohamed Larbi Selassi Deputy Director of the National Meteorology, Morocco Welcome address (translated from French) WMO, WCRP, Medias-France and scientific institutions representatives, ladies and gentlemen, to thank WMO and MEDIAS-France, who have honoured us by I want first organizing the two workshops, climate indices in Africa and data assessment for global change research in the Mediterranean region, in Casablanca and I welcome all of you here in Morocco. It is with great pleasure that I open these two workshops on behalf of myself and on behalf of the Direction of the Meteorologie N ationale of Morocco. Climate change is becoming the focus of the international community because of its global scale and unpredictable effects, the numerous impacts it causes, its global feature and the complexity of the solutions that can mitigate its impacts. Global warming and the greenhouse effect became a subject of study at the international level since the United Nations Conference on the human environment that was held in Stockholm in 1972. The research and coordination efforts that have been made in this area have led to an "International Scientific consensus". High level meetings like those held in Toronto in 1988, in Lahaye in 1989 and in Geneva in 1990, did confirm the greenhouse threat and the emergency to treat it.

Methodological Developments Towards Quantitative Short TE in Vivo 1hn1H NMR Spectroscopy Without Water Suppression

Author : Zhengchao Dong
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International Encyclopedia of the Social Behavioral Sciences

Author : Neil J. Smelser
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The largest work ever published in the social and behavioural sciences. It contains 4000 signed articles, 15 million words of text, 90,000 bibliographic references and 150 biographical entries.