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Engineering Experiment Station Series

Author : Texas Engineering Experiment Station
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Occurrence and Transport of Diazinon in the Sacramento River California and Selected Tributaries During Three Winter Storms January February 2000

Author : Peter D. Dileanis
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London Bridge and its Houses c 1209 1761

Author : Dorian Gerhold
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London Bridge lined with houses from end to end was one of the most extraordinary structures ever seen in London. It was home to over 500 people, perched above the rushing waters of the Thames, and was one of the city’s main shopping streets. It is among the most familiar images of London in the past, but little has previously been known about the houses and the people who lived and worked in them. This book uses plentiful newly-discovered evidence, including detailed descriptions of nearly every house, to tell the story of the bridge and its houses and inhabitants. With the new information it is possible to reconstruct the plan of the bridge and houses in the seventeenth century, to trace the history of each house back through rentals and a survey to 1358, revealing the original layout, to date most of the houses which appear in later views, and to show how the houses and their occupants changed during five and half centuries. The book describes what stopped the houses falling into the river, how the houses were gradually enlarged, what their layout was inside, what goods were sold on the bridge and how these changed over time, the extensive rebuilding in 1477-1548 and 1683-96, and the removal of the houses around 1760. There are many new discoveries - about the structure of the bridge, the width of the roadway, the original layout of the houses, how the houses were supported, the size and internal planning of the houses, the quality of their architecture, and the trades practised on the bridge. The book includes five newly-commissioned reconstruction drawings showing what we now know about the bridge and its houses.

London Statistics

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A History of London Boroughs Through Beer Goggles South East Edition

Author : Cyril O'Brien
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Discover facts, fiction, trivia and history of some of London’s boroughs that you may not have known before. All of this done whilst visiting some very interesting pubs and getting some exercise to boot! Why not read and discover about a reputed spy for Russia, who lived in a quiet suburb unbeknownst to her neighbours for decades after WWII? Or learn about Her Majesty the Queen’s beasts and what they mean? Find out about the Fighting Temeraire and the part it played in the Battle of Trafalgar. And finally, uncover the Great Fires of London, but not the one everyone talks about. A wealth of factoids which will astound your friends and family and could very well prepare you for some quiz nights!

World History For Dummies

Author : Peter Haugen
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Now updated! Your personal tour guide to the history of the world Want to know more about global history? This concise guide explains in clear detail all the major players and events that have made the world what it is today. Covering the entirety of human history, this comprehensive resource highlights important developments in everything from religion and science to art and war — giving you an understanding of how the 21st-century world came to be. Begin to connect with the past — label the eras as you meet the Neanderthals, home in on Homer, raise Atlantis, and preserve Pharaohs Find strength in numbers — trace the growth from ancient civilizations to today's global community and discover what makes societies succeed or fail Discover the impact of thought — explore the rise of religion, the roots of philosophy, and the advance of science — and how our feelings and beliefs continually redefined us Know the global consequences of war — ride with the Greeks and the Romans, arm yourself with the cavalry, dig the trenches, and follow the paths humans took to wage modern war Meet the movers and shakers — from great leaders and courageous revolutionaries to ruthless tyrants and unsung heroes Examine significant events of the 21st century — from 9/11 and the Afghanistan and Iraq wars to climate change, Hurricane Katrina, and the economic rise of China, India, and Brazil Open the book and find: A detailed overview of history The development of the world's religions Reviews of essential historical documents, from the Bible to the Bill of Rights The invention of writing and art Scientific developments that revolutionized the world Capsule biographies of people who changed history — and a few who were changed by it Ten unforgettable dates in world history

Little Kid Big City London

Author : Beth Beckman
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If you could have an adventure in London, where would you go? Curious kids will find plenty to see, learn, and explore in this fun and illustrated pick-your-own-path travel guide series! Would you hop on the Tube to visit Buckingham Palace, find a tasty lunch on Brick Lane, or pass the time with Big Ben? Create your own itinerary, choose which places to visit at the end of every page, and follow along with an adventurous girl and her two moms as they explore London. • Visit iconic sites like Big Ben, the British Library, Westminster Abbey, and the Globe Theatre. • Sample British favorites such as fish and chips and Afternoon Tea. • Hop on and hop off a double decker bus, dart through the Tube, or float along the River Thames. • See the London skyline with visits to the London Eye, the Tower Bridge, and St. Paul’s Cathedral. • Get to know the diversity of the city with visits to Chinatown and Brick Lane. Featuring playful illustrations, a diverse and lovable cast of characters, an invaluable resources section, and a fun foldout map, this book is an ingenious way for kids to take the lead while planning a vacation or learning about one of the largest cities in the world. Whether you’re an armchair traveler or a real-life tourist, the Little Kid, Big City series has everything you need to invent your own adventure! Coming in Spring 2022, Little Kid, Big City!: Paris

Annual Report of the Proceedings of the Council

Author : London County Council
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All Aboard the London Bus

Author : Patricia Toht
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Come! Board the London Bus and see the London sights with us. At any time, hop off, explore! Then climb back on, and ride some more… As a family of four spend a day exploring London, fun, child-friendly poems introduce readers to our wonderful capital city, and all its secrets. Well-known landmarks like Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and the London Eye, plus inescapable features like rain and taking tea, all get Patty Toht's witty treatment. Non-fiction facts provide more information about the poetry subjects, while rising star Sam Usher brings them to life with his signature style and humour. This gorgeous celebration of London will be loved by both tourists and those who call the city home.